My Night Routine | Get Unready With Me 2017

hello gorgeous welcome back to my channel today we’re doing things backwards we’re getting
unready with me I’m going to take off my makeup and do my nighttime skincare
routine from beginning to end so let’s get started alright so first
things first I gotta get my hair out of a thing and as you can see my baby hairs
are raging right now there’s so all over the place and angry so just going
to clip my hair up and put a headband on alright so it is Saturday night and Matt
and I just got back from an event which is why I have all this makeup on and so
my first step is I take off the makeup so I can do that two ways that’s either
a makeup wipe or any makeup removing solutions if you guys haven’t seen these
this this is the Bioderma brand i actually picked this up at the drugstore
when we were living in Vancouver and what you do is just so that you can see
put a little bit on your cotton pad and then you just remove your makeup like
this and you can see it come right off so it depends on what you prefer so
right there is my cheek and then I’ll do the other side makeup wipes so you can
see the difference it’s pretty much the same so yeah alright I’m gonna go ahead
and just take off my makeup okay so now that I got my makeup off with the wipe
and I use a little bit of the cleansing solution to I then like to double
cleanse so I mean it’s actually triple cleanse I’m going to be one of those
because I have learned something about my skin especially after coming off of
birth control is that if I don’t remove every bit of dirt and makeup and
products from my skin before bed I’m going to break out that’s or I’m at
least going to have clogged pores those are that’s just how it is so I first
take off my makeup with the makeup wipes like I just showed you
second I go ahead and use a cleansing oil to break up the makeup on my face or
if I don’t use this I am I also like to use my makeup eraser which is this handy
dandy little washcloth this is the most amazing thing ever
I loved it so much that I bought one for my mom and my mother-in-law talked about
it on my blog all the time but it’s there something magical about this
little class that when you wash it or just put warm water and touch your face
when you bring it off with all of your makeup is off but you barely have to rub
your skin it is amazing and as you can see I left the makeup on around my eyes
I don’t like to use a makeup to remove my eye makeup because I feel like you
pull your skin too hard so that’s why I go in with this so sometimes I use this
sometimes I use this my skin is feeling pretty dry right now pretty thirsty so I
use a cleansing oil tonight okay so now that I went ahead and
cleansed rose oil next up in minis my Clarisonic and I’m using the Kate
Somerville it’s the gentle daily wash this is a cleanser on my Clarisonic to
go ahead and double cleanse so technically I remove my makeup and now
I’m double cleansing so just applying a little bit directly to the Clarisonic
and we’re going to get our faces clean all right so I’m done with my Clarisonic
and it always tells me how much makeup I still get off for my of my face after I
use a makeup wipe and I use an oil cleanser and then it’s just crazy okay
so I want to show you guys a hack really quickly with the Clarisonic when you
take the head off of declare sonic brush and you push out the middle there’s this
little piece right here and then once you pop it in it becomes a specialized
brush heads because what it can do is get into the corners right around your
nose and your chin around your mouth just any area that is harder to reach
and so I don’t know it just I really like that I don’t do it very often but
when I do remember it I’m always like why don’t I do this more often it’s
great so yeah just a little hug okay so now that my skin is totally clean the
next step is toner this is the pixi by petra glow tonic I’ve talked about this
a lot maybe more so on like snapchat or it’s the stories but I love this product
I’ve been using it forever I’ve been through so many bottles of it I just
really feel like it it really gets your skin really glowy this don’t have 5%
glycolic but I don’t feel like it burns at all and it probably does it has aloe
vera and it took super moisturizing then for cotton pads uncle T’s from Amazon
they’re my favorite they’re organic cotton puffs and they like this there’s
just a little bit thicker than the ones that you get at the drugstore so I’m
just going to go ahead and tone my face really quickly I like to switch which
products I’m using on my skin quite frequently because it depends on what’s
going on with my face at the time so if I’m experiencing breakouts a lot then
you know sometimes I’ll switch over to using products that are better for acne
and then if I’m not really breaking out but I’m also not drive and I like to use
a lot of products with maybe glycolic or retinol so I really like to constantly
just change things up just based off of maybe the climate maybe where I’m living
at the time and basically what my skin is doing at that moment so after I went
ahead and toned next I’m going to be using an emulsion this is one edge I’m a
big fan of one edge products I also love the low wazoo and I wanted to use some
of their products tonight but between the move from Canada to Atlanta is now
back to LA I cannot find my Sola wazoo well I couldn’t find it in time to film
this video but hopefully soon I’ll show you those products as well but this
emulsion I’m just going to go ahead and apply to a fresh cotton pad and just
