Karin Herzog – Eye Cream

Hello! Let me present Karin Herzog’s Eye Cream. It is very effective as it contains 0.5% oxygen and vitamin A. It therefore combats wrinkles, lines and dark circles with efficacy. As I said, it contains 0.5% oxygen. This makes it a non-greasy cream that does not run between the eyelashes while you sleep. This also prevents your eyes from swelling. Apply Eye Cream using a brush, like this, below the eye, and above if you wish, or by patting it with your fingers below the eye and on the eyelid; but do not massage. Let me explain why. Our hands have three times as many pores as the rest of the body. Our oxygen creams therefore penetrate three times as quickly into the hands, instead of penetrating where they are needed. This reduces their effectiveness. With Eye Cream, you no longer need to worry about the effects of yesterday. Applying this cream in the evening, before going to bed, your eye contour will be relaxed, smooth and radiant.

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