Life-Changing MALAYSIAN FOOD – Smoked Duck Curry in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

– Hey everyone, I hope
you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. I’m in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and today for lunch we’re going to a restaurant that specializes in a dish
called Masak Lemak Cili Padi, which is a Malaysian
coconut milk spicy curry, but this is not your average version. They make it with smoked ducked, and so they have this entire rack of just slow, smoking ducks. They chop it up. They make it into a curry. It looks absolutely
sensationally incredible. And, we’re on our way there now. I cannot wait to show
lunch, and all the food with you in this video right now. (upbeat pop music) (door clanks) (upbeat pop music) About 25 kilometers south of the center of Kuala Lumpur, in an area called Kajang. Actually, it’s a separate
city called Kajang. When I was coming on
this trip to Malaysia, I reached out on social media to people in Malaysia,
asking where to eat. And, let me just find it on my phone, but Muhammad, he wrote a comment saying, Mark, do visit Itik Salai Mastar, which is for smoked duck,
in Sungai Ramal, Kajang. The taste is beyond imagination. You will be planning to stay in Malaysia once you tried it. The food looks unbelievably good, and wait ’til you see
they’re just racked display, their grill loaded with ducks. (upbeat pop music) That was about a 30 minute drive. We got here a little bit early, about 30 minutes before they open, and you can already smell the aroma, and see the smoke coming from the ducks, but it looks like people are
already starting to come early. There are a couple guys on
motorbikes just waiting. (grill sizzling) Whoa. (chef speaks in foreign language). Is it (speaks in foreign language)? (Mark and chef speaking
in foreign language) This is unbelievable. Let me show you the grill situation. So, the smoked ducks, which
is what they’re really famous for, are just hanging up along here. You can just hear them hissing
and the juices dripping, but the entire grill is
just completely loaded. These look like massive steaks. There’s catfish, there’s chicken, and what’s also very interesting, unique, about this restaurant, is that they are burning
all coconut shells. I just see he’s just
tossing some in right now. Ah, okay, it’s all coconut shells. (motorbike roars) (coconuts clank) (fan whirls) Cold catfish. – Catfish. – Here’s your order. (crowd laughs) (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] Cool. (speaking in foreign language) (knife clattering) Whoa. Chop an entire duck just in
one swift, hard knife chop. (knife clattering) What’s unique about this
place is, first of all, they have smoked duck,
which is not that common to find, but next they
only burn coconut shells, not even the husks, but
it’s the coconut shells. So, they toss that into the
fire, which is an indirect heat. They have the fan blowing on the flames, so that burns the coconut
shells, blows the smoke into the grill, which then the
smoke comes up onto the beef, onto the duck, onto the
chicken, onto the catfish. So, they have a number of
different meats, but really, I think everybody comes here
for the duck, and then, well, everything else as well. We’re gonna try to order
everything that they have. They’re so friendly to us. All the ducks and the
meat is smoking back here, but then on this side of the kitchen is where they’re doing more
of the other dishes there. It looks like some of the smoked duck, which they are making into curries. She’s mixing in the coconut milk. You can smell the aroma
of the curry paste, the spices, the lemongrass. That just is blooming which spice and flavor and that smokey duck. (coconut milk burbles) – [Woman Chef] Yeah. – [Mark] Wow, coconut milk. – Yes. (coconut milk burbles) – [Woman Chef] Yeah. – [Mark] Wow. (light pop music) (speaking in foreign language) – That’s the name of the
restaurant, Itik Salal – [Mark And Chef] Masthar. (speaking in foreign language) (upbeat pop music) (Mark laughs) (speaking in foreign language) (Mark laughs) This is the spot. (speaking in foreign language) (knife clanking) (speaking in foreign language)
(upbeat pop music) – [Boy In Apron] Me, me too. – [Mark] I got you, I got you. (speaking in foreign language) Yeah, yeah. (upbeat pop music) I got you, you are on, you are on. (speaking in foreign language) – I know you. I see you on YouTube. – [Mark] Hey, what’s up man? (soup sizzling)
(upbeat pop music) (soup sizzling)
(upbeat pop music fades) (crowd bustling) Yeah, I am extremely glad that
we got here 30 minutes early, because we got to meet the owners of the restaurant, just
hang out, talk with them. They’re so friendly, they’re so welcoming and then just to see them
finishing up the process. So, I mean, they’re still
working on the ducks. They’re still chopping up the ducks. They’re still preparing
everything for the rush. And, I think it’s still probably 10 or 15 minutes before they open, and already there’s like
20 or 30 people here, just waiting, waiting for them to open, so it’s coming very soon. The aromas are almost too good,
yeah, too good to imagine. The aromas are almost too unbearable. I can’t wait for 10 minutes. You come here often? – [Customer] Least once a month. – The takeaway’s over on that side, but if you eat-in, eat here,
then they bring the curries and they bring the smoked duck over here, and then you just order here and they dish it out for you,
and then you find a seat. Sort of like food court style. (crowd bustling)
(upbeat pop music) (speaking in foreign language) This station is for the
rice and some cucumbers, and then there’s another station with the smoked catfish
and the vegetables. First, I think get some rice. (crowd bustling) Okay, we’ll garnish you up. (crowd bustling) Thank you.
