MONTHLY FAVS| May Favorites 2016

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel! If you
are new here, thank you so much for stopping by, just take a second, go below and click
the red subscribe button, please! So that you don’t miss another one of my fabulous
videos! And if this is not your first time, I see you! Heyyyyy! So today’s video is something
kind of fun! I haven’t done a video like this, we are going to do my monthly favorites. And
the month I’m talking about is the month of May! Because it just passed, two days ago,
three days ago, whenever I uploaded this video, anyway just a few days ago! Hahaha! And I
thought that it would be a fun new thing to incorporate my monthly favorites! So I have quite
a few, I’m not really sure how this goes, I’m not really sure how many products I should include,
let me know in the comments below if there is something here that I should know. So I’ll
start off with my makeup products. So I have three makeup products here. Now I am so late
to the party, but L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte is my jam! It took me awhile to jump on board,
but I am on it and I am not going anywhere. This foundation is amazing. Now, it is long-lasting,
it gives me a really good natural matte finish, not too dry, not cakey, and not heavy on the
face. And I really love this foundation, I’ve been really reaching for it! Now let me tell
you when I learned to love it. So a little while back, I went to my father-in-laws retirement
party, and it was an all night thing. I was ready by 5pm, make up and everything, we had
to get there to set-up, then we were greeting people, and then there was dinner, then there
were drinks, and then there was dancing. The party ended at midnight, then my husband,
my brother-in-law, and my sister-in-law, we all decided to go out in San Francisco on
the town, since we were in The City, and we didn’t end up leaving until 2:30 getting
home at 3 in the morning. So from 5 to 3 in the morning, this foundation lasted,
now when I say lasted, I only blotted my face one time. Now for me, I am oily, ooh so oily!
And for me to only have to blot one time…..HOLY GRAIL! Rest my case. Hahaha. My next holy
grail product…for the month of May, is the L’Oreal Infallible 24hr Eyeshadow, this color
that I have right now, I chose this color because this is what I am wearing, this is
Eternal Sunshine. These eyeshadows, these eyeshadows are really fantastic, really fantastic.
This month, this is my color right here, this is like a shimmery gold, it’s so pretty you
guys, so pretty! They are super creamy and soft, and the lasting power, it stays. Now I don’t
know if you guys can tell, I don’t have hooded eyes, but I have eyes where my creases are
really low, and I end up transferring my shimmer shades always end up on my lids, from just
blinking and looking. Just looking! Anyways, but this, I’ve had this on for a few hours,
and it has not transferred, so I think that’s pretty great. Anyway, tries these eyeshadows
if you haven’t already because they are pretty great. My next item is NYX Matte Finish long-lasting
setting spray, this setting spray is life! Now let me tell you, the one con that I have
with this setting spray, it…comes in such a small bottle! Like, come on man ! Can I
get an 8 ouncer?! Can I get an 8 ouncer?! This stuff is so amazing! I ended up picking
this up, I know I’m late to the party once again! Why am I always late?! I don’t know.
Anyway, I ended up picking this up because I ran out of my fix plus and I ran out of
my Mary Kay Skinidinavia setting spray, I usually use those in conjunction. So I picked
this up, because I was like “oh, I’ve heard great things” and oh my gosh! I haven’t even
looked back, I didn’t even replace my fix plus or my Mary Kay! Like,whaaaat?! Unheard
of, I have been using those for years! But this is amazing! I just love it so much! My
makeup lasts hours on end. I mean hours and hours! So yes, this is a monthly favorite of mine!
The next thing is something really really new, to me. This is what it is right here,
this is called the Color Switch. Have you guys heard of it? Ahh, so this is Color Switch,
and if I open it up here, it’s just this little tin you can take out this little sponge, you
can see clearly I’ve used this side and this side I haven’t. So if you don’t know what
color switch is, so basically this is…your life saver! This is, you’re putting on your
makeup and you just used your I don’t know your only brush of sorts, and you used it for a bright
blue shadow, but you also want to use that same brush for a yellow and you don’t want
it to mix, so you wipe it on a paper towel and you’re like ugh, it’s not coming off. Well
here is your answer, so I’m going to take, I’m going to find a brush really quick….hold!
