hey guys so welcome to my skincare
routine I finally have it up for you guys I’m so excited to share this
because I’ve been getting it requested so much so I figured I’m gonna include
my morning and my night time skincare routine in one video so we’re starting
off with cleansing the face of course this is my favorite cleanser it’s
amazing you guys it doesn’t dry out your skin but it really is like it really
works in there and removes everything my skin always feels super duper clean
afterwards I’ve been using this for like God I don’t even know how long now years
but I always start on my t-zone just because that’s the area I get the most
oily and I just feel like that’s the area that needs the most cleansing and
then of course I work my way down don’t forget the jaw line and just rub it all
around with warm water so of course you just want to rinse it off with some warm
water and you’ll notice that when I Pat it dry and patting it I’m not rubbing
the skin or tugging and pulling you just want to be super gentle with your skin
so that you’re not causing any wrinkles for the future so my favorite thing that
I’ve just absolutely been loving is rose water so I put the Heritage one in this
bottle so this is just the bottle that I use but it actually has another brand of
rose water in it I’ll link it down below but I just find it’s super refreshing
and hydrating on the skin to use before serum and this is one of my favorite
serums this is by the brand vanilla this is an anti-aging formula with hydrologic
acid it is super SuperDuper hydrating I also love their vitamin C one so I
normally can just take one squeeze or I guess you could say one pump of that and
just Pat it on to the skin this just helps it to really sink into the pores
and I just I love it I also do not forget to put it on my neck and I always
put whatever is leftover on my chest you’ll notice in the skincare routine I
do not neglect the neck and the chest cuz your neck and your chest shows signs
of aging in the future too so you want to make sure you also take care of that
and not just your face so from moisturizer this has been like my
ultimate fave it’s literally four dollars Canadian at Walmart it’s
incredible but I just love this it’s vitamin C and vitamin E skincare cream
it’s so hydrating and lustrous like I just it feels so good on the skin it
doesn’t feel greasy though that’s what I love about it
sooo so of course as you can see them we’re just working it into the skin
being as gentle as possible and don’t neglect the forehead too cuz that’s
where you’ll show a lot of aging in the future should I always make sure to pull
upwards on the forehead and of course again don’t forget the neck I’m just
taking a little bit extra and popping it on the neck and pulling it upwards just
so that I don’t drag down or tug down on my neck and skin so I actually found
this cocoa butter oil from Walmart and I’ve been really loving it for my hands
my body but I also have been loving it on the chest and I make sure to apply
this every single morning and night just again so I don’t neglect the chest and
it can stay hydrated so I actually got this eye treatment cream in a PR package
from Kiehl’s this is the avocado eye treatment I actually have been loving it
it feels super amazing on the under eye it’s so hydrating so what I like to do
is just take a nice little gulp of that and rub it in between the fingers so
that it can warm up the product so that when you are putting it on the eyes
you’re not pulling and tugging so much so I kind of Pat it on this just helps
the formula really glide on smoother so that it’s not super thick but as you can
see I’m patting it on so that I’m not rubbing and stretching the eye area
creating more wrinkles and this is something I’ve always done I don’t know
if it really helps but it makes me feel better I’ve always put whatever is left
over of my eye cream on my forehead and that’s pretty much it for morning so now
we’re gonna move on to my nighttime skincare so I wanted to show you guys my
night skincare routine when I have a full face of makeup on if I don’t have a
full face to makeup on I’ll skip this step and just go straight into the
purity cleanser but this is what I do when I got makeup on pull off the lashes
and move on to these daily cleansing wipes by Olay these are amazing you guys
I’ve been using them for like what your and a half two years now if they remove
all of your makeup so they’re actually a dry cloth and you just rinse it
underneath the water with some warm water and it gets all soapy I love it
because one side is actually cleansing which is like more of like a softer side
and then the opposite side is a bit harsher more of an exfoliating side so I
get to kind of choose on which days I want which side but I love it so much it
removes all your makeup I always make sure to remove my neck and my ear makeup
first just because those are areas where I always blend foundation but you can
easily forget to remove it and you’ll get pimples there and it’s just
it’s not good so I always like to remove that area first and also the hairline
just to make sure everything’s off and I do this in circular motions but like I
said these clots are amazing and they really remove everything I love them these clots even remove my eye makeup in
just one swipe which is amazing and they also remove my liquid lipstick which I’m
showing you guys today which is a couple tugs and swipes it removes liquid
lipstick which is amazing you can also just use oil to remove it if you want to
just do it a little bit quicker but I wanted to show you guys how these wipes
will even remove your liquid lipstick which can be really hard to take off so
when it comes to the mascara portion I just rinse out the cloth because if you
don’t rinse the cloth all that excess water will go into your eye and then
that can hurt so once you’ve rinsed off the cloth you can go ahead and pinch