– [Waiter] Alright. (crowd bustling)
(upbeat pop music) – [Mark] Can we take three on here? (speaks in foreign language) (upbeat pop music) ‘Kay, then you come over
to the vegetables station, vegetable garnishing station. It’s like a whole garden
full of vegetables. There’s okra, there’s banana blossom, there’s a bunch of leafy vegetable, there’s winged bean, there is jengkol, which is one of my favorite
things in the world. So, you just kind of grab a plate of mixed vegetable to your liking. (upbeat pop music) – [Waiter] Okay, total is. – [Man] Okay.
(Mark laughs) (upbeat pop music) – Okay, we are sitting down. We got all the food. Unbelievably spectacular. We got, I think we did actually get
everything that they offer. Plus, we got the fried chicken, but that’s gonna be for
Mika, who’s taking a nap, right down here. So you can see that, yeah,
they smoked out the duck, then he just chops it up, then they mix it into the coconut milk, and the curry paste, the Cili Padi, and this just looks sensational. Again, I’m gonna go for that drumstick. (child speaks in foreign language) And first thing to do,
put this under the rice. Aw. Whoa, you can see how that
just looks unbelievable. Alright, oh, it’s so hot,
and warm, and oh, the skin, the smokiness, you can
just see how, just, oh wow, even the Kaffir lime, you can see the Kaffir lime leaves in there as well. (crowd bustling) Wow. (crowd bustling) Okay, there’s like layers of flavor, and layers of paste that
you get on your tongue. Oh, and it’s still coming. Finally, you taste the
chili heat at the end. – [Male With Glasses] Oh yeah, for sure. – [Mark] Oh, that is unbelievable. The duck is so smokey, and it almost has, like, it’s not dry at all. It has this amazing,
like a dark meat texture, dark poultry texture to it,
but just embedded with smoke. Then, you got the, you know what happens, is because there’s so
much coconut milk in it, that panes down the spice after, so at the beginning, it’s more milky, and then after that milkiness,
the coconut milkiness fades, then you taste the undertone
of the lemongrass, the chilis. – Oh, what’s up man? – Thank you very much. (speaking in foreign language) Thank you very much, thank
you, thank you, thank you. This food is incredible. (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] Yeah, sure. – Like, the creaminess and that spiciness are right behind it. It’s so nice, oh my. – [Mark] Oh yeah, and
then the herbs in here, and the Kaffir lime leaves as well. It’s just, that smokiness. Scale up close-up, look
at that dick though. You can see the redness. It’s kind of covered up by the curry, but look at the redness of
that smokiness of that duck. (crowd bustling) – Oh, wow. Yeah, that skin, that skin it will just
blow your taste buds. The complexity of flavor
with that smokiness, and that chili, and that
curry base, unbelievable. So, this is the same smoked
beef, those giant steaks that we saw in a coconut milk, and I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same blend of spices,
but we will find out. I’m gonna try to mix it
over onto the other side of the, my plate of rice. (crowd bustling) All right, goin’ for
a slice of that steak. (upbeat pop music)
(crowd bustling) I think they are the same, but the beef even has more of a roasted Yeah, that is a roasted
[Man In Glasses] Smokey. liver good, that’s just like, mm. And the chili kind of like, it kind of comes at the end of your bite. It’s mind-blowingly good. It’s the sweetness that
comes from the coconut milk, the lemongrass, the black pepper in there. – Yeah, there’s like a
jerky black pepper flavor, it’s so smokey, like crisp,
it smells amazing too. Whoa. – And the beef is actually so lean. The duck has some
fattiness to it, the skin, and the beef it’s just completely lean, just absorbing all of that
flavor, and just mm, wow. Unbelievably good. That’s just like, you can understand why there’re so many people here, why people were here before. Oh, look at that takeaway line. (upbeat pop music) Okay, I also got the catfish, and again this guy is completely smoked. Look at just how oily
and fleshy that meat is. I’m gonna take some of the, (crowd bustling) I can just taste that catfish first. Be careful of the little
bones, but look at that. Look at that, that’s beautiful. (upbeat pop music) Kaffir is just one of those things that, it’s simple, but just the texture of it, is what makes it good, and
when you add smoke to it, that just enhances it, but
I gotta try that sambal at the next bite, and then
put this onto my rice. (upbeat pop music) You do taste the green chilies in there. A little bit spicy, it’s very garlicky, and then it has like a sweet tinge to it at the end of your bite. (crowd bustling) Just everything is incredibly delicious. You could not choose a favorite here. You have to order everything, and they all compliment each other. They all go together. It’s time to try some
of the garnishing herbs. And, I’m not totally
sure what this one is, but it seems like everybody