So i have this ELF eyeshadow brush, and this is the brush that I used to apply my L’Oreal
eyeshadow and I will prove that to you right now by seeing how that’s on my skin. You see
that? Subtly, but there is some shadow on my skin. Now I’ll take this color switch here,
and I’ll swirl it around, swirl, swirl, swirl. We’re done, and then I’m going to bring my
arm back up, do you see anything? No you don’t! Because the color is gone! Whoop whoop whoop!
The color’s gone! Anyway, hahahaha, this stuff is amazing! So let me tell you about it a
little bit. You think, you’re like ahh I wonder well how long does this last? Well you fill
up this side, and then you can switch to the other side, and then you’re like aww man now I have
to replace it…unh unh unh. You clean this just like you clean your makeup brushes, with
a little mild soap and warm water, and let it air dry and you can pop it back in. This
is good for, I think they said…doesn’t say on here, but I think they said up to like
12 to 20 times, maybe even more, I don’t remember, I’d have to read it. Anyway, Color Switch,
it’s amazing, get one if you haven’t already. The next thing on my list, now these are face
products, skincare products, and…so the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line. So I have these
two products from the Hydro Boost, this is the gel cream for extra-dry skin, and this
is the water gel with sunscreen. Now, before you have a conniption, I know, I have oily
skin, I know that, but this right here even though it’s for extra-dry, oh my goodness!
This right here, kind of slows down my oil production. Because it’s telling my skin,
“ooh girl, oooh giiiirll! You’re so supple and moisturized! You don’t even need anymore
oil!” Hahaha. So I use this, but I only use it at night time, I don’t use it in the morning
when I am about to put on my face because, because it’s telling my skin ooh girl you are so moisturized, like
it’s literally very moisturizing so I don’t want to put this under my makeup because I
don’t want it to like drip down my face and leave me, but for the day time I use this
one with SPF because I am a firm believer in wearing SPF. Because I want my skin to
be supple, and elastic, and wrinkle free for as long as I can help it. So this is one of my
SPF barriers, and it has hyaluronic acid and it’s just amazing. And it’s really soft, so
I will pump just a tiny bit, I don’t want to waste it. So its like in a light blue color,
can you see that? And this one, I’m not going to dig my finger in it, because I don’t do
that. But it’s, they don’t really have a smell to them, I need fragrance free, I don’t have
sensitive skin, but fragrances tend to irritate my face, in lotions, just in my creams. If
fragrances are anything else that I use, it doesn’t bother me, but if it’s in my moisturizers
it really bothers me. Another holy grail product is Thayer’s Witch Hazel the Rose Petal scent,
this stuff, ahh smells so good! This stuff is really really good at getting my skin really
clean without drying it out and making me feel like a reptile. And it has really good
properties, cleansing properties, it’s better than, I used to use the Dickenson Witch Hazel
which is plain without anything in it, and it was fine, but once I tried this one out,
I was like oh my gosh, I think I might be missing out because this is just really good and
I don’t know what else to say other than pick it up and try it, but I really really like
it. If you guys haven’t tried Thayer’s, they’re all natural, they’re witch hazel is not distilled,
so it maintains all the beneficial, natural properties in it, and then they add rose water
to help soften your skin and tighten up your pores and to just give you an overall healthy
glow. This stuff is amazing. The last thing for my monthly favorites is my Mary Kay TimeWise
Body Targeted-Action Toning Lotion. This stuff…ahhh I’m wearing it right now, I always wear it,
this stuff smells really good. Now, and it’s for dry to oily skin, so basically all skin
types, and I like to use it like right out of the shower, and it just smells so good,
and has like tons of botanicals and like natural ingredients that help to, they’re are some antioxidants
that just really help to moisturize your skin and this has been a holy grail this month.
I used to use it a long time ago, and then I stopped using it, and then last month, literally
last month, I picked it up and I was just like Hey! I haven’t used you in a while! And
I haven’t been able to put it down. I believe it’s like down to here now…Yikes! So this
is a holy grail. And that concludes all of my monthly favorites for the month of May
you guys, I really hope you enjoyed this video, I know, I hope it’s not going to be too long,
maybe I had too many products, maybe I didn’t, let me know in the comments below if you liked
it, if you enjoyed it, if there are some things you want to see from me in the future, or
you just want to say hi, please do! And if you haven’t, please click the subscribe button,
so that you don’t miss out on another one of my videos. And like the video if you enjoyed
it, and if you want to see more videos from me, thumbs up! In the meantime you guys, Be
you, be confident, be beautiful! I’ll see you in my next video. Bye guys!

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