JUNE 2019 FAVORITES | BEAUTY & LIFESTYLE + EMPTIES – E/S Palette, BEST Salad, Netflix, Retinol

hey guys I’m gonna share with you my
June favorites I have beauty and lifestyle and I’ll also share with you
my MCS it’s kind of weird for me to be filming this video and I’m gonna be
honest with you it’s because I’m filming this in the middle of June it’s just
because I will be very busy in the next two weeks but I happen enjoying these
things that I’m going to talk about in this video very much this month so I
feel like we’re good we’ll start with the beauty products as usual the first
one is the nail polish of the month this is OPI nail lacquer in dulce de leche I
don’t know if they still sell this but if they do please get your hands on it
if you have the same skin tone as me I think if I were to get a little bit tan
by miracle I don’t think it would look that good on me anymore but for now my
yellowness this polish looks amazing I unfortunately don’t have it on in this
video because I did wear this last week and I didn’t want to reapply it but I
did wear this in about 3 videos I believe like two weeks ago I’ll link
those videos in the description box or at least one of them so you can see what
it looks like on me and I think I have one picture that I’ll insert here where
I was wearing it this is just a really beautiful dark nude color and I wish I
could find the equivalent of my favorite nude product for my lips but that
journey will continue for a very long time I just loved this nail polish I’ve
had it in my collection for years and years and I’ve worn it to death
thankfully I didn’t use it up though because I don’t know where I would be
without that it’s a super classy color and I like the formula of OPI nail
polishes but especially this one it’s creamy it’s opaque and unfortunately it
does take three coats for me to get it completely opaque but I’m willing to go
through the hassle because that is one of my favorite nail polish colors of all
time the next Beauty favorite is the Urban Decay Born to Run palette it looks
amazing if you have never seen this in person it’s even more beautiful in
person I went to Sephora months ago just to check it out because I was thinking
of getting the anastacio about really Hills one I don’t remember what it’s
called it’s the one with a really nice funky neon colors I can’t believe how
many palettes she keeps releasing though and I thought that I was going to pick
that one but I actually fell in love with this one and I’m really glad that I
got it on sale I got this for $3 when it’s a riche
I think 50 or something so great deal these are the gorgeous shades they do
look like they would be really nice to use in the fall and winter but honestly
this is an all year every season palette for my look today I use three shadows in
here I used riff stranded and Punk I did this makeup look in my last video so
I’ll link it in the description box if you’re interested I did two other looks
using this palette so far and the pigmentation is amazing I really like
the shade here called still shot I love peachy shades I think that’s why
I really like to makeup revolution palette the sofex ones that I use in
another video I just really like those red pinky tones now on to the lifestyle
favorites I have a lot of them I have been enjoying getting my news from
snapchat I know it sounds so stupid but how many of us actually pick up a
newspaper anymore I have been reading daily mail I am subscribed to them and I
get super addicted to reading every single stupid article in that thing I
can spend like three hours going through all of those things just you know
tapping and moving on tapping and moving on some of these articles are really
long some of them are really short but I’ve learned to ignore the ones that are
really stupid like when celebrities dress up very scandalously
or like so-and-so looking amazing in her body in her swimsuit on the coast of God
knows where in the world looking all sexy I don’t really care much for those
but everything else it’s really nice and they do have some really fun videos that
they include in terms of food I have two ice cream favorites the first one is the
Museum of ice cream the flavor is I think cultural Charo
there are churl bits in there and it’s cinnamon ice cream oh my god
the cinnamon ice cream is really good I was expecting it to be like super strong
very very cinnamony but it’s not whatsoever it’s actually the perfect
amount and I do not like the churro bits unfortunately I think they are super
hard and just really weird I think the only like bits that I like are fruit
bits or cookie dough but that I do not like so I just kind of like not spit
them out but I just leave them on the side I’m pretty sure by the end of that
car and it’ll just be full of churro buds the next one is briars peach ice
cream I haven’t had that since I was really young and yes I am lactose
intolerant but I have been having a lot of dairy lately yes it’s very bad but I
just feel like it sometimes I think my stress was very bad this time around so
I decided to resort to the one thing that could kill me and I don’t regret it
and I love Friar’s ice cream too because it’s so easy to scoop out you don’t have
to let it sit on the counter and have it soften before you go in there with a
spoon and I like to have this particular ice cream in one of those cones that
taste like cardboard the next favorite is an airfryer okay this is our second
airfryer and I love it because not only is it super cute and it looks like a
tiny house but it has racks in there and I don’t know if you guys know but I
talked about how our family renovated our kitchen this year or last year and
we have everything new but not once have we used the oven and it’s so stupid we
got the air fryer and that was the first one so we didn’t have a use for the oven
now we have this new one and that’s even more of a reason to not use the upgraded
oven you can put multiple things in there at the same time unlike the
original air fryer we’ve used this new air fryer for chicken wings and for
salmon works great with everything it’s amazing having an air fryer though if
you have a small kitchen if you don’t have an oven if you have an oven but it
sucks get an air fryer it is so worth it I think in the future I could do air
fryer recipes but generally whatever you can make in a conventional oven you can