sweep that all over my face alright so after the stuff I typically put on my
ampule I cannot find it right now so we’re going to skip that step and
we’re gonna go straight into a sheet mask I love to do face masks I try to do
them about twice a week honestly a sheet mask I would love to be able to do every
night because I feel like my skin looks so incredible every time the one I’m
using tonight is leaders in solution this is the collagen lifting this is my
favorite sheet mask I buy it on Amazon I think I get it in a pack of 10 in Canada
though I was able to find it at this local store in Vancouver called H Mart
but what I do is just apply it all over my face and then let it sit for about 20
minutes this stuff is so plumping and it’s just like so incredible that any
extra solution or serum that’s in here I use it on my neck and my décolleté
because it is just like I don’t want to let it go to waste that good this is a
line talking about you get so much serum left in this don’t let it go to waste
and that is the good stuff pop it on your nut on your decollete and let it
soak in and your skin will thank you okay so snuck off back to my bag for
about 25 minutes to let this soak in and so I’m going to go ahead and just take
it off I like to really let this set into my
skin and dry for a few minutes before moving on with the next product and I
just like to massage it into my skin really really well okay so next time we
use the serum typically I would use the lineage bright renew original serum I
also like to use the bare minerals it’s the skin longevity vial power infusion
this is another great theorem tonight I’m going to go with the lineage because
I use the emulsion and I feel like the lineage products when they’re used
together really just give great results so I’m just going to apply this over my
face and neck while the serum is really setting and enjoying I’m also going to
use some eye cream and tonight I’m using the coddle a it’s the the eye cream is
what it’s called the eye cream I’m going to apply that okay so I’m just going to
apply a little bit to my ring finger and lightly dab that around my eyes so the
one thing I want to say about eye cream that I feel like so many women forget is
that when we’re applying eye cream so often we just apply it right here under
our eyes which is great for dark circles when we’re worried about wrinkles that
were everywhere you see the majority of wrinkles you see over here for crow’s
feet right so so many women forget to apply their eye cream over here so make
sure that whatever you’re doing here that you work it up
I guess that’s considered the eye contour the whole way up and around and
really work it into that area another skincare hack is that I love is that if
you have an area of skin that’s really really dry so for instance sometimes
when I’m using retinol I get really dry and cracki right around the corners of
my nose eye cream is so great for that and also eye cream can double as a lip
moisturizer sometimes when you just have really dry lips or even the area
surrounding extra moisturizer just apply a little bit of ice cream whatever’s
left over for applying it around your eyes okay so the very last step is
moisturizer a lot of times I like to use the lineage it’s the water bank moisture
cream tonight I’m going to go a little bit thicker and I’m going to use the it
cosmetics confidence in a cream this is a anti-aging armor
regenerative concentrate I’ve been using this for a while now I like it because I
like the way that it smells and B I like how hydrating it is this is a thicker
moisturizer so it really really hydrates and adds moisture to areas it need it so
if you your skin thirsty like mine this is a great product and then I lied that
wasn’t the last product the last one I’m going to use a neck cream I really
really love the Tarte neck and decollete cream I cannot find a trace a second so
I’m using the Christie Brinkley authentic skincare this is the firming
neck and decollete cream treatment and I just like to apply this all over my neck
and decollete because that is the area that gives away your age before anywhere
else last but not least one more last don’t forget to lip balm this is the NYX
hash tag this is everything lips rubbing ball I cannot stand to go to bed without
something my lips I just need to know guys there’s like ten years younger or
I’m just kidding I’m all like slicked up now like so much and ready for bed I am
super tired and I totally knew my buddy my Betty ha seeing that so tired I am I
know you totally need my beauty rest my beauty sleep but first I got to go
finish episode three of the real housewives reunion Beverly Hills
I’m obsessed guys it’s my guilty pleasure if you love it comment below if
you don’t just don’t even leave the hate cuz I love it so much
alright guys thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video
I’m going to link every single things that I use in this video or I talked
about in this video in the description bar below also I’m going to try my best
to find this robe for you I bought it in Vancouver I don’t know like three no
probably six months ago and this is the most comedy thing ever and I love it so
much and you need it in your life so I’m going to try my best to find online and
if I do I will link it below for you guys as well and still pretty physically
on my blogs angelo intercom thank you guys so much for watching
i get in here and go to bed I’m tired alright love you guys pour avoir and
good night

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