Life in a Cambodian Village TRADITIONAL Khmer Cooking

Sousdey friends welcome to another
episode of my Cambodia vlogumentary today I am headed deep into the rice
paddies to meet up with my cousin bong Vai he invited us to have a special lunch
with him but first we gotta find him uhm, bong Vai is your uncle yea my
uncle by the way this is my cousin Hinh he is one of the only people from
the village that I’m staying at that actually speaks English so bong vai lives in a little village
that’s way out middle rice paddies and this is the first time in a while that Hinh
has been out here so we’re not quite sure exactly where his house is but
thankfully all the locals know each other in this area so we just have to
ask a couple people and they pointed us in the right direction
him right out there? just to clarify this isn’t his house we were at his
house earlier but he wasn’t home and someone told us and come look for him out here oh look snail!
can eat? everyone non-bio
over again what man what do you know come on Rat! Rat! Yeah… apparently as they’re harvesting the rice
we have people that are catching the mice yeah as you can see they’re hunting
field mice which are he has a really good source of protein for them out here
I know the lighting guys probably think that’s disgusting but apparently it
tastes very good I’ll have to try some came I had somebody some talk like about I got some pot oh
dude he can’t you just a look the hope so hope if you haven’t guessed it they hunt the
mice by whacking them overhead with a stick yeah it’s not the most humane way
of hunting free food but you know that’s just how it is out here also the mice
are actually very clean they just feed on the rice stalks so probably cleaner
than pigs and here’s a little side note they refer to these field mice as baby
pigs because apparently they actually taste like pork Oh Wow okay I think that’s enough field mice
hunting and unfortunately that’s not what’s on the menu for lunch today I
know you guys were really excited to see me eat some rat but we are keeping this
a little less weird so we’re gonna head back to my cousin bong vice village and
get started on lunch after a quick moto ride we have arrived
at maan vice House and like most houses in rural Cambodia it’s built on stilts
the stilts actually serve two purposes to protect the house from flooding and
the space underneath the house actually used as a living area my cousin raises duck and cows which are
on the field right now and obviously also grows rice matter fine jump on Oh flip no he was trying to catch one of
those ducks out there they ran into the water that’s gonna be our lunch out
there my having a little snack of unripened mangos which is very popular
in Cambodia we’re dipping it in a chili salt the spiciness and saltiness pairs
nicely with the sour of the mango meanwhile my cousins are busy catching
the duck and quietly dispatching it right yes I exactly know what cooking here this is a blood of the duck put in
a pot boil it mean that chill Dantean fear
so this duck is referred to as theatre paw and I have absolutely no idea what
kapow means and I asked my father and he doesn’t know either
I’m guessing it’s just a species of duck but I’m really curious what kind of duck
this is so if you have any idea become a downlo we’re gonna be making Jack doing
with this duck cha is kind of like a stir-fry and Grill which is what the
ladies are making here is basically like a Cambodian curry paste the gentleman on
the right is another one of my many cousins Bollywood his daughter actually
got married a couple of days ago and I did attend a wedding so if you haven’t
seen the video yet make sure you check it out if you’re curious about how it
looks like in Cambodia and the will be along oh yeah that a apart picking away was a
gland but just like curry you got a stir-fry
to cool before you start putting the other ingredients in and as I said
earlier very similar curry but about that that cooling component and a lot
more lemongrass see the ingredients can vary depending on who’s making it but
the main components are kaffir lime leaves lemongrass turmeric of course Chi
Kappas Chuck Boone is probably one of the most common dishes made at home it
can be made with pretty much any protein you can think of but usually it’s made
with beef chicken dish eel frogs and even sometimes rat Chim Chim Chim the blood cake yeah well
Cameron making it Cameron juice Tamra provides that sourc employer which is
very important in Cambodian cooking yeah adding here is MSG became again we have the blood that’s our appetizer he’s kind of liver the gizzard better
we’re testing and hey hey a chewy Hank Hank yeah that’s the gizzard like
that yeah yeah if you never had grown before it has this somewhat herbal and
grassy flavor to it and usually it’s very spicy which is
reason why I love it interesting how that texture is almost like beef flavors
a little bit different he told me honest I was skeptical about having duck to
cook this way because I’m so used to a Chinese style duck or a French style
duck but it’s actually quite tasty and I’ve had some really good girl right
here in the US as a matter of fact my mom makes an amazing chakra but coming
out here to this little village way out in rice paddies and watching my cousin’s
prepare this miel it was probably one of my most
memorable experiences in Cambodia and I feel very lucky to be given an
opportunity to experience this with them oh and here comes the music so that
means this is the end of the video hope you guys enjoyed this little glimpse of
rural life in Cambodia if you are new around here make sure you subscribe I
have a lot more Cambodia related videos coming for those of you that have been
watching all of my Cambodia videos thank you for your support I appreciate all
the comments and the thumbs ups I will catch you guys in the next please

