Natural Wrinkle Treatment Creams : Applying Dry Fruit Packs for Wrinkles

Hello friends I’m Jeesaa Gupta, a beauty practitioner.
You can see almond, just take one almond, soak in water and make a smooth paste of it,
add it to your pack. Here I have the extract taken on from raisin and grapes. Just add
boiled one grape and few raisin, and boil this in half cup of water and allow it to
reduce to half, that is one fourth cup and then add taken grape water. So I can call
it the extract of grapes and raisin, it’s very much helpful for normal skin. Just a
little of it, even half teaspoon will do. Just clean your face with a moist cotton.
This is a moist cotton, just clean face with this moist cotton or in the astringent an
after that you can apply this pack onto your face. Allow your skin to absorb the benefit
of this natural pack for ten to fifteen minutes and then you wet your hands and just dab it
on your face and scrub it gently. Wash it off with fresh water. You will feel that your
skin has become soft and supple. And you can avoid wrinkle with this pack if you had oily
skin earlier and right now its dry. Thank you for being with me.

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