Phosphatidylcholine (Lecithin)| Lesser Known Anti-Aging and Memory Supplements

when you’re very young you have a large amount of a certain substance in every one of yourselves this substance is called phosphatidyl choline and your body will actually make the substance naturally if they can’t keep up with its depletion as time goes on so a fun fact by the time you’re 90 the level of this substance will be less than 10% of what it was or what you had as a child okay and this helps to explain how older people have less supple and less soft skin okay in other words more wrinkly skin possibly so what’s up guys my name is Bayan from mental health nation I’m a fourth year medical student and aspiring psychiatrist and I’ve been personally taking the supplement for about six years now so I do have some basis for what I’m going to say at least some personal experience so what the heck is phosphatidylcholine it’s a lipid or a fat found on yourself membranes and it starts to help make cell membranes and cells more pliable allowing nutrients to come in and toxins go out and as you age the levels of substance in the cell wall will diminish so this can potentially address a major aging process educate imagine as we age and this nutrient diminishes you can see how can affect not only just your skin but potentially every organ in the body okay so I’ll reference some studies for examples of the study in Poland that found a complex made of this hospital colon also known as lecithin and this is a common food additive so you may see lecithin in the ingredients list for any kind of food what it actually is it’s pretty much a complex of different kind of phospholipids with phosphatidylcholine being one of them and really being the primary one of them so there’s a study in Poland that combined lecithin with something called silymarin and it’s at anti ethyl sclerotic effects in experimental animals and also improved their liver detoxification abilities but for this video and really my channel we focus on brain health and mental health and lecithin has been shown in studies to significantly improve recovery from brain trauma and stroke okay studies have shown that supplementing brain injured animals and humans with phospholipid has improved a recovery time and a degree of the recovery okay so there’s other studies that have shown phospholipid : can help with things like memory and learning and lecithin has also been shown to improve recall in age-related memory loss and Alzheimer’s dementia so how this is actually happening is thought to be due to membrane repair just replacing what is lost over time or really just replenishing the natural kind of organic form of these cells so we’re basically helping to protect all cell membranes and because the mitochondria in the cells the energy factory powerhouses of the cells also have membranes that will help protect the mitochondria and really any other organ nelle inside the cells as well so where can you actually get phosphatidylcholine egg yolks as the food probably has the most concentration of this but in general can be tough to get from your diet so I think a smart way to go about it is to take some oral supplements and of course before starting any supplement always consult with your doctor before we doing so so foxes or colon can be taken as oral supplement it’s even available in IV form kind of IV therapy I haven’t researched much into that but I know in Germany it’s used more common than the US and it’s actually approved by the German equivalent of the FDA and those people like Ray Kurzweil the director of engineering for Google who actually take IV doses of fossil silver choline on a regular basis as far as oral supplementation is concerned the number i’ve seem to work at about 750 milligrams twice a day some potential side effects of the phosphatidylcholine one is an unwanted one one is a more desired one phosphatidylcholine is thought to convert to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the body which is used by both the brain and muscles so you know kind of going off this if you have too much choline you can potentially experience the muscle spasms and obviously if you experience some muscle spasms more than your body needs and you should definitely cut back the dose but again before starting this or adjusting anything always consult with your primary care provider or your doctor and in terms of the brain because it can convert to this acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter really associated with memory it can potentially increase brain levels of acetylcholine which is thought to be low in some diseases like Alzheimer’s so it’s possible it gets help your memory in fact that might be one of the reasons why it’s been shown to help memory in studies okay well thank you for to it again if you found this helpful at all please subscribe for more health hacks more brain hacks and I’ll catch you guys next time peace

11 thoughts on “Phosphatidylcholine (Lecithin)| Lesser Known Anti-Aging and Memory Supplements

  1. This was a well explained informative video great topic by the way I hit the like button i would like to try this for memory purposes 👍

  2. I'm noticing some very mild memory loss. Well, not total loss, but sometimes I find a need to pause for a bit of conjuring before it comes to me. Nothing alarming, but as a precaution since dementia does run in my family (an uncle for certain and perhaps a grandparent) thought I'd try this as a supplement at the dosage you suggest.
    Nice informative vid.

  3. I am 90 and have been taking Sunflower Lecithin for 2 years. I no longer have to pause to recall my words.

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