who comes here gets a couple stocks of this herb. Mm, it’s a little lemony at the beginning, but then it goes to a
completely green herb taste as you keep on chewing. It’s really good, kind of like mild. When they dish you your plate of rice, they also give you a little bit of fried, possibly salted, fish. (crowd bustling) Mm, whoa. Yeah, it’s extremely salty,
and very smokey again. Yeah, and you’re gonna want
to eat that very sparingly, it’s very salty. That’s a very salty preserved fish. We almost forgot, it was
hiding beneath the winged bean, but this is the jengkol, which it looks to be lightly steamed, or you can also call
it a giant stink bean. I’m gonna dip this into
the another sambal, like a tomato onion sambal. (crowd bustles) Yeah, yeah, that’s cooked. It also has a gummy starchy texture to it, and then that sambal is more like a sweet tomato
oniony salsa, almost. Everything is so good, but
I think I have to give it up for their signature dish, the
dish that’s on their name, the dish that they’re famous for. I think that one is the ultimate, so I’m gonna circle around back
to the second bowl of that. Some little duck nuggets,
get that onto the rice. (upbeat pop music) There’s a leaf that you can
see chopped up within the dish. At first, I thought it was pandan. I don’t think it pandan. I just take it. Oh, wow. Okay, that leaf is actually
providing a lot of flavor. It has a peppery taste to it, and a lemony taste all at the same time. That is actually one of
the main flavoring of it, you can tell from tasting
that how it really contributes to the overall flavor of that dish. (upbeat pop music) That is just remarkable flavor. It’s just unbelievable. (crowd bustling)
(upbeat pop music) It’s almost like lemony and celery’re, celery’re, like celery. I just guarantee that once
you taste this curry sauce, either the beef or the duck, either one, you’re gonna wanna just
drown your rice in it. You’re gonna soak your rice. You’re gonna just want to absorb and fill your mouth with as much of that curry sauce as you possibly can, maximize each bite. (upbeat pop music) I think that the curry is the same. It’s just that the meats
are totally different, and they even like provide a different compound chemical taste balance, of each dish, because the one with beef, you
can see it’s more like thick with the coconut milk and less oily, whereas the one with duck,
you can see a layer of oil, which I think comes from the skin. I don’t know, they’re both smokey, but in different ways as well. Just the meats drastically
change the flavor of the curry. (crowd bustling)
(upbeat pop music) That meal went down way too easily. This is really one of those meals where it’s not an exaggeration
to say you shed some tears when you see an empty plate. It really is heartbreaking to see an empty plate here, an empty bowl. Yeah, so I wasn’t sure if this was a completely appropriate move, but I did look around and other
people were doing the same, dipping their spoon and just taking a whole spoon of the sauce,
so I think it’s appropriate. (upbeat music) Wow. Okay, it’s a little bit salty
when you eat it that way. – Yeah, that’s pretty salty. – (Mark laughs) But it’s so good, and there’s so much smoke in there (crowd bustling) that will just blow your taste buds. And, that’s just gonna,
that is gonna be the bite that just stays on my tongue
for the rest of the day, and in my mind forever. – [Man In Glasses] Oh, yeah (laughs). (woman sings in foreign language) (Mark laughs) – [Mark] Yes. (metal clanking) – [Chef] He he he he he. – [Mark] Awesome. (upbeat pop music) (Mark speaks in foreign language) (upbeat pop music) – [Woman] Yeah. – [Mark] Thank you. – Thank you (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] That was an incredible meal. Everything was good. That was like a flavor blend of spices, the coconut, the smokey
duck that your tongue will never forget. And, you can see this place now. The takeaway line is just
stretching like around the corner, the entire eating section
table seating is just packed. But yeah, people come here
to enjoy the good food, and they’re so friendly, they’re so nice. The owners, they have a recipe that will just ultimately
satisfy your taste buds, and this was an amazing place. I wanna say a huge thank you to everyone to who recommended this
restaurant, especially Muhammad, saying that this is a meal that would make me wanna stay in Malaysia. That is, that was
completely 100% accurate. After a meal like, you are
gonna want to stay in Malaysia. If you had a flight like the same day, if I had a flight the same day, I would no doubt, without
even thinking about it, I would cancel my flight, or probably just miss my flight
without even knowing it. When you’re in Kayall,
it’s definitely worth it to make the trip
slightly south of the city, to come here to eat the, yeah,
the food is incredibly good. Thank you so much for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
thumb up if you enjoyed it. Leave a comment below,
I’d love to hear from you, and if you’re not already
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