51 thoughts on “Peaches & Cream | Full Face Valentines 2019 Tutorial

  1. I love your personality, it's so calm and so you. Like I don't feel as though you're trying to change anything and I love it <3

  2. When people say that The Ordinary didn’t work for them, I feel so disappointed for them. I really wish it could work for everyone because it really helped improve my skin

  3. I hate the Laura Mercier powder as well. I use Too Faced peach, and now the Fenty but, I think I still like the Too Faced a tiny bit more.

  4. Its so refreshing to hear someone talk this way about the Laura Mercier powder! It also had cornstarch in it which not so great for my pores :/ I am also a too faced ethereal lover :):)

  5. Really enjoyed this video! But would you please tell me what brushes you used when applying foundation and concealer? Lots of love<3

  6. Why did I laugh so hard when you said “I hope you liked it” 3x LMAO. Because I can picture myself doing that too not knowing what else to say 😂😂

  7. I am so ridiculously far from being someone to ask about filming technique and tricks, but you could try clapping or making some other loud noise at the beginning of filming. Then you match the visual of clapping to the spike in the audio 🙂 could maybe be a little aesthetic if you got an actual clapperboard… intro of picking up the clapperboard, chill music overlaid, then clap, cut to synchronized mic audio. I think that could be cool? I literally know slightly more than nothing about cinematography & video production.

  8. Gina I love this video and all your others but please please please apply sunscreen after using an acid on your skin and try to apply acid only at night. Exfoliating makes your skin way more susceptible to sun damage cancelling out any positive effect the acid is having on your skin (removing pigmentation), because you're just going to get more sun spots.

  9. So so so good ❤️😍🥰😘 I’ve been loving the rosehip seed oil from the ordinary, on my second bottle. That contour shade 🤤🙋‍♀️👌

  10. I'm not sure how you're going about it now, but if you start the camera and microphone, then clap, you'll see a spike in the audio and it should be easier to line the two up when you edit the video. (I can't mount a microphone to my camera so I'm currently researching stand-alone microphones and found this tip). Also your makeup is incredible!!!

  11. It’s not the ordinary that breaks people out! It’s people putting shit on their face that don’t know how it works and what to combine…the ordinary has strong ingredients and people just slam it on like it’s vitamin water….I have used ordinary products for years and it was an absolute miracle on my face! Haven’t had a breakout in 3 years straight!!

  12. smh anywhere between the coasts in canada is really sunny, it’s just rainy and cloudy the closer you get to the sea

  13. Have you tried using Glossier Solution? I went from using Solution to The Ordinary's Glycolic Acid toner and my skin is just like screaming 🙁 Maybe because of the 7% percentage is too much for me. Gosh I really would like to finish up the bottle since it's just half the price of Solution and it contains a lot more product

  14. “Probably would of paired it with Stripped Down”
    Hun, you’ll pair anything with that liner it’s the love of your life I swear 😂

  15. I actually love this look soooo much! This is my first tutorial of yours after following you on Twitter and I’m off to Instagram to follow you there too! Absolutely stunning! You inspired me to get my makeup on today ✨😌

  16. Awesome vid! as always 🙂 can you make a video on how you reduced your acne scars after trying out the ordinary products?

  17. “It’s just shit, honestly fuck this powder.” 😂😂 only person I’ve ever heard that doesn’t like that powder. I can’t afford it but it’s nice knowing that high price doesn’t mean high quality all the time.

  18. You're like a model.
    I hope you soon have more subscribers it's worth totally watching your videos, and your beauty.

  19. Stunning. Wow.

    You should do a makeup look for a rainy/overcast day. I feel like makeup looks so different on sunny vs gray days!

  20. I know this video is a lil older but I too am in love with the wet n wild concl stick…..well all the sticks from them lol. Anyways you need to try the elf he lifting concl….it's very flexible…..more then the first aid beauty one….it's very like the glosses or the rms one. It only comes in like 2 shades (only ones I've found) and they are a different undertone then the average but I'm an olive undertone and I love it.

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