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– Why not? That was a mistake. – I was like, what are you going
to do with that toothpaste? – Do we have water? I’m so sorry. – Hi, we’re here today to talk
about our favorite things. – I am loose and liberal with this favorite thing applicator. – What Jen is trying to say is that she has many favorite things. So some of these things
are things we’ve bought, some of these things are
just things we’ve enjoyed, but they’re basically
our five favorite things for this month. – Shall we get started? – Yeah, let’s do it. – Alright, so I’m gonna go first and I’m gonna show you
number five on my list. I got this sleep mask from Amazon. I like it because it
has cups on the inside so it doesn’t smoosh your eyes. – It does look like a little bra. – It does look like a little bra. – I actually thought
you were gonna be like this bralette is my fifth favorite thing. – [Kristin] Yeah, eye
masks are life changing, they really, truly are. You don’t realize how
much light is in your area until you get rid of it all. – I’ve been getting great night’s sleep ever since I bought this,
so highly recommend. – So you can’t see us at
all, what are we doing? – I have no clue. – Yeah, that’s how you
know it’s a good product. – So my fifth favorite thing of the month are my Crayola washable finger paints. They are exceptionally washable. I painted a lot yesterday, and you can’t see any of
it left on my fingers. If you get it on your clothing, you’d put it through a
hot wash, it’ll come off. It’s good for costumes or things like that if you’re trying to make
something look a certain way. It says washability you can trust, which was also my senior quote,
so, it’s really inspiring. – My fifth favorite thing for the month is this strapless push-up bra from Torrid that I’m wearing right now. I love this bra. It is my journeyman bra which is crazy because it’s a strapless bra. – Dude, strapless bras are often terrible. – Yeah, they are. – This bra kind of
accommodates my breast shape, like it sticks ’em up on little pillows, they just kinda hang out there. They’re like two fat little
Doritos rolled over on my chest, they’re like upside-down triangles. – Okay, I was having trouble picturing. Yeah, mine are like Cheetos,
just two squiggly lines. – My fourth favorite thing
is this candle that I bought from the Melrose flea
market two weeks ago. It is a black-owned candle company, so I try to support them
every time I buy candles. They make a lot of really crazy scents. They have Fruity Pebbles,
and they have, like, they have oatmeal cookies,
and they have like a whole men’s section, and
it’s like leather, and money, and it’s like all of these, like, traditionally
– Oh, leather smells good. – Yeah, it’s very, it’s very cool, and this is actually
from the male section, and it’s called Caribbean teak
wood when Stella met Winston. Have either of you ever seen
How Stella Got Her Groove Back? – Yes! (laughs) – So this is what that
movie must smell like. Kind of ocean breeze. – It’s a little tart. – It’s Christmas at the beach. – This is like a Santa
Monica restaurant at night. – It makes me feel great in my home, and it makes me wanna get my groove back. – You might be thinking,
Jen, this is just toothpaste, and it is toothpaste, but I have a history with this toothpaste. When I was a kid, it
used to come in a bottle that looked like a soap dispenser almost, so you could push a button,
and it would sorta like dispense the Aquafresh,
you know what I mean. – Oh, I know exactly what
you’re talking about. I remember that. – Yeah, so I always sorta like,
longed for some Aquafresh. It’s like the freshest
toothpaste I’ve ever had, and I can’t believe that I
forgot what it was once like, but it’s like, brushing
my teeth feels like brushing my teeth with like minty snow. It just like feels like my mouth is filled with like snow cone and ice. But if anyone wants to smell my finger. – Oh yeah.
– Okay. – I’ve definitely used that. – Oh that’s minty. – Yeah, it’s minty as fuck. – Alright, my fourth favorite
thing is this Stila eyeliner. I love it. I’ve tried other eyeliners in the past, I have some serious eyeliner
problems for a few reasons: I have hooded eyes, also
my eyelids love to wrinkle, so if I do this too fast, it’s like, it looks like my eyeliner has
little bites taken out of it. This stuff is just really good. I love it, it doesn’t
like get all over my face. – [Freddie] Is it felt-tipped? – It is felt-tipped, it’s a little brush. – Look at it. – Aww, I love felt-tip eyeliners – Look at the little baby felt-tip. These are my number three. – [Kristin] I love them! – Freddie, those are so cute. – These are my new favorite sunglasses, that I also got from the
Melrose Trading Post. There’s some Yves Saint Laurent ones that are really in and I’ve
been seeing them a lot, just like on social
media, however, they are hundreds of dollars, so when I saw these, I was like
oh my gosh, they’re perfect. And I like loved the light pink, I loved- They’re actually very
protective from the sun. – You buy so much cute stuff. – I love the trading post, I just go alone and sweat my behind off, but come back with amazing purchases. – So these are Tweezerman-brand tweezers and they are my favorite
brand of tweezers. I have like very thick,
Italian-woman eyebrows. If I ever like go on vacation and don’t pluck my eyebrows
for like four days, the bottom-half is like a
couple centimeters longer. It’s like
– A couple centimeters? – Yeah, it’s clear. – I don’t know if it’s (laughs) – No, I know what you mean. – A couple centimeters? That’s a lot! – Oh is it? How much is a centimeter? I think I may have meant millimeter. – I think you’re thinking of a millimeter. – My eyebrows are generally
like medium-to-thin because I try and make sure
that I am always plucking every day, just a little bit, not a lot. And they hold an edge really well, so you don’t have to
