Physicians Help for Menopause : Herbal Remedies & Menopause

Hello my name is Dr. Susan Jewell. Now in
this clip I’m going to talk to you about certain ways what you can do to help you transition
into menopause or if you’re actually in menopause and to help decrease the severity
of some of the symptoms of menopause. Now herbal remedies are also one of the ways that
you can try to be able to help reduce some of the symptoms of menopause. Now before you
take any kind of herbal remedies or any kind of alternative complementary medicine to try
to stay with the signs and symptoms of your condition you must go and consult with a medical
professional, first, your doctor and get his advice as to whether you should start taking
it or not. That’s a very important thing to remember. But however if your doctor says
it’s fine and you want to go ahead and try to see if you can relieve some of the symptoms
by using herbal remedies there are certain herbs out there that have been shown that
helps with menopausal symptoms like for example hot flashes. Now some herbs like black cohosh
and ginseng have shown to be able to reduce the severity of hot flashes, not that it eliminates
hot flashes, it reduces it and also reduces the frequency of the episodes so that maybe
you should go and experiment if the doctor says. Your medical doctor says it’s fine
to go and look at, in the herbal stores and also the local health food stores for herbal
medicines. You can get herbal medicines as the, as the raw plant itself and then mix
it up yourself and make the, the mixture to drink or to eat. Or you can buy it ready packaged,
for example such things as, you can buy it in a tea form, in a tea bag and you can drink
it in a nice cup of tea or you can buy it in these forms where you can add, a powdered
form where it’s slightly processed but you can add it to your food so you can add, you
know, add that extra effect of the herbs in your food or you can buy them like this in
this Chinese store where you can buy all sorts of herbal plants that you could try to help
to relive some of the symptoms of menopause.

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  1. Good video.. thanks for emphasizing that herbs does not eliminate hot flashes. Some women need to understand this.

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