25 thoughts on “Makeup I am loving right now | Tom Ford | Cle De Peau | Charlotte Tilbury | Chantecaille | L’Oreal

  1. I just love your videos, penny you’re beautifully adorable and so informative! I’m totally in love with Westman atelier and Charlotte tilbury ! I just wish the Charlotte had a different application , my concealer makes a mess in that tube . Do you find that too ? That’s my only complaint!

  2. Cle De Peau is such a gorgeous brand! It's so luxurious and underrated I feel like on youtube! I seriously love everything you mentioned…except I haven't tried the cream to powder from cle de peau nor the colorscience yet! Sounds like I need to. Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Hi, Have a look on eBay or Amazon for barrettes & hair accessories. Some come from China but so does all of Baublebar’s products. I found you a few months ago & I am a big fan already. Beautiful eye look! xoxo💕

  4. Those Pat McGrath lip glosses are the best. I have 2 colors. I don’t care for the L’Oréal lipsticks. They dry out my lips I love the Charlotte Tillbury liquid blush in the tube in the shade Pinkgasm

  5. I bought the Theraderm enzyme peel you recommended and it is amazing! I can't believe how smooth it leaves your skin. I would love to try so many more of your skin treatment recommendations, but unfortunately very few seem to be available in UK. I love your channel, so knowledgeable and professional and totally trust worthy.

  6. Penny , my husband has dark sun spots ! What can he use on it to lighten ?? He does use sunscreen now , but according to the doctors here in are home town , he can’t use to much because his race ( bi-racial) African American & Caucasian … thank you.

  7. Looking Beautiful!!! Amazon has a lot of very nice barrette's at reasonable prices. You have to check out the ones by Oberon Design, a little pricey BUT…Gorgeous!!!! (also on Amazon)

  8. Those look like great recommendations! I usually don’t watch makeup recommendation videos, but anything you have to say is worth watching I’ve found . 😉 I’m wondering if the CDP foundation has a light or medium coverage? I’d love to try it out soon. The Suqqu is tempting too as I’m trying to find the perfect cheek formula. I hope selfridges has your color. Can it be worn over powder? I usually am not impressed with Charlotte tilbury, but you’ve sold me on those two recommendations. That eyeshadow color is perfect for your gorgeous eyes. I’ll have to check into that one now. My eyes are hazel brown so it won’t be as striking as with blue eyes though .Thank you, again. 😍

  9. Great video, Penny. I'm ordering the Chantecaille Gifaffe today, for starters. Need your help. I never get the names of your sponges. Would you please tell me a few. I use a couple, not yours, but not real happy with them. I would appreciate it. You look Great💕

  10. At 63 I find myself wearing less make-up. I only wear make-up when I'm going somewhere nice, but other than that……no make-up!

  11. I was certain you were going to say Pangolin! lol Now I have to get Giraffe because it's gorgeous on you. Funny you mention barrettes because a friend was just showing me some cute ones she got on Amazon. I'm not super into barrettes (my hair sucks) but I did put some in my cart. 😉

  12. Wow. Love the eye pencil! Definitely checking that out at my store! Love your channel and your recommendations! Thank you!

  13. I enjoyed your current favorite items. Your eye makeup looks stunningly gorgeous and pretty. I do want the Giraffe shade if not too glittery.

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