your lashes in between the cloth and this just really helps to get all the
mascara off I’m telling you these clots are amazing
they remove all my makeup liquid lipstick mascara eye makeup amazing and
I always run it through the lash line too so we’re not done with cleansing
because when you have a full face of makeup on it’s really important to get
everything off so this Bioderma cleansing water is amazing honestly I
really find that it soothes my skin too so not only does it remove makeup and
it’s really soothing so I’m just taking some on a cotton pad and rubbing that
all around you’ll see how much makeup was still left over on the skin no
matter what cloths you use to wipe your makeup off or what wipes you use there’s
still gonna be some makeup off on there if you wear a full-face like I do some
days so you’ll see how much was kind of left over I’m gonna show you guys here
yuck so imagine if you just stopped there and you have like all that
leftover foundation on so I always like to go in with this cleansing water and
also don’t forget the ears the neck and the hairline really important because
foundation and powder can just kind of sneak back there and stay there if you
don’t remove it so of course I’m using the purity cleanser again and I mean
we’re still cleansing here so I’m just gonna go ahead and focus that on the
t-zone of course like I said that’s where I get most oily and I feel like
needs the most attention but I am of course putting it on the rest of my face
and don’t forget the jaw line too because I do contour on the jaw line too
so it’s important not to forget that so I don’t know if you guys get this but
I always get leftover eyeliner and mascara like sitting in the inner
corners of my eyes so I always go in with a q-tip and make sure to take that
off I also go back in with the derma Bioderma cleansing water and put that on
a q-tip and really go close to the lash line just to make sure I get every bit
of eyeliner shadow or mascara that might be stuck in that place so moving on I’m
applying the rosewater again and just doing a couple sprays this just again
makes me feel super hydrated it really does that like extra step to hydrate my
skin so I really do like it and sometimes I even put it on the chest and
body as well moving on this is my favorite nighttime serum you guys I’m
obsessed with this stuff it’s literally magic in a bottle I used to get
something called well I still do but I get something called Miele and it’s
pretty much just dry hard whiteheads and I used to really have a ton along my
jawline this stuff literally removed like 95% of it it just really helps to
make your skin super refined even get rid of texture amazing stuff I’m telling
you magic in a bottle it’s expensive but it’s worth it for me and I also apply
some on the neck of course so moving on to this virgin marilla oil that’s also
by drunk elephant I love this I’ve never used an oil that’s this luxurious thick
and hydrating before my skin when I wake up in the morning feels plump and alive
and hydrated like I said the drunk elephant brand is expensive but these
are my favorite products from them I’m obsessed so I also put that on the neck
of course so moving on to vitamin E oil this is my little skincare trick you
guys so this is the bottle I have but I just refill actual pure vitamin E oil in
it because I like the other bottle I didn’t like the brand of the brown
bottle so I like pure vitamin E oh the other brand had like fragrance and it
and stuff so I don’t like that no good but with pure vitamin E oil I’m just
popping that all over the skin pure vitamin E oil is very
thick so you want to just go ahead and pat it on you don’t want to rub and tug
your skin but this stuff is magical you guys I cannot tell you how amazing this
has made my skin feel and look it makes you super glowy and hydrated it’s just
it’s helped me so much not to mention vitamin E oil is amazing for scarring or
anti-aging it’s just balm and I’m also putting that
on the neck and whatever is left over I always just rub on my cuticles to around
my nail beds so I’m taking this spray again and popping that on the chest as
you can see this theme here is that I’m always keeping my neck and chest
hydrated and my hands – all right so this next step is like major key my
biggest beauty secret trick this is tea tree oil I always apply this on any
pimples that I might have during that week or whatever so you always want to
make sure you’re switching fingers – just so you’re not contaminating the
bottle so here’s another big secret that I’ve been testing out for the past month
and loving I’ve been applying straight up tea tree oil on the nose and this has
helped my blackheads so much you guys I used to have intense amount of
blackheads and it’s now gone a lot better even though I still have some
it’s gotten so much better so it’s really helped with that and that’s
pretty much it for my skincare routine you guys I really hope you enjoyed it
please don’t forget to give me a like thumbs up and of course I will see you
guys in my next video bye guys mmm

100 thoughts on “MY SKINCARE ROUTINE: Morning & Night

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  14. Morning Routine☀️
    •Philosophy Purity facial cleanser
    •Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin Water
    •Vinalta Hyaluronic Serum
    •Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skincare Cream
    •Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil
    •Keil’s Avocado Eye Treatment

    •Olay Daily Facial Cloths (makeup)
    •Bioderma Micellar Cleansing Water (makeup)
    •Philosophy Purity face cleanser
    •Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin Water
    •Drunk Elephant Glycolic Night Serum
    •Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil
    •Organic Vitamin E Oil
    •Tea Tree Oil

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