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Hi everyone it’s Tonia from Inance Skin and I’m so excited today. I’m going to talk to you about the elapsed and decollete Restorative neck complex. This is one of my new favorite items I’ve been using no matter what age you are but especially if you’re 40, plus you have got to try this It has done remarkable things for me coming up. But before we get started make sure you like and subscribe to my channel Go ahead down there and get that bill because that would give you a notification On your cell phone or on your computer And let you know I have a new video app so we can stay connected and you can find out as much as you need And as much as you want to know about the new skincare Brands we have that so Lassen skincare is a new product line. We started carrying at an amp skin. It is one of my very favorites the same chemists who used to create skin medica is now creating this whole elastin line and it has just Blown me away. It is so great. They have the greatest eye cream I did a video about it if you have a chance to go and check it out. You can check it out after this I call it the best eye cream in the world and I really think it is. So elastin I’m just absolutely in love with this brand at the end of this video I’m going to give you a coupon code you can go to skincare Special you can go to in ant skin calm and you’ll be able to try it for less Who doesn’t love a wonderful coupon code? I know I do the benefits of using this wonderful decollete restorative neck complex is it’s totally Giving you tons of hydration on your neck when I first started using it I started getting a little bit of lines around here, especially right here, which was new for me. I’m 48 I’ve always been using different decollete creams, but you know as you get older things just happened So we have to stay on top of it. So I started using it a few weeks ago and it’s just unbelievable I mean right here. I’m hardly seen any creepiness or anything right? Here it is Just so great the skin on my neck is also feeling tighter and firmer I can actually feel it. Like when I was working out yesterday when I was doing certain exercises and moving my neck I felt that it was a little bit tighter I was like wow This is really nice because there’s so many different skin care brands out on the market and some of them are You know working better than others or you’ve used something for a certain amount of time and you feel like it’s not working anymore This is working. I’m just loving it So it’s also helping reduce the appearance of sun damage and it has anti-aging properties in it, which we all need Of course, I’ve lived in Florida for years and now I live in Las Vegas I’ve been a Sun worshipper but iOS use sunscreen, which is great. But I love the Sun I feel like you get this wonderful natural vitamin D from it But of course, you know you can age more when you’re in the Sun So what I do is I like to make sure that I’m using good products so that I can help prevent any further damage And any damage I already have this is helping with the discoloration I don’t really have much pigment spots when they have like one little spot I’ve had here for years and this is helping Diminishing lifting and firming the skin around my neck because I’m starting to get a little bit of sagginess around here But I refuse to get any injections. I don’t want any injections in my face. I’m not interested in that whatsoever So right here, I’m noticing it, you know, it’s getting you know Not as firm as it should so when I’ve been putting the lotion on my decollete I’ve been putting it all around here and then they’re youth as well and I’m noticing this getting firmer So the chemists it aligns them created this trihex technology and that’s what’s in almost all of their products dry next technology Helps stimulate the skin so you can create more elastin and collagen How amazing is that? That’s what we all need to do it also has flaxseed extract in it and a powerhouse of Omega-3 fatty acids and hyaluronic acid and as vitamin b3 in it Which helps minimize redness and it even helps the appearance with auto aged skin There’s a wild crafted plant which helps support College induction and reawaken to skin as it was when we were younger Well, I’m all over that anything that helps reawaken my skin like when I was younger, I that’s what I need That’s what we all need, right? Especially if you’re over 40 40 50 60 even 30s because we all know your skin is different in your 30s Then what it was in your twenties natural antioxidants and the products such as avocados extract and dill extract of course is our natural Ingredients which is what we’re looking for and a lot of our medical skincare products They help reinforce the skin’s natural elasticity and firmness while also maintain healthy Moisture levels for a youthful and glowing appearance. I’m telling you elastin skincare is like no other I Use these products as well as I use Obagi right now I use SkinCeuticals I use elastin and I use my intense skincare. They are all the bests in my opinion I love mixing and combining the products from other lines because at times I feel like I need certain products and then I use a Different product that I think works well with it because everything needs to work in conjunction together. Ok So, how do we use this product? Well, this is what I do each day When I get up in the morning I put a moisturizer on that’s the first thing I do before I’ve washed my face or anything because I’m in Las Vegas and – Incredibly drying here If you’re dry as soon as you wake up Just put the moisturizer on so this way when you get up and you have your coffee or you have your breakfast You’re still you’re moisturizing. You’re not sitting there drying out then after I’ve taken my shower, of course again I’m going to wash my face. I’m going to use my toner I’m going to moisturize and then I put my decollete cream on but I do just Put it around here. And then I go up my neck. And that’s it And I do the very same thing at night before I go to sleep wash my face go through my whole skincare regimen and then I put my neck decollete on and this stuff is unbelievable the eye cream even I’ve given to my husband and he came over to me this morning before he had less than when was meetings and he said You are not kidding The Alaskan eye cream is like he said look at my eyes and then he smiled He’s been using it for about a week and it’s making a huge difference when they did their clinical trials They had people in their 70s is making a big difference I mean this brand is total thumbs up So if you’d like to try lassen or any other of our medical skincare brands go ahead and message me below Or you can go to my website here and in ant skin or skin care special I have a text box on there You just you can go ahead and message me and we can start texting and I can give you a call Or whatever you need so I can help you pick the right products because medical products are the way to go All right. This is not a sponsored video I an’t onan dead skin and own skin care special and these are the products I choose to carry I can carry any skincare brand in the world that I want But these are the ones that I think work the best so far and I hope you will love them You gotta give them a try. So I promised you a coupon code, right? Okay, let’s do it. You can use coupon code. I Cream. Oh one it’s going to be right here. It’s eye cream. Oh one I know this is decollete, but you’re going to get the same special if you buy the eye cream as well So go ahead and check it out. You use your coupon code at checkout All you do is add your items to your cart at the bottom and they’ll say apply coupon you put eye cream Oh one and you’re good to go So thank you so much for watching my video If you get a chance Please like and subscribe to my channel hit that Bell down there below and you’ll get a notification Every time I have a new video out, so I hope you liked it. Have a wonderful day friends. I’ll see you soon. Bye bye

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