Learn How to Get rid of Bags under Eyes & Puffy Eyes with this DIY hyaluronic acid serum

you hello my lovely beautiful his friends in my last tutorial I talked to you about the hyaluronic acid and the misleading claims the cosmetic industry usually uses check it out if you missed it I also shared with you how you may make your own colonic acid at home and I promise you I’ll be back with an icon to revitalizing gel video tutorial awesome natural remedy for those of us who suffered from puffiness under our eyes easy DIY I’m going to share with you today is going to help us smooth wrinkles in a gentle way an oration moisturize this area which is subject to a hydration we are going to need homemade a leverage promote the turnover of the cells and it also increases elasticity and softness of skin and has a decongestant effect homemade hyaluronic acid to restore the natural moisture of this delicate area some great anti-aging vegetable oils I chose in athira and argan oil and last but not least we need to drain the fluids between them lasagna using some specific vegetable extracts like mint tea red ivy or coconut extract this is the recipe I’ve used but feel free to use the vegetable oils or the vegetable extracts you most love or have at hand always clean your recipients with hot water and soap and some pure alcohol with the homemade hyaluronic acid yatin and add the vegetable oil it’s important not to exceed the quantity of oils used otherwise in time your gel will become bypassing the double extracts that will help you make disappear the puffiness under your eyes mix everything well and we are ready to pour the gel into its container remember to always measure the pH and make sure that the pH of your Idol is the human tear pH that would be around 7 to avoid weeping if the dull ends into our eyes I hope you’ve enjoyed this easy DIY I love its lightweight texture easily and rapidly absorbing but most of all I love that it gives my eyes are fresh brightly remember to subscribe the channel for more DIYs and have an awesome day if you want to make sure you don’t miss any of my beauty tips just make sure to select the option email with new uploads’ asunder

14 thoughts on “Learn How to Get rid of Bags under Eyes & Puffy Eyes with this DIY hyaluronic acid serum

  1. Hello again Rozalia. Can we use this recipe all over the face? Bacause I don't like using two different ones, it is easiest.

  2. hi again, I dont have a conversion chart for grams For example hyaluronic acid is 38,2,5g what would that be in teaspoons , ounces etc. Im not familiar. Sure would love to try your great recipes.

  3. Hi Rozalia,
    I am really loving all of your DIY skincare videos. How did you learn so much about it and how did you come up with recipes. I want to offer my clients something like this, free of chemicals, natural, organic, and homemade would be awesome! I would love any advice you have!

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