Lemak untuk Kulit Awet Muda | Fat for Anti Aging (Eng Sub)

Do you know that we need fat for beautiful youthful skin? FAT?!?!?! Fat will make me fat!! let’s find out in this episode! Some women have inbuilt fear of being fat At the same time, many people are addicted to fat It tastes so good! Eating the wrong type of fat most likely would increase your waist size If we consume the right type of fat It nourishes the skin What kind of fat do we need? Saturated fat, like coconut oil is very beneficial for us Coconut oil has a medium chain of fatty acids It boosts fat burning process in the body and coconut oils provides energy for the brain, FAST! Coconut oil is very beneficial for the gut Do you know that the skin is a reflection of your insides? and coconut oil helps to lower the LDL cholesterol level and it also reduces the risk of heart diseases Choose a good quality of coconut oil virgin, unrefined, unprocessed Don’t choose the refined, processed coconut oil the quality is no longer beneficial for us Excellent sources of good fat also come from avocado nuts seeds Walnut, Macadamia, Chia Seeds Flax Seeds, Sesame seeds They contain vitamin E, vitamin D, antioxidant, anti inflammation Fiber, minerals, and Omega-3 We need all those nutritions to keep our skin healthy, glowing, and dewy Macadamia nourishes and protects the skin from drying. It repairs the skin’s protective barrier Omega-3 fatty acid is so important for healthy skin It strengthens the skin and balances the skin moisture level on the the surface of the skin It delays the skin aging process to stave off wrinkles soft and hydrated Vitamin E is like an army forces for our skin Vitamin E protects the skin from premature aging reduces UV damage in skin if you exposed to UV on daily basis, you need vitamin E to protect your skin the antioxidant in vitamin E fights free radicals from the enviromental pollution I have good news for sashimi lovers Salmon roes and caviars are good source of fat! They contain phospolipids, squalene, and many other fatty acid components Phospolipids act like Japanese bullet train, Shinkansen It helps drive the good nutrition from fats into your system Do you know that egg yolk is so awesome for your skin? Try the egg yolk facial mask it has to be raw You also may add turmeric for its antioxidant benefit What’s so special about egg yolk facial mask? When we apply egg yolk as facial mask It pulls put impurities pulling the toxin out When you have skin issues, I recommend an egg yolk facial mask I believe that egg yolk is also beneficial when we consume it internally It has high antioxidant Eggs actually act like a toxin sponge and can pull junks out of your body Choose organic eggs! Make sure you prepare it properly avoid high heat cooking Just because all these fats are so beneficial for our skin Doesn’t mean that we’re allowed to eat them as much as we can We don’t need too much of them They have high calories You can consume a handful of mixed nuts for afternoon snack sprinkles on your salad avoid deep frying and artificial flavourings Try it at home Please share your delicious recipes in the comments below as well! and wait for my upcoming videos for more tips to keep our skin healthy, radiant, and youthful glowing

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