Pearl Couscous Recipe …Simple Pasta Salad

chef buck here and today you know I’m cooking up a simple pasta salad you know that doesn’t sound very exciting and it’s not very exciting but you know you can have too much excitement in your life sometimes you just need to back off you know but I’m using Israeli couscous for this pearl couscous I was looking for regular couscous a few months ago you know I buy it in bulk and they didn’t have it in bulk so I thought I’d give this a try you know and I like it you know I’ve used it several times over the past few months for different recipes they’ve all been salad so you know I find this makes a fantastic pasta salad because it’s basically a small pasta which couscous is but this is a little bigger than couscous you know super easy to make you basically just boil up some water throw your couscous in named cover it up let it simmer away for about 10 minutes you know and then it’s gonna look like this boom it’s kind of freaky looking especially in this pot I got it reminds me of a David Lynch movie but don’t be hypnotized by that you know you got to get it off the heat you know because you want to stop the cooking process so I’m gonna run some cold water on here so that doesn’t get overcooked and gets sticky and mushy and then that’s basically it you know we’re done with the couscous for now so we’ll just throw together our other salad ingredients and I like to use a little bit of cucumber but I always use the thin-skinned English cucumber a Japanese cucumber you know some kind of cucumber like that that you don’t have to skin it because the skin has a great color as a great crunch you know and they just taste fantastic you know those big old Hulk and water-filled cucumbers mint and I’m not gonna bet you no I don’t want to bad-mouth the watery cucumbers you know but I got nothing I don’t care for them you know try the you know these are a little more expensive but they’re worth it you know so try and English a Japanese style of cucumber here’s a little tip for you this is my lemon zester and I’m gonna use it to make a carrot strings look how cute that is you know is this labor-intensive maybe but you know it’s nice to have different shapes and sizes in a salad because a salad can be boring you know so those those different shapes and sizes can make a salad more interesting or at least as interesting as a salad can yet now I’m just gonna do a basic salad dressing here a little bit lemon juice and olive oil I’m gonna throw in some minced ginger and garlic a little salt and pepper if you don’t want to use fresh lemon juice substitute vinegar but if you do use lemon juice make sure you use that lemon zest you know don’t waste that dest you can throw it in with the dressing or you can just toss it in when you throw your salad ingredients all together which I’m doing here so boom there goes my lemon zest my character strings I’m gonna throw my cucumber in there and camera girl she likes cilantro you know but I like parsley with this dish so I throw in a bunch of parsley and I got in trouble for that but I’m making this salad you know so I can do that in troubles my middle name anyway so I’m very comfortable with that now this here’s a little celery just for crunch you know basically I’m cleaning out the fridge you know and this is all I threw in here you know I’m tossing it together you know what really would have gone well in here is a little bit of red bell pepper for color you know but I went ahead and added some cherry tomatoes but I didn’t put them in when I was making the salad because I knew this was a lot of salad I wasn’t gonna eat it all so I just added the cherry tomatoes later when I was gonna eat it cuz you don’t want to refrigerate Tomatoes if you can avoid it because you don’t want you to refrigerate tomatoes that kind of suck you know now this I pasta salad is great as a side dish but as you can see I’m throwing around some arugula some arugula I don’t like to say that word but uh boom this was my lunch you know very healthy good for me you know it’s a you know I’m trying to make more decisions like this but it’s still not the norm but you know if you’ve never tried pearl couscous and definitely give it a go you know what makes a great pasta salad give this recipe a go let me know what you think thanks for watching sharing and liking the video and doing all that supa dupa stuff and I’ll see in the future

28 thoughts on “Pearl Couscous Recipe …Simple Pasta Salad

  1. Looks delicious….will have to look out for the pearl couscous, haven't tried that yet and can't say I've seen it here in the supermarket so will keep an eye out for it. Thanks…great recipe and video!

  2. It's true, you can have too much excitement in your life.  When I find something exciting I put it in a box.  I have an impressive box collection.

  3. Chef Buck that was quick, simple and it looked delicious! I am going to have to keep an eye out for pearl Couscous now! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Buck,
     I have been trying to figure out how to make carrot strings for the longest, I buy ready made broccoli and carrot slaw that is like little long slivers of carrot and broccoli and have not been able to figure out a cheap and easy way to make the carrots that way myself. this will be a lot quicker than julienne. thanks for the tip.
    hey, if you use the potato slicer that comes with the microwave potato slicer and use it on celery it makes real thin slivers of celery which is a great addition to salads.

  5. Ugh…. you make eating healthy look so easy but I'm too much of a foody to give up my steaks and… well… mostly steak. I love steak. Bloody rare please. Thank you.

  6. Nice cumbo chef. I have started using quinoa in place of couscous to get the low gi effect 🙂
    Arugula is rocket for us. Love the tang and sharpness of it.
    You made me chuckle yet again cracking jokes. 

  7. I love when I just do a search for something on youtube and click on a video on not realize Im gonna hear your voice. its happened a few times now. after a week with my dad I was thinking that I need to go back to my roots so I searched "israeli recipe" and this was the first thing I clicked on. <3

  8. Wow that looks great! I had that pearl couscous at a restaurant but didn't know what it was called. I will definitely try making this soon.

  9. Chef Buck. Great presentation. Love your format and comments. Nice humor and your cooking video was quick and nice to watch. Unlike some of the cooking videos that just drag on and the cook over talks it. Yes I will subscribe.

  10. Yeah cause once you refrigerate tomatoes they kinda suck hahahahahaha lol… yeah that was a burst of humor there HILARIOUS!!!

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