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Hello everyone, I’m Quynh Vy Just about 2 more weeks til the celebration of a Luna New Year (Year of the pig) Guess that you guys are excited about shopping, skincare and practicing exercise to have a nice looking this Tet Happy Skin received lots of concerns about haircare, how to get a wavy shiny impressive hair My hair was so weak and vulnerable, so I had to search for different solutions. Therefore, I got a lot of experience, which I’m gonna share with you right now Don’t forget to subscribe Happy Skin channel to join our weekly giveaway How to solve hair loss
Causes Hair thinning, hair loss, hair breakage have never been out of our concerns Scientifically, we lose 50-100 pieces of hair a day, replacing by new hair However, if the number is more that, revise your haircare routine, there are so many causes of this problem #1 Genetic, often in males due to hair follicles’ growth relating to estrogen, so the boys are more likely to get a bald head And once you do have, look for doctor’s advice #2 Hormone disorder, which often happens during pregnancy, adolescent, especially premenpausal During this time, estrogen production affects metabolism The hair follicles are degraded, unable to nurture the hair, therefore, leads to hairloss #3 Stress, which reduces bloodstream throughout the brain In addition to internal factors, there are external ones like #4 Chemicals in hairstyling products, which thinens the hair and leads to hairloss Finally, it’s daily habit (staying up late, bad eating habit, There are 2 kinds of hairloss: from the hairline and from the body The former, as you wear the helmet all day long, which helps all the sweat causes clogged pores Besides, hairstyling products make your hair and the follicle weaker, hence, not enough nutrition for hair’s growth To have a healthier hair, I think you should add in 2 steps into your haircare routine 1. Exfoliating
2. Moisturizing Exfoliating freshens your head skin, removes sebum from the follicles, hence, unclogs them and make a room for nutrition stream 2 kinds of exfoliation: physical and chemical If your head skin is not too thin or sensitive, Fuji Green Tea Cleansing Hair Scrub is a good choice If your head skin is a bit dry and sensitive, try out chemical exfoliator or exfoliating substances-included shampoo (Salicylic Acid, AHA) Like Neutrogena T-Sal Shampoo Before exfoliation, wet your hair with warm water to expand the follicles, 5-10 mins massage for deep cleansing Cleansing might cause loss of scalp’s moisture, so balance it by hair tonic Hair tonic is a product for haircare, like toner to your face, you can use it daily to prevent dryness and itch Besides, add in hair incubation, my favorite one is L’oreal Fall Repair 3X Incubation can be taken 0.5-1 time/week and within 5-10 mins, depending on your hair condition I observed that so many of you already have a strong, healthy follicle and hairlines, but split ends, too It means your hair cuticle were damaged and natural oils was destroyed To solve this, I use hair serum to moisturize the hair and lay the keratin layer down so my hair won’t look dry and weak anymore You can use organic oil like coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, macadamia oil When it comes to haircare products, a very famous one is Moroccan Oil, no need to talk about its quality But if you don’t wanna spend too much money on it, take a look at M.Pros Macadamia Essence Oil A bit solid with gentle scent, just as good as Moroccan Oil It’s easy to use, put a sufficient amount on your palms, then, your hair, after shampooing or before using hair styling devices You can use it more often if your hair is too dry You should avoid bad hair-related habits like abusing dyes in a short time, your hair will be damaged by the heat and dyes while not recovering yet Second, just daily habits like tying your hair too tight or combing when it’s still wet Replacing thich tooth comb by wide tooth one is also a should to avoid damaging friction Lastly, avoid stress and birth control pills, which are causes of hormone disorder, hence, hair loss In addition to haircaring from the outside, using pills to stimulate hair’s growth is also a should Hair thickening products (from the inside) One of the well-known Vitamin for this is Biotin – vitamin B7, vitamin H This vitamin is water-soluble so it’s not hardened in your body so add in Biotin by consuming Biotin-included food or functional tablets Food that high in Biotin: soybean, almond, mushroom, advocado, wheat, broccoli, tuna, meat, banana, salmon, sunflower seed, egg However, to stimulate hair’s growth, food is not enough, you need functional tablets, and different people have different required amount of Biotin To those who never use this before, start at 1000- 5000 mcg/day NOW Biotin 5000mcg, Natrol Biotin 1000mcg, Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin & Nails 2500mcg Functional tablets are quite safe, but do have side effects if you abuse them Like exceeding oil production, acnes on your thin and your back It might cause allergy if you’re overdosed If that amount doesn’t work, raise the number to 5000-10000mcg (Natrol Biotin 10000mcg) Some of my friends suggest another method: Minoxidil, which stimulates hair’s growth by vasodilation and expansion of follicles, increasing the length of the hair much faster There are 2 forms of Minoxidil products: tablets and topicals. However, this boosts your skin pigmentation and overgrowth of your hair So look for doctor’s advice for proper level of Minoxidil The third method: PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) PRP is often used for face skin, by injection of electrolyte It’s now being used as a treatment of damaged scalp by nourishing hair follicles, hence, stimulating hair’s growth This can be done by injecting platelet-rich plasma into scalp, then applying dermaroller on platelet-poor plasma By that way, it stimulates blood vessels, enhances collagen production and recovers damaged head skin PRP can be mixed with stem cells or Poly Nucleotide – a part of DNA, combining with blue light to give better result However, this method can only be used for “alive” follicles, which are damaged by stress, pregnancy or after giving birth We Happy Skin are on our way to do research on that, so hope that we can share with your more interesting and more detailed information about this on the next videos To “dead” follicles, you should combine PRP method with hair transplants to make it work After all the solutions to hair loss and hair’s growth stimulation, I give you 3 tips for a wavy, shiny thick hair #1 Upside down hair drying, bow down, adjust the dryer at not too hot level to avoid damages. This keeps the hairlines up, therefore, makes your hair look wavy #2 Make a chignon, leave it for 30 minutes before loosing it. This keeps your hairline up and make the whole look thicker and wavier #3 Using mousee, after shampooing and my hair’s been 80% dry I apply it on the hair body and the parts that are closed to the hairline, note that don’t apply it on the hairline and the scalp to avoid sticky hair Then completely dry your hair off by dryers and get ready for a wavy, thick hair all day long Good hair takes lots of care and effort, hope that my sharing is useful, please choose the next topic you want us to talk about: Left: Skincare products after Tet
Right: Q&A with Happyskin Thank you for watching til this video, don’t forget to subscribe Happy Skin channel to join our giveaway, bye bye

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