Natural Therapy For Blood Pressure | Five Herbal Therapies With Blood Pressure Lowering Effect

Five herbal therapies with blood pressure
lowering effect. If you already have treatment for hypertension,
please consult your doctor before introducing the naturopathy you introduce today. I do
not want medicine and naturopathy to interfere each other. Hypertension is one of the troubles of the
heart system which are seen many in recent years. When the artery is swollen, it becomes high
blood pressure when it is disturbed . When you become hypertensive, you overwhelm your
heart. Therefore, the heart will have to work further to produce the blood that is sent
to the whole body. As a result, the heart weakens . And the functions
of other organs such as kidney and pancreas are also affected. That will not only reduce the quality of life.
It increases the risk of suffering from a disease leading to death. But thankfully, high blood pressure is one
that you can control and overcome. Some herbs are said to be good for hypertension
from their efficacy. Today, let me introduce five natural remedies to help calm high blood
pressure . 1. Celery to lower blood pressure. Celery’s phytochemicals (phytochemicals ), antioxidants
exert an excellent effect in naturally controlling blood pressure. These substances help to normalize inflammatory
processes of the body . At the same time, it has the effect of preventing fluid retention. Essential minerals contained in celery suppress
the secretion of cortisol . Cortisol is a hormone at risk of raising the risk of hypertension. How to make. Celery 2 tablespoons.
1 cup of water. procedure. I put water on the fire and boil. Let’s add
celery when it boils . Steam for 15 minutes and then strain. When to drink? Let’s drink one cup each day . 2. Lavender tea to lower blood pressure. Lavender is a plant with analgesic effect.
There is also work to relieve stress. It is ideal for lowering blood pressure . The natural active substance of lavender stimulates
the activity of the cell. It also has the effect of promoting blood flow. How to make. 1 teaspoon lavender.
1 cup of water. Procedure. Put the lavender in boiling water. Let’s steam
for 15 to 20 minutes. Filter and drink it when it cools down. When to drink? I drink once a day. Let’s do this over 3 days
a week. 3. Oregano to lower blood pressure. Oregano is an anti-inflammatory and diuretic
herb. The active substance of oregano, especially
carvacrol , has the effect of helping to clean blood vessels . When the blood vessels become
beautiful, the accumulation of debris prevents the circulatory trouble from occurring. How to make. 1 tsp oregano.
1 cup of water. procedure. Boil water and put oregano.
Let’s steam for about 15 minutes . I will drink it after straining. When to drink? I will drink around 10 in the morning. Let’s
drink three days a week. 4. Hose tail tea to lower blood pressure. Many people with high blood pressure have
problems with treatment due to fluid retention. In this case, you may be able to produce a
treatment effect by drinking hose tail tea. The hose tail has diuretic and anti-inflammatory
effects . Once digested, it has the effect of speeding up the removal of body fluids. How to make. 1 cup of water.
1 tablespoon hose tail. procedure. Boil water and put a hose tail.
Steam for 10 to 15 minutes and let’s drink. When to drink? I will have a cup for breakfast. Let’s continue
this for more than two weeks. 5. Dandelion tea to lower blood pressure. Dandelion tea is a tea with a diuretic effect.
The fact that it has a diuretic action plays a role in promoting the health of the kidney
when the kidneys are affected by high blood pressure . Antioxidants and minerals contained in dandelion
tea serve to protect inflamed tissue. At the same time, it promotes blood flow and maintains
blood pressure normally. Also, drinking dandelion tea does not change
electrolyte level. Instead, you can supply hydration. How to make. 1 cup of water.
1 tbsp tanpopo. procedure. Boil water. Let’s put a dandelion if you begin
to boil. Boil the dandelion for 3 minutes or more after
inserting the dandelion. Let me down from the fire and let it cool
down . Let it cool down to the proper temperature
and strain it and drink it. When to drink? Let’s drink more than three times a week.
Are not you suffering from high blood pressure? Let’s try one of the methods we introduced
today. And if it matches your body, let’s make it regularly and drink it.

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