OSHO: My God! There Is No God!

silence shared in words presents My God! There Is No God! Do you consider yourself a god? My God! There is no God, so how can I consider myself a god? God is the greatest lie invented by man. Why? Because man feels so helpless, so afraid of death, so burdened with life’s problems. Because he has been raised by a father, by a mother, and those were the beautiful days; no responsibility, no worry, somebody was taking care of him. That psychological childhood is projected into all the religions: God becomes the father. And there are a few religions in which God becomes the mother. It is a simple psychological projection of a child. It has no basis in reality. And whenever you are afraid, whenever you are in trouble, you start seeking help. No help ever comes. Even Jesus on the cross was waiting for the help to come, and finally got disappointed and shouted, “Father, have you forsaken me?” A great doubt must have arisen in him, a great question. Nothing is happening, and he was believing all these years that God would come to save him, his only begotten son. Nobody came. Jesus Christ must have died in utter disillusionment. I don’t have any illusion, I cannot be disillusioned. Copyright© OSHO International Foundation www.OSHO.com/copyright OSHO is a registered Trademark of OSHO International Foundation

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  1. the idea of "god" was misused so much! there is reality, existence, the universe. it is also every man and woman in disguise, universal consciousness operating through you. you might want to call that god, but better DONT.

  2. Cheb azame award is worthless for him what the person meditative like osho do with lifeless award life is the award itself for him

  3. So he quotes the Bible ( apparently believing that episode to be true ) to show that the Bible is an untrue story.

  4. Then who the hell created everything? It is arrogant to assume that a human being thinks they know or do not know there is god!

  5. I see in his face that, he is deeply suffering in him that there is no god, and fear that when he die and finds out that there is a god, ohh it will be too late to come back

  6. A brilliant and highly spiritualized man who decide to come to the western side of the world in order to help the orthodox ignorants that still ignorants to these days !

  7. "The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” – Psalm 14:1

    Wow, this guy contradicts himself with almost every sentence. He believes Jesus came & died on the Cross as the Son of God, yet says there is no God.
    Poor chap is so confused. Rebellion & sin will do that to a man.

    For a True vision of hope, I offer the revelation that God has given me –


  8. Exatly which God he's talking about??… To me I've asked God so many times and in such hard weird impossible situations… And the help came over and over that makes me cry from God's generosity… I feel God is everywhere… In my religious God is neither a mother nor a father……by the way in Islam it is said that christ has been left to the sky before being crossed so help did come after all… anyway.. I believe that everyone have the right to think and believe the way they want so ok osho.. you're kinda cute by the way

  9. If God doesn't exist, what is the explanation for the existence of anything at all? If you say God doesn't exist then lets hear about your version of existence so that we can pick it to bits.

  10. Lol this Guy is completely ignorant . He thinks he's so wise because he's Indian and talks fancy but he lacks knowledge, wisdom and empathy . How could you say God doesn't exist when you don't even know what it is ? The biblical God is not God , many know this . The real God is Love . The love for ourselves, and others and everything in nature . Love is the ultimate truth . We are infinite spiritual beings and we will be one with All that is ….. God .

  11. This is why I have decided to worship myself instead of looking up to someone that I don't know and not even sure that he or she exist

  12. Thought can always be manipulated. From our early childhood our parents brainwashed us into believing this idea of a god. Depending on where you are born and who your parents where (your conditioning) determines your religion. Religion is the biggest con game imposed us along with the royal dynasty.

  13. Cosmic Mysteries

    Went to Church to find where God resides, but as entered into the Church

    It was very Dark and just thought or felt, God never resides in Darkness

    And finally when came out of the Church, could find brightness everywhere,

    which meant God was calling outside to just breakaway from the Prison. God is all pervading

    It cannot be hidden or put in prison houses like Church, Temples, or Mosques.

    This is how humanity has been going on for years and years, centuries to centuries

    keeping idols, images, and rituals inside which were already past or dead and "forgetting"

    what is alive around us and someday when we realize ourselves of our divine nature, we would have to "forgive"

    for all our follies.

  14. Mark Twain was in the least wrong .there is no god .no human race.no earthly life no heaven and no hell its all a dream.

  15. anyone & anything can be god or gods to abyone, its matter of assigning one.Thor,Odin,Zeus,Jesus,Buddha are advance civilizations & enlighten men that has been considered gods of their time

  16. a lot of people got hacked into the brain when they were a child is that God exist, so it's hard to accept this true. Do more research about the buddhism

  17. Actually, help did come lol Joseph of Aramathea took Jesus down before he died and help him fled from Judea to Kashmir

  18. I wonder how i had realised this 15 years ago as when i quit religion especially christianity. I had no teacher. I wish i heard him before converting to christianity in my teenage. So much life i have wasted reading books written by barbaric ruthless bloodthirsty men.

  19. A melhor definição que já na vida pra Deus!!! Resumindo: uma ilusão, que se serve de consolo!!! Apenas isso!!! Uma mentira que não tem nenhuma base na realidade

  20. look at all the murders and rapes! i agree no god! just businesses claiming god exists and fearful people pay the cash in fear they will burn in hell!! yeahhhhh theres god

  21. Osho also says Jesus never died on the cross. Sooo which is it? Did Jesus die on the cross disillusioned, or did he not die on the cross at all?

  22. Christian : God
    Islam : Allah( pre-islamic all at, al uzza & manat)
    Hindu : Om Nama Shivaya(3)
    Judaism : Yahweh
    Buddhism : Buddha 9th incarnation of preserver Lord Vishnu

  23. Fine. So what produced the universe….and life? I'll wait…for some atheist to produce a better explanation than a Creator

  24. I like this guy. He is funny but when it comes to God question, he is wrong. The time is coming when atheists and religious people will understand that both God and Universe are two different names with the same meaning. But I believe this guy is just a thought away from the truth…He is OK.

  25. Lol we fail to find lives on other planets doesn't mean life only exists on earth.How is it possible that life can only exist in earth billions of stars,trillions of planets in our galaxy,so many mysteries left to be unveiled and this man claims that god does not exists as if he had travelled throughout our universes or may be beyond that and he failed to find god and now confidently claiming that god does not exists🤣🤣🤣🤣 such an idiot

  26. If people seek god because they are afraid then why are they afraid of god if they believe in him? We got to chose here. are people more afraid of god or of the unknown?

  27. Just watched his video first time and man i became his fan. So true A new born child can tell easily that there is no god if that child can speak just after birth.

  28. I'm so inspiring about your book I'm reading now the meditation for busy people it so clear and great teachings.

  29. It depends on how you define God. To me, God is nature. The sum total of all the laws of nature that create, sustain, and destroy reality is God. Some would call this the Dao, I doubt Osho would say that the laws of nature don't exist.

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