NIKKI GETS A NEW FACE! Jessner Chemical Peel Review! Before and After!

hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel my name is Nikki Phillippi to those of you that don’t know me and
those of you that do know me what’s up homies! So hi guys before we hop right
in, I keep telling everyone or I told everyone in one video that I’m gonna
start pulling a Niki and Gabi and going like this stop and click that button and
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I upload so for today’s video I’m really excited because if you’ve been on my
channel for a while you know that I have struggled with severe not only severe
cystic acne over the years although that has subsided pretty much entirely now
but after that I’ve struggled with the aftermath of all of the acne scarring
and I have done so many random acne scarring treatments and I tend to call
them “Nikki gets a new face”. I don’t know why but I will have all of those
linked down below of all of the treatments that I’ve documented on my
channel but today I am super excited because I did a completely different
treatment than anything I’ve ever done before and that was something called the
Jessner chemical peel so I documented the whole thing this video gets really
gnarly and really gross you will see me at my worst and my skin falling off my
face it’s really gross I’m obviously not peeling anymore
and I will give you like my feedback at the end on what I think of the results
and you will see my skin bare without any makeup. I love documenting these
things I hope you guys like these because it’s not only something that I
enjoy tackling like trying to get rid of this acne scar and enjoy I mean as much
as you can enjoy it I like trying to tackle it get rid of it but also I
really enjoy documenting the process and showing you guys it actually kind of
gives me a weird sense of like more purpose to the whole thing like “oh I’m
sharing it with all my friends so I gotta go get another treatment” so I’m
gonna hop right in this video is extensive so um let’s do it like I said I will
leave the links to the other videos down below as well as any other important
links that you would need I’m trying to get really good at my infobox game
infobox game strong and let’s do it. we pretty much started the treatment
peeps so she started off by I believe what
she’s doing there oh you know what she’s actually applying the peel so that’s her
like straight up applying the peel. She does it in like multiple
layers with the q-tips so she is applying one layer and it was like kind
of dry and she would apply another layer and I believe she applied like seven
layers or something like that don’t quote me on it cuz I don’t fully know
but I think that’s what it was so she’s applying all the layers of the
chemical peel and I had a fan going on my face the whole time because it did
slightly burn I will say it wasn’t that bad you saw me get Fraxel or micro
needling that is way more in terms of actual pain that is way more painful than
this was this was just kind of uncomfortable it’s like kind of like a
light little burning sensation so here’s some close-up shots of what’s going on
with peel looks like as it’s settling on my face and yeah then she went on to do
all of the rest of the layers.
Hey guys so it is around two o’clock in the
afternoon and the peel has been sitting on my face since I left the office and I
have about an hour and a half more until I’m able to wash it with water but I
cannot apply any aquaphor for I don’t know if I said this or not until they start
peeling which she said should be like Monday afternoon Monday night so I will
update you when I wash my face with just water like I said but I’m probably the only
thing I have to say right now like I’ve done is I got so lightheaded
like for a little bit I thought it was gonna faint in the kitchen I was like
dude I know like really lightheaded and I went on Google and apparently this is
something pretty common that happens with the Jessner peel some time but
it’s calming down a lot now and drinking a lot of water but I’m pretty like tired
and yeah so that’s pretty much it my facialist keeps texting me or not “keeps texting me” she just texted me and I sent her a
picture and told her I was lightheaded and she also said that was normal and to
just drink lots of water so there we go guys I don’t see you soon.
Hey guys so it is the next morning. It is Sunday morning and that buzzing me
you are hearing is Dan shaving in the other room and I’m trying to get like I feel
like hopefully this is a good enough light and you can see what’s going on
although I’m also hoping okay so this camera has like a built in skin
smoothing filter on it I turned it off but I like looking at it I’m like is that
thing still on I don’t know um because I feel like my
face looks worse in real life than what I’m seeing on this camera
first off I’m like I have this white thing like white coating all around my
lips and it’s not like I don’t know what it is I’m guessing it’s skin when you
look up peel stuff it gets gnarly online and um my face is definitely swollen
like I have some pictures I can show you I’m like dude my face definitely has
progressively gotten more swollen it’s very slight but I definitely am swollen
and um also I don’t know if I told you guys but yesterday when I washed my face
I washed it the first time with water out of habit because when you get Fraxel
and micro-needling you’re supposed to wash with water the first time but I
realized I was like wait I was supposed to wash with Cetaphil so the second time
I washed I watched with Cetaphil and I’m not using any moisturizer and then the
third time Cetaphil so today I was supposed to wash five times throughout
the day with Cetaphil each time with no moisturizer I’m not actually supposed to
use any moisturizer until my skin starts to peel which will probably be midday
tomorrow maybe the next day that’s what Kim is thinking. it’s just like it’s I
feel like out of it like my face feels very stiff and tight and swollen and I
just kind of don’t want to be around people which is kind of like I don’t
know it’s kind of like antisocial but I’m just like dude I just
don’t really I just want to sit home alright I’m gonna go now and yeah I’ll
see you later with my next update hey guys so I don’t know if I look as crappy
as I feel but I feel pretty crappy my whole face feels like removed from my
face if that make sounds like it feels like there’s a mask sitting on me all on
my face that’s why I’m talking weird. All of my face and my skin is getting so
tight and hard and crusty and it just feels literally so disgusting and I feel
swollen and like spots are coming to the surface and this is
crazy by the way it’s Monday morning and I got this on Saturday at 10 a.m. so we
are actually we just hit 48 hours because it’s 10:30 in the morning on
Monday this is crazy though all of the spots that are coming up like I’m
tripping out guys just feels so weird and pretty uncomfortable so hmm I will
update you later I haven’t washed my face yet it’s just wash it five times
today I wanted to make breakfast and um yeah I’ll just keep you updated. hey guys
so it is around 6 o’clock at night and I just noticed within the last hour so it
was actually when I was at my friend Sarah’s house that I’ve started peeling
clearly around my mouth and I think it was just because I was talking and
showing more emotion there because I’ve been pretty quiet for the last two days
um and obviously with my friend and her three babies I’m like talking more..four
babies and yes I’ve started to peel so I just texted my esthetician I think what
the next move is is now I’ve washed my face and now I can start applying
Aquaphor and now that I’ve started to peel but I’m not sure so I’ll update you
and she gets back to me but I’m pretty sure that’s going on so I just want to
give you a full look at how crazy this is though my forehead see how shiny it
is. Is it gonna focus now watch what happens You guys see that can you guys
see how tight my skin is look at that it’s like plastic. *silence* How crazy that is…so I’ll see
you soon. Hey guys it’s me snake McGee so my face still feels tight but as you can
see I had to whip out the camera before I started trimming the frickin’ skin off
my face because I am hardcore shedding right now.
