Makari 24K Gold Lightening Serum and Anti-Aging Cream

Makari de Suisse continues to help you
on your journey toward flawless radiant skin with its new 24 karat gold
lightening serum. This luxuriously designed anti-aging formula contains the
best available agents for optimal cosmetic enhancement and is guaranteed
hydroquinone free. Makari’s lightening serum is a concentrated gel that is
packed with the anti-aging essentials including a melanin inhibiting compound
that promotes an even lightening of the skin
and a proteinase inhibitor that fights the depletion of elastin and collagen
revealing a younger more radiant you. Apply serum to clean dry face, use a
small amount on the tips of your fingers and apply to your forehead, nose, chin,
neck and decolletage. Then, using gentle motions spread the serum up the neck and
on to the rest of your face Makari Gold’s lightening serum calms the
skin by replenishing it with nutrients that fortify the skin protecting it from
harmful free radicals that expedite the aging process. Makari, highlight your natural beauty.

3 thoughts on “Makari 24K Gold Lightening Serum and Anti-Aging Cream

  1. Makari pls check your ingerdients. Alot of people complained about breakouts leaving them with terrible spots but i went ahead to purchase it. Now i am suffering same thing. How can we spend so much on a cream and yet we are left worse off

  2. very true, im left with so much spot as if i have chicken pox. when people stated it i taught it was a publicity stunt to spoil your products. please check your ingredients again.

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