Natural Wrinkle Treatment Creams : Egg Whites for Wrinkle Treatment

Hello friends I’m Jeesaa Gupta, a beauty practitioner.
Sagging of skin is a common problem for the people who have dry skin and wrinkle and it
often gives your skin a very shabby edged looks which all of us wonder why dullness?
Because none of us want to look old, so how to keep your skin tight and prevent wrinkle.
I had used the yellow portion of egg to keep your skin wrinkle-free. They do thing, where
did the white portion has gone? We save to act as a skin tightener for your skin. These
natural remedies are very easy to follow. It takes only five to ten minutes a day at
any time you can practise it or you can do it, you can apply it. And you can have a healthy
skin, a tight skin for a long time. Then the white of egg and mix a little sugar with it.
Then, mix a little honey with it. Now we are going to use another skin tightener that is
called Cobbler juice. You can mix it, and even you can preserve it in your refrigerator
for five to seven days in a bottle, in a tight bottle of course. After the sugar is dissolve
completely in egg white and honey, you can take it with in a cotton and you can apply
to all over your face. And you can take it in a semi moist cotton, you soak the cotton
in it and apply it all over your face and neck portion. This moist contain it contains
this mixture and even if you have sag skin in your arms and hands, you can apply there
also. Wait for another ten minutes and then wash it off with fresh water. You will instantly
notice that your skin is looking tight and sagging of skin is less. So this skin tightener
is an excellent remedy for loose or sag skin. I think all this traditional Indian remedy
are very much useful as it is to me, it is to you also. Thank you for being with me.

60 thoughts on “Natural Wrinkle Treatment Creams : Egg Whites for Wrinkle Treatment

  1. it lasts like a dat but leaves skin soft as
    im 20 i tryed this cause i had a few small lines
    started 5 days ago they r slowly going away
    they say once a week but ive done it 2 times skins still cool not messed up
    anyway u can do the same with the yolks too to get the enzymes as well
    keep it real

    she doesnt talk properly im so sick of it
    if u want to speak english but cant do it properly speak in ur own langue that way no1 will be upset

  3. geez thats harsh!! at least she is trying to speak english! you learn another language and see how easy it is to pronounce all the words correctly! if people dont speak english… people are like "speak english"..and when they do they are criticized! ugh some people!make up your minds! it goes back to the saying that you cant make everyone happy! I think its a good video and good english considering that english probably isnt her 1st language…

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  5. I'm really hesitant in putting raw egg on my face. I know the risk is considerably low, but I have had Salmonella before. It is not a very pleasant experience. I spent the better part of a year unable to eat much. I think I lived off of plain cheese sandwiches the whole time, but could only stomach one or two a week. Anything else turned my stomach inside out and made me sick as a dog. If you are going to put up a facial mask, then at least have one that involves safe ingredients.

  6. I'm a sucker for youthfull creams and looking younger. Can somebody tell me if this works or is it a joke?

  7. Why do you want to watch this to criticize? godd some people are sooo suffering from inferiority complexes!!! I think this is a lovely video.. try it and if it works on you.. you can thank her without finding fault.. be thankful she is talking in English for all to understand and not in Hindi!!!!

  8. I discoverd yesterday that egg whites are a mirracle. I've put just raw egg white alone on my face now and have noticed about 10 years of lines washed away from my face already! It is truly amazing. I will practice this forever now 🙂

  9. agreed. commentors need to stop criticizing the english and appreciate the advice – she doesn't need to do this for you. she is actually trying to HELP YOU, if you don't want to listen or watch the video move on. she gives really good useful advice and it is a great video – clearly she is doing her best. egg whites are indeed a good addition, but you need to be exercising, treating your body and skin right, using creams, etc. here is a good cream i've used to success: tinyurl . com /bmczncb

  10. It definitely works! I've used it before, and continue to, and swear by it! It will take years off your face and feels so refreshing! Unless you have very dry skin, I urge you to try it! Good luck :)!!!

  11. can you tell me we use it daily and can we add some lemon juice in it for fairness plz tell me i am waiting thanks and plz tell me some good remedies for weight loose

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  13. will this stuff work for me cause im a 14 yr old guy and i think my wrinkles might be natural my dad and i have the same hands but he is 51 so idk

  14. If you haven't used ultra organic argan oil treatment you should. It works been using if for 21 years now. I am living proof, I order it from

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    Yep Chester ! Its the only program that targets my
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  17. Ok, that was egg white, sugar, honey and cucumber juice right? Thanks for the video. I found it very interesting.

  18. Thank you for this amazing recipe!! I'm going to try it now!! Iv got a great DIY Wrinkle cream/ serum recipe using Vitamin C Ester as this is more effective and less irritating than ascorbic acid. Please check it out on my DIY videos on my channel if you get the chance. Thanks leila:

  19. Wonderful solution, I'm sure many people will be able to relieve their wrinkles with your video. Thanks for sharing

  20. I have been using this product for apx 6 weeks and have seen a big difference in my skin – fewer noticeable wrinkles and a clearer and healthier glow. I would certainly recommend Argan rain argan oil for anyone to try for themselves.

  21. Hiii people!!
    Maxelder Argan Cream (w–nyarganoil—c) is very nice light face cream.
    …..My face just soaks this up and looks brighter and more youthful. …. I love how this feels on my skin.

  22. channel surfing love ur channel… thanks for sharing.. I use coconut oil ….instead of lotions which allows my skin to remain soft supple. this with
    also being bless with rich dark melanin skin tone helps. as science has proven the power in the is in the Melanin which slows my aging process so that my skin ages only every 10 yr vs other ethic groups who age much faster.

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