If I didn’t tell you guys before you are not allowed to peel back your skin when you get this peel
there that’s better like um you have to just trim the edges you have to let it
all completely shed off naturally so today by the way is Wednesday
right? Yeah it’s Wednesday today I completely forgot to I don’t think I’ve
vlogged or updated it all yesterday though but I did the native snapshot
picture hopefully inserted that it wasn’t this exciting yesterday it just
started to kind of rip today. This is the most peeling. It was pretty peely last
night and go to Bible study looking like a snake was pretty embarrassing like a
shiny snake so I’m gonna go trim my face now wash it, put the Aquaphor on. Yeah to be honest I don’t notice a difference in the new skin yet obviously well not even
obviously but I mean my mom noticed but I don’t notice yet
I won’t really be able to tell you or notice anything until the end so if any of
you were wondering that I don’t have any like feelings about it yet. So then I didn’t vlog Thursday but on Friday that was when I went back to the salon for my
facial so she scrubbed my face a little bit – although hesitant to use the word
scrub sure they washed it and then peeled off the rest of the skin on the
outer edges that was safe to come off and then she used ultrasound which she
just saw her doing to kind of calm down my skin and ewww there she is pulling dead skin out of my hairs off my face…oh my god that’s so this is
literally the first time I’m watching this is so disgusting.
So she pulled off all of the skin around the edges and afterwards I was
left with the results pretty much so yeah *Music* Hey guys okay so it has been almost two
weeks since my Jessner peel and so now at the end of the video I wanted to show
you the results and what’s going on and then let me tell you what I’m thinking
so far so besides this massive unicorn pimple I have on my chest weird.
This is probably a good sign it’s looking on the camera like my skin smoothing filter is
on cuz this camera has that built in but I went in when I turned it off so I
don’t know why would have turned back on I think that’s probably just a good sign
for like how my skin is looking so guys let me basically tell you you can
probably tell by looking at it that I really like this peel. So here are my end
thoughts about this to sum everything up the recovery from the Jessner peel was
not painful it was just uncomfortable. Both my mom and I because I think
I told you I was like twelve times my mom had this treatment done too. We did not want to leave our houses we wanted to stay at home and just watch movies but
we were not in pain and the results I would say that my pores have been left
smaller especially on my nose and throughout here like I definitely see a
difference in pore size and I’d say my skin texture has improved
even Dan was saying last night that he has noticed a difference from this
treatment now that being said me being like a skin perfectionist I’m already
looking forward to doing it again Dan was like “I just don’t want you to get
carried away with all these treatments” even though some would say that I
probably already have but I’m looking forward to doing it again probably
within like the next couple of months. Ummm I would have been able to have it you can
have them six weeks apart but I don’t know if I’m gonna do the next one like
that soon I do get a little scared sometimes with doing intense treatments
too often or like I get scared of doing intense treatments too often so I’m
probably gonna let my skin breathe for a bit although I am getting micro blading
done like next week which is basically where they like razor your face and it
gets rid of peach fuzz but it also happens to kind of like scrape off dead
skin cells so I’m doing that too but that’s not supposed to be like drastic
and I’ll just be getting facials for the next like month or two until I end up
doing another peel probably like two months so um but yeah I definitely did
notice a texture improvement but I definitely still see like the uneven
scarring on my cheeks. although, dude so much better! That’s pretty much it
guys I hope that you enjoyed this video and if you are interested in seeing my
skin before like back in the day and if you want to go back and see all of the
other treatments I did I will have all of those videos linked down below
because I’ve been doing the videos on treatments for my skin for years so I
will have that link down below with Fraxel, micro-needling all of that it’s
pretty entertaining if you’re into face stuff like I am and that’s it I will see
you all tomorrow with a new video and I hope you have a fabulous day
okay bye guys *Music*

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