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– We’ve come to the end
of this journey together. And waiting for us is Clauda– (laughs) This is fully insane. (Laughs) (music) – Welcome to my nighttime routine. I’m gonna walk you
through how I get undone. I have combination skin,
I have some patches that are really dry, some
patches that are really oily. Just blessed. And so I brought a
little bit of everything to do for you, so this will
look like an elaborate routine, and maybe compared to some,
not elaborate at all, or wrong. But you know what, it’s mine. You might notice, I already got started, by taking out my contacts. Step two is getting my hair up. This is important because it makes sense, and you like to do things that make sense. And also you don’t want
to get your faux locs wet. These are, I got these from
Ash Nicole who’s incredible. Ooh, look at that, she cute! See look at that. So the first part of my process is taking off my makeup. I have a little bit more on today than I would have ordinarily,
’cause I’m in New York, had to go to meetings,
had to step correct. I use Clean Canvas by Sonya Dakar. It is incredible, it really takes off the makeup that’s waterproof
that doesn’t wanna go anywhere. She like, “You goin’ somewhere
and it’s not on that face.” Then I also use Green Clean
by Farmacy, which is amazing! It’s a solid and it’s
an oil based cleanser. So I’m gonna remove my
glasses, but I’m gonna keep my Kate Spade hoops on
’cause you know, she cute. And I’m gonna start with my eyes. What people don’t tell
you, is that as a woman, when you take off your makeup, you’re doing a lot of what
you’re doing, like, blind. So, you’re like, trusting
the process, as it were. So, now that I have that
on, what I’m gonna do now is take some water, with
my towel nice and wet. (water running) There ya go, doing a lot without seeing. Gonna wipe off, the day. So my eyes are off,
gonna put these back on. The next step is the Farmacy,
and I, here’s the thing, I take great care of my
face when I remember to. So when I do, I really do it. And this right here, that’s what I call taking great care of your face. At this point, I’m gonna
take off my glasses again. Here’s the thing about me and makeup, sometimes, I forget to take it off, I understand the consequences
of sleeping in your makeup. Which I do way more often
than I like to admit. And there’ll be evidence once I take off– Then you’ll see some beautiful adult acne, (water running) – which it, it just
means I’m young at heart, is what I feel. (muffled singing) – I literally forgot you
guys were there for a second. So what I’m about to do
now, you’re probably like, “You just washed your eyes and your face, “what are you doing with
those Neutrogena towelettes, “in a bag that’s almost empty?” I like to once over with this guy, just to make sure there’s
nothing left on the playground, nothing left on the field. And it just goes to show, like, a clean wipe you, got it all. Now we’re at the point where I use witch hazel. This is some old black lady shit. This is a wonderful toner, one ingredient, and I like it very much. Leaves a nice clean feeling, squeaky clean, just like my record. So great! I’ve washed, I’ve toned. Next up is Vintner’s Daughter. Now, I discovered this– I became obsessed with Brene Brown, because I’m in my 30’s
and working on myself. And she was on a Goop podcast, which I didn’t even know was a thing, and they both raved about it. And if Brene and Gweneth
are using something, you should Google if it’s right for you and if you can afford it,
which thank God I can. So the first part is the
Active Treatment Essence, which is, essentially,
apple cider vinegar. It smells just like apple cider vinegar. You see me rubbing it on like a child, they say to press up, just– but that seems insane so, I just do this. Anyway, there you go. I put on the Active Essence, this is the Active Botanical Serum. Why do they call it a
serum, when it’s just oil? That’s just oil, but they call it a serum. They also say to press upward with this, but I’m a bad listener. And I make jokes, but this
stuff really is amazing. I’ve always been into skincare, I’ve had to pay more attention to skincare since acting full-time. Because, you get your makeup
on and off and on and off a ton and my skin was just
not very happy with me. I found that during production, I usually have my routine on point, I know were my skin’s