68 thoughts on “Life in a Cambodian Village TRADITIONAL Khmer Cooking

  1. Damn my mouth got all watery when you were eating the mango dipped in chillies. The cha krueng look really good to with the anchor beer🍻BTW how do you eat the duck blood? What is it like?

  2. well seems like you Kmai had gotten better. keep speaking and you'll be fluent, just try not to speak English dude.

  3. Savi, you should not filming Cambodian people cooking and eating RADs. Foreigners will look down on Khmer peoples. I'm Khmer living in Phoenix Arizona. I left Cambodia 1981 to New York 1983. I love Khmer people so much, and I never talk bad about Khmer people even Pol Pod killed so many Khmer. Khmer killings Khmer. I still say Khmer people a very good people.

  4. Very cool, Thanks for sharing. I was in Bangkok in December my first time, would love to see Cambodia next time I go back to S.E.A. We eat a lot of wild waterfowl here, I am in a Alaskan Village

  5. This fool Savi keeps glorifying Cambodia with eating rats and dogs. Non-Asian people, especially whites are going to see this and think Cambodia food is nothing but rat and dog meat. When white people start making jokes about Cambodian food, we should thank Savi (i wannabe white) Piece of shit. Savi is a definition of Cambodian sellout.

  6. Keep up the good video Savi. When I was in Srok khmer I was the same speaking like you weeks later I became fluent. Love the food in Cambodia btw better then america everything fresh. Have fun enjoy yourself drink lots of beer bring some back to america.😎😋🤣 🍻🍻

  7. That's a dead duck.  Love this stuff Savi!  I wouldn't watch a Casey video that was 18 minutes long, but your Cambodia vlogs…….. I don't want them to end.

  8. Savi, I am loving all the videos from your trip! Lord knows how many hours of footage you had to wade through! Good stuff mate! Love the old tube TV in the background! I need to borrow your drone skills…!

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  10. Little bit late to found your channel but I am enjoy it now. Thanks for your sharing amazing Video from our country Cambodia.

  11. I eat everything that is put in front of me,I like to fit in with the locals, Its all good food. And of course there is always beer. 😉

  12. That type of duck is different from a normal in term that they know how attack you, they know how to take care their babies which the normal ducks don't. Another word is this duck pretty mean, willing inflect pain on you if you dare touch the babies of their. That is it. Pretty tasty.

  13. Anthony Chan, I have my own opinion about Cambodians in Cambodia myself. But we are not here for that. I view videos for my enjoyment just like everyone else. if you don't like it, just don't watch it. I am not saying that you shouldn't. you are the one you said that you love Cambodians as a Cambodian yourself. your name sounds like an American name. did you change it? you get my drift.

  14. Man, i need to visit the mother land. So beautiful. I miss my grandmas cooking too, chai chrung sike moun… mouth water already.

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  16. I bet that rat or mice taste good man my friends at school thinks it's gross but I tell them what you said they only eat on crops

  17. Savi bro they were not!! ! hunting field mice ,it is rats not mice just to let you know i dont think i have never heard khmer hunting to eat field mice lol

  18. Man!!! I miss Cambodia!! I used to go two to three times a year. I am so busy this year that I don’t have time 😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Omg rats are so scary to me lol. Even a dead one at my grandma farm made me scream. Lol i miss cambodia though. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I understand bro, mice here are at least organic meat. Also, my grandpa used to say, "we betray our origin at every step we take."

  21. Krueng is Cambodian lemon grass paste consists of galangal, garlic, turmeric, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves.

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