replace them as often. They can like potentially
poke you a little bit, but they do get a – Yeah, they do that, essentially. – My third favorite thing
for the month is this precisely my brow eyebrow pencil. – Is it made of steel? – Yes, it’s forged from the eyebrow mine. Basically, they have this
line of eyebrow products that are all magician
themed, like the idea is that it’s magic, but for your brows. – You would have magician-themed make up. I say that in the most loving way. – No, I love magic. I actually use two different colors. On days where I’m on camera, I use five, and on times where I’m not
on camera, I use three. Five is the darker color which is why my eyebrows are really dark right now. – ‘Cause they’ll pop on camera. – Yeah, ’cause they pop
on camera really well, but if I’m not gonna be on camera, I usually just use the three
so then they’re less like hello, I’m here to brow. That’s not a verb. – Okay, my second
favorite thing is this hat that I’ve bought. I won’t put it on right now because this is not
how I would wear a hat. Like, with my hair this way,
but let’s insert photos. Let’s insert Instagram photos
of me with this hat on. – [Jen] Ooo
– [Freddie] Oh yeah! – [Kristin] Look at this hat situation. – So this is a bowler hat. – It’s definitely a bowler hat. – But I got this from Asos, which is one of my favorite
online shopping sites. And I’ve been wearing lots of hats lately, lots of berets, different types of caps, and this was one that I was like, this is fun, this could be cool, I could get creative with this. I’ve been loving it, it’s very Fall. – My second favorite
thing is this lighter. A Zippo lighter, I believe
it’s the chrome model. A classic, American Zippo. I got it from their website
for probably like 12-ish bucks. Basically what it is, is
this is your Zippo case, and so this is the Zippo insert
that comes from the company. In here, is where you would
put your lighter fluid, and so that’s how you refill the lighter. The reason that I like
to use the Zippo insert is just because it makes
the classic Zippo sound. I actually don’t smoke, so I
don’t often need a lighter. I think it’s important to
just have a lighter on you, in your person, usually, but what I also really
like about these is that they’re kinda like fidget spinners because you can do tricks with them, and play with them a little bit. The problem with Zippo
lighters, one criticism I have is that they, they’re not airtight, so you run outta fluid pretty quickly. Alright, so I can’t get it to light because it’s probably out of fluid, but if it was lit, this
would look really cool. – That was cool. – So my second favorite thing
is this Murad anti-aging, moisturizing lotion with
sunscreen for blemish-prone skin. – Did you just memorize all that? – I did. One thing I learned when
I got a little older is that just because
you are not a teenager doesn’t mean you don’t still get acne, but you still have to
worry about sunscreen, and keeping your skin tight. So I have the classic Liz
Lemon in 30 Rock problem where I have to deal with anti-aging stuff and also blemishes at the same time, which is really annoying
because anti-blemish stuff tends to be really drying,
and anti-aging stuff tends to be really oily. This is the best
moisturizer I have ever used in my entire life, I
swear by it, I love it. It has SPF in it, I use it
all over my face and neck, and all over my chest. Put sunscreen on your chest. Please, please wear sunscreen. If you learn nothing else from this video, wear sunscreen on your decolletage. – My number one pick for this month are these earrings that I’m wearing. They’re by a brand called Sorrelli, they were given to me, and
let me just tell you this, I love studs, but I like
big, obnoxious studs. They’re actually a little
bit bigger than the ones that I had before. I feel great, they have
them in all kinds of colors. That’s why these are number
one pick for this month. – My first favorite thing of
this month is this necklace. It was given to me by my girlfriend. So this necklace is only ten dollars, but the knife itself you can
like turn it into the sheath and like pull it out and, to
be clear, it’s not a real knife like this is just a tiny
piece of metal or tin, but it’s just like a cute little necklace. I really like necklaces
that are shaped like tools, I have a hammer necklace,
I have a saw necklace, so this is sorta like-
– You had scissors. – Yeah, I have a scissors necklace, so this fits into the repertoire. I also just really like pocket knives. I usually carry a Swiss Army knife, so it’s just a fun, cute little necklace that I feel is representative
of my personality. – It’s so you, I love it. – You can convert it from day to night. – Yeah, exactly. – I think day is clasped
up and then night is out. – You let it out.
– Blade out. – My favorite thing of the month is actually a thing I got in March which is my wedding ring. – Kristin has a crush. – I love my ring, it’s from a jeweler called Trumpet and Horn. It has little diamonds in the front, and it also has all these
little gold etchings on the inside and on the band. I’m not a ring person, either, so it’s actually been really easy for me to get used to wearing this ring. Plus, I just like the vintage-y details and, I don’t know, I just love it. It’s the only piece of
jewelry I wear all the time. Okay, so that wraps up our
top five favorite things for the month. I actually learned a lot about you guys, there’s some stuff that I wanna buy that y’all showed me
today so that’s very cool. Let us know your favorite
things in the comments below. – Yeah, down there. And let us know if, for future videos, you want us to specify
this favorite things. Like, have a genre for our
favorite things of hair, our favorite beauty, or
favorite clothes, y’know. Favorite food, favorite car. That’d be hard. Okay, bye. (jazzy tune)

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