Natural Wrinkle Treatment Creams : Fruit Oil Cream for Wrinkles

Hello friends, I’m Jeesaa Gupta. Let us see
how to mix cream and a pure fruit oil together. Take one to two teaspoons of cream and mix
one teaspoon of fruit oil. Mix this together well and apply to your face and neck portion.
Move your fingertips in down circular motion, with gentle strokes. Do not involve the area
around your eyes and lips. Now let your skin absorb this cream and pure fruit oil for five
to ten minutes, if you have very dry skin you can leave it for a longer time. Now if
you feel that all the creams have been absorbed by your skin, then you don’t need to remove
the extra with a moist cotton. Otherwise you will have to remove the extra cream with a
moist cotton. Now watch, apply the pack with a bold stroke, and allow your skin to absorb
the pack for another ten minutes. Do not involve the area around your eyes, lips, and neck
portion. When the pack is semi dry, you will remove it or scrub it off with moist finger
tips. Then you will wipe it off with a moist cotton. When at home you can wash it off with
fresh water also. All this will help to maintain a healthy and young skin for a longer time.
I am sure you will really like to pamper your skin with this pack. Thank you for being with

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  1. Palm fruit oil works well. Its a good source of vitamin E and will help prevent/heal scarring if you have acne. For dry skin you can use banana. For oily skin, you can use oranges. Fresh ingredients will have higher nutritional content and be more effective. For sensitive skin types, try diluting the juice/oil with water if its damaging your skin.

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