at and what it’s doing. When production’s not up, I can sort of fly by the seat of my pants, the seat of my face, I don’t follow the rules as closely. Let’s move on to the next step, here. I can’t see them, oh, there it is! I’m gonna do some eye stuff now. I don’t know if you noticed
but I have some really attractive dark circles under my eye, there genetic, they’re just how I’m made. These two products, I really love, this is Superlift by Sonia Dakar, it’s got some really cool stuff in it that really does help
when I’m extra tired, and you know we’re shooting on Insecure, and I’m getting home at 4 am, those may or may not be the
nights I sleep in my makeup. You know if I happen
to sleep in my makeup, which I do sometimes, I really do get into it with my undereye– serum, oil. What is the difference
between serum and an oil? And then I let that sit for a minute. So imagine that’s been a minute. I’m not gonna embarrass myself by saying the name of this in French but it’s the green bottle
that looks like this. This is another funny
story, like I went into the actual brick and mortar Caudalie, with a friend who knew what it was. She was like, “Do you
want to go to Caudalie?” And I went there and
there were no pastries, and I was upset but she gave
me a bunch of free samples and I used up my under eye
cream from them very quickly. And then I also like to do this here, ’cause I’m, I laugh a
lot and I’m very funny so this part right here needs some love. The next step, I’m
saying “next step” again because they’re a lot of steps, like, when it’s just me, sometimes it’s a little
Cetaphil, Cee-taphil, Cetaphil. (beep) – I usually do some Cetaphil,
put on some moisturizer, and call it a day. But, ’cause I love ya, I’m
bringing out all the goodies. So, this is amazing stuff,
this is all vegan, lactic acid. Lactic acid, makes your pores go, “Oh, I’m sorry, I was being loud!” And so, it calms that down.. Ooh! And it feels great! Once I let that sit in a bit, usually I’m flossing, brushing my teeth, maybe I take my dog out, you
know, imagine all that happens. My dog is very cute, hopefully
they flash a picture of him, right now. (Beep) – So, now we’ve come to the end of this long facial journey. This is a one-two punch
that I really love. This is Tidal by Sunday Riley. And this is Caudalie,
and we’ll just call it night oil. Or serum. And if you’re French you will
love the other words as well. What do I usually do? I usually do one or the other, I don’t usually do both but I love them. I’m just gonna, I’m gonna
end with the night serum, ’cause that’s what I usually
do, ’cause it’s night. I’m gonna be real honest with you guys, I was just gonna take a little
and dab gently, just go, “Oh, look at, look at,
look how subtle and–” I’m very heavy-handed, I’ve been accused of this my whole life ’cause it’s true, and usually when I take out the lid, this is actually what I do, I
just use the lid, like that. Sunday Riley, please send all
of your sponsorship requests to someone who uses
your product correctly. But, you know what, I love it. And this stuff is like water, I think that’s also why I
don’t mind overdoing it, because my skin drinks it
up, especially since I moved to LA my skin is very, very dry. So that’s also– This amount of steps, is a consequence of being on both coasts. I’m coming to you from New York, which does a whole
different thing to my skin, LA does something different. So I do that, make sure– I’m out of breath from washing my face, I’m gonna talk to my therapist about that. Let’s do the final step, this is a night recovery oil. And I discovered it’s
existence because Jazmyn Simon, who’s on Ballers, she
looks like Benjamin Button, in that she’s just getting
younger and younger every time I see her, which is
frustrating on a deep level. Especially because she’s a woman of color, so she doesn’t have to like– like, why do you have to put in my face? I’m already, like, got
what you got so calm down. But she told be this is her secret. And so, I start using it, and I see what she was talking about. And I put it on top, ♪ Look at her, she’s beautiful, ♪ ♪ Her face is a face and it’s beautiful. ♪ – Guys! Thank you, for joining me, I usually have to do this by myself or my dog watching, waiting
for me to take him out. I hope that you enjoyed my routine, and if you get not, don’t worry, it’s my routine. And at the very least, hopefully, you’re biggest take away is that you remember to (beep) vote. I’m gonna go vote on what
I’m having for dinner, Lloyd, what do you want? (music)

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