100 thoughts on “NF – When I Grow Up

  1. Eminem – Bout his family, diss mumble rappers
    NF – Bout his life, depression, anxious and other than that
    both become a legend by their own lyrics n rap song also got the ideas from what theyre went through their life

  2. Director: So we have Lambos every single sports car everything Gucci what do you wanna show off

    NF: My Garbage Truck

    Director: Y-Your what..?

    NF: Garbage Truck chill in the back and sing

    Director: visible confusion

  3. Petition to everybody to do this in NF's concerts from now on:
    NF: Anybody wanna hear me rap?
    Crowd: Yes!
    NF: C'mon let me play a couple tracks?
    Crowd: Yes!
    NF: C'mon I can spit it really fast?
    Crowd: Yes!
    NF: You think I should throw it in the trash?
    Crowd: NO!

  4. let's see now,,,, doesn't talk about shooting or killing people, doesn't talk about girls (or anyone) in a bad way, doesn't cuss/curse, doesn't have gang violence or bad images in the video,,,, yep, now that's real talent…. finally,,,,

  5. So this is my first ever comment on a music vid. Can you guys like this like crazy.1 like=1 more Garbage rapper getting put down further in the #1 trending poll with NF riding in his Garbage Truck to the top

  6. Okay here's some growing up for you I don't want or care about none of you leave me alone don't want your money don't want your help leave me alone I hate the internet I hate YouTube I hate you all

  7. "yo"?!?.. nf.. you should come speak with the person u r rappin about. I like it , the words right out of my mouth or really close.

  8. dude.. im late but it's still fire at november🥴🥴
    and ur not even swearin' on ur music
    that must be pretty hard like creating lyrics🦉

  9. He must be skinny AF to get through that tiny window. If I did that, I wouldn't even be able to get both my arms through, let alone all of my body xD

  10. Me: calls 911
    Dispatcher: 911 what's your emergency
    Me: there's been a murder
    Dispatcher: who was murdered
    Me: This Beat
    muffled NF

  11. I'm sad cause he had to drop a fire album and go on tour right when I'll be giving birth to my first child. Look like grandma going to have to hold the baby for a hot minute. Lol! 🤣 shoot, get some earplugs so my baby can jam to NF.

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