Penile Implant Patient Review #1 (Dr. Sean Park/Stand Up Urology) Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Please tell us frankly about your experience with the course of surgery Initially you had 2 problems, penile curvature from Peyronie’s disease, and erectile dysfunction How do you feel about these two issues after your surgery? Let’s say 100 is complete satisfaction and 0 is none could you please pick a number representing your status? Maybe because I had a lot of discomfort before the surgery I feel great about the surgery Like the four Chinese characters hanging on your wall it really brought spring back to my life If I were to compare the degree of my satisfaction to a weapon I would say it’s a nuclear bomb since it has absolute power It’s been much better than I thought it would be I had two dental implants before which weren’t at all better than my own teeth but this one is way better than my original one After the surgery, my confidence as a man my sexual function, my bio-rhythm and everything got so much better I highly recommend this surgery to my close friends Many people worry about pain after the surgery or unnatural appearance How was your pain after the surgery? Well, pain always accompanies surgery but it was bearable. I think it’s worth it. How about your recovery period after surgery? During the recovery period well actually there were some difficulties because of the pain But it was not that kind of unending pain It was a natural course that was explained and predicted So I was able to cope since it got better over time and I knew it would be worth it after the pain was gone What about your (penile) appearance For example, did you worry about going to the sauna, or your relationship with a woman, or a person who might recognize a difference in how it looks? Were you not worried about the others might recognize you had surgery? Oh, not at all. Not at all? No, there was nothing like that As I did not tell my wife about having surgery I was worried about its being too prominent and if my wife would recognize that I’d gotten surgery Actually, it was somewhat unnatural right after the surgery but after the recovery period there was no discomfort at all Actually, I went to the Sauna with my grandchildren but they didn’t recognize it Is that right? When I partially inflate it, it just looks natural And, you know when you go to the public sauna there are some men who have quite a large size I’m one of them now So now when I go to bath I don’t hide it with the towel at all since it’s quite natural Well, you certainly did well as a patient and we’re extremely grateful As we’ve seen, this is not just a surgery for sex After patients receive surgery they also tend to try to live more healthy lives So I wanted to ask you about that aspect as well These days after the surgery my mental health is so much better because I can feel so satisfied For example, there’s a Japanese saying “Don’t lend money to an impotent man.” In that respect, I think the surgery was like a tonic because I became better in so many various ways So, from me personally, I’m very grateful to you, doctor No, I thank you I am grateful that you are satisfied with your result It’s my pleasure

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