Night Skincare Routine To Keep Skin Young | Anti- Ageing Secrets For GLOWING SKIN

Vivacious nights full of life and laughter are what we live for! But the night’s not over until you give your skin the love it needs. A proper night care routine is what keeps skin looking healthy and fresh every day and also helps you age gracefully. Here are 5 effective tips that will delay the signs of ageing and leave your skin feeling protected and refreshed. Not removing your makeup before bed is the single biggest skincare sin you can commit. Leftover product can cause a world of damage – clogging pores, causing wrinkles, blackheads and undoing all the good you do for your skin. Use a gentle makeup remover, or a good natural one like coconut oil, and make sure all traces of makeup are gone. Once your skin is free of residue you are ready to reap the benefits of a proper night care routine. A good night care routine calls for a great moisturiser that performs multiple functions and the Ponds Age Miracle Night Cream is a great choice! It contains Retinyl Palmitate, a form of retinol that fights aging by activating and speeding up the skin cell regeneration process, which prevents your skin from getting thinner as you age. It also boosts collagen production something that slows down with age and keeps skin looking plump. Dot on the cream evenly across your face and with a gentle tapping motion allow the product to absorb. Never rub the cream in vigorously since this can accelerate signs of aging. Its host of benefits include brightening skin tone, reducing pigmentation, correcting sun damage, unclogging pores and preventing pimples keeping your face looking dewy and fresh over time! An invigorating massage will help your cream absorb properly, loosen facial muscles and enhance its effectiveness. Start by massaging your temples in circular motions to relax your mind. Then massage your forehead, stretching the skin in opposite directions. For your cheeks and neck massage in upward and out-wards motions. These techniques tone your face, making it look slimmer. They also stimulate the blood vessels giving
your skin a natural glow. If you’re just starting out with retinol, The Ponds Age Miracle Night Cream is perfect for regular use with its gentle but potent formulation. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and requires some serious TLC to prevent it from becoming sunken or baggy against your will. After cleansing & moisturising your face go in with a good eye cream like the Ponds Age Miracle Eye Cream. Take some eye cream onto your finger and dab in small dots along the orbital bone Don’t go too close to the lower lashline, since this might push the product into your eyes. Keep dabbing lightly until the thin formulation sinks in and instantly hydrates your skin. This cream contains Retinol, an ingredient that rejuvenates your eyes, preventing dark circles and wrinkles, that tend to appear over time. One of the major causes of premature ageing are stress and poor quality of sleep. Our skin reacts to what’s on our minds as much as it does to what’s in our diets. So make relaxation part of your night routine! Drinking a warm beverage before sleeping and taking a moment to de-clutter your mind will do you wonders in the long run and certainly be better than falling asleep in front of the TV. You can drink plain water if you like or make an infusion with healthy ingredients like honey and ginger. Chamomile tea is also an excellent choice that promotes good sleep, clears your skin and even aids in weight management. Ageing is inevitable but with the right habits like using good night and eye creams and taking you can make a world of difference to how gracefully you age! Hope these tips make your skin blossom through the years to come and until next time, stay tuned and stay Glamrs!

55 thoughts on “Night Skincare Routine To Keep Skin Young | Anti- Ageing Secrets For GLOWING SKIN

  1. Sorry but I don't like pond's product
    But ya the tips you give in the video such as cleansing & moisturizing & massage while apply night cream is good
    Love glamrs 🤗😊👌

  2. I don’t know where to start. 1st of all, although coconut oil can be great cleansing agent however it may not be helpful for many people, esp for people with large pores, oily & acne prone skin bcoz coconut oil can clog pores therefore causing breakouts. But you can use coconut oil just to remove waterproof eye make up but use only organic extra virgin coconut oil. Now 2) I am amazed how come glamrs didn’t recommend double cleansing. When you use coconut oil, micellar water or any other cleansing agent, to remove your makeup, it is NECESSARY to then follow it up by washing your face preferably with a gel based cleanser. 3) Not everyone needs retinol or retin A, young skin doesn’t need to use it at all as it is anti aging. Also, if someone needs to use retinol they should use it in the form of a treatment serum & not in moisturiser. It is best to have it prescribed by a dermatologist to understand what percentage of it should be used. 4) No form of retinol can work for dark circles as like I mentioned earlier that it is an anti aging agent. Also, retinols are very strong & the skin area around our eyes is very very delicate therefore it isn’t recommended to use such strong formulations around the eyes where the skin is too thin

  3. Hey Glamrs
    I have lill Pimples on my face
    My derma has suggestd not to use creme based products
    Can i use this cream ?
    Please reply

  4. I love how your team is so sweet and u guys respond positively to hateful comments too ❤
    Anyways great content guys
    Loved the simple yet effective skin care routine😍❤

  5. I wish there was an option lower than dislike because of all the wrong ideas glamrs has given people. Don't just watch a video and fall for a routine, do your research guys. See what suits your skin. For example, coconut oil heavily clogs pores and anybody with any trace of acne prone skin should stay away!

  6. Dunno I find glamrs videos very generalized. There is nothing special about the tips they give. One can find it in any article on the internet. Nothing unique or special about their content.

  7. Great video and useful tips. My skin is sensitive so i can not use this much of cocount oil to remove make up but I liked the face massage.
    I have heard about luna 3 that does a face massage with vibration🤔🤔🤔?

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