make it an air fryer the next lifestyle favorite is a spice rack and my mom and
I recently bought this and it changed the way that we use our spices and it’s
just because we can now see all of them there are so many spices getting lost in
the back of our cabinet in the kitchen because ever since we renovated it the
shelves are a lot deeper so things were just getting lost back there so now that
we have a step spice rack it makes it so
easy to see everything and to pull things out and to put them back I
unfortunately did not record our getting at the spice rack so I can’t show you
what it looks like but trust me when I say that is worth it and I really like
the spice rack in particular because you can adjust it it looks like a step but
you can extend the spice rack if you have more spices and it really
helps that you can do that because it fit perfectly in our cabinet the last
food favorite is Trader Joe’s salad this is the one that has a spinach in there
it comes with a delicious raspberry vinaigrette and not to mention the
toppings that come in that pack are so delicious too last week on Saturday I
posted a video of my summer meals and I have three recipes that I shared with
you in that video one of them is that salad so I will link that for you in the
description box or you can check this card out I’m telling you it is delicious
and it’s super easy to make because everything for that salad is in that bag
and the spinach in it is ready to eat right out of the bag you don’t have to
wash them which is really nice lastly for lifestyle favorites or two shows
they’re both cartoons they’re both super cute they’re both super funny and I
recommend them if you have the same personality as I do one is Barbie life
in the Dreamhouse and yes okay I thought it wasn’t gonna be as funny because you
know it’s Barbie but it is hilarious and it really puts me in a good mood every
single time i watch that it’s 20 minutes of like these little scenes or something
little skits they’re really short basically and I could just blow past so
many episodes but it’s literally like watching ten episodes in one episode and
the other show is cupcake and I know and they are brothers who do general
services and they just go around and help people and they get into these
little situations and stuff it’s really fun so I recommend both of those shows
if you I don’t know need a laugh if you love
cartoons like I do and you’re a child like I am I’m adding this in here now
because I waited until Julian came to watch this and oh my god it’s
actually really good if you haven’t watched this movie always be my maybe
you should it’s pretty cute always be my maybe is about these two lovebirds who
were friends since they were younger and they did have a crush on each other at
some point when they were teenagers but they just separated because she is very
goal-oriented and he isn’t and they just when they’re older and she’s really
successful and he’s kind of not but you just see their relationship evolving at
that point I also watched Wine Country it’s so funny I just always loved the
old cast of SNL they’re just so hilarious
these woman go on a trip to wine country for her birthday for 50th birthday and
they just go through being friends at the stage in their lives since they’ve
been together for many many years and Tina Fey also stars in this movie by the
way on to the empties my first one is the pixie skin treats retinol tonic this
is one of my favorite toners I’ve ever used it makes my skin very soft very
glowy and it really does help with texture I could finally talk about this
in a video because it took me this long to go through this small bottle using
this for over a year I think and I’ve already repurchased another one however
I got the same size because I bought their big size of the glow tonic and I
just kind of want to not have to use so many different toners all the time but I
feel like that’s probably gonna be the last time I buy a big size and if I’m
gonna continue to use retinol at night and glycolic acid in the morning then it
should be just many sizes maybe it smells delicious like flowers and
lavender and it’s very gentle if you are afraid of using retinol like I am still
and you definitely need to incorporate it into your anti-aging routine if
you’re getting older I’m 28 then I definitely recommend using this first
you just dip your toes in there the next M T is the Shiseido benefice
wrinkle resist 24 i contour cream and this isn’t a complete empty yet but i’m
really really close to it and again i’m filming this in the middle of june and i
aren t you by the time June ends or close to the end I will go through this
I have a new eye cream that I already purchased that I will be using after
this because she said it was unfortunately not cruelty-free although
I love Shiseido and I will always love Shiseido and I wish they were cruelty
for you but they probably would never will be and it is the a cosmetics one
I’ll link it in the description box if you’re interested the next Mt is the
soothing collyrium I love using an eye wash especially after a long day of
wearing makeup because there’s a lot of debris and dirt and makeup that can get
into your eyes throughout the day so at the end of the day you just want to
clean your eyes this is the Clinique take the day off makeup remover for lids
lashes and lips I’ve had so many of these bottles throughout my lifetime
because this is the best I make a remover ever it’s an oil solution so you
have to shake it up before you use it but it just melts any type of eye makeup
so easily and so fast and when it gets in your eyes it doesn’t stain I already
have another one that I’m using oh my god and I have another one I’ll be all
set for a really long time now Clinique is not cruelty free so I’m gonna have to
find a cruelty free brand that has an eye makeup remover as good as that one
however I did mention in one of my skincare videos I think that I’m going
to switch over to my microfiber cloths just because it’s more environmentally
friendly and cost-effective my next empty is the Urban Decay eyeshadow
primer potion I finally went through this actually I think there’s a little
bit left up here but it kind of spoiled the smells really weird this is my
favorite eyeshadow primer I’m definitely gonna get rid of it just because I don’t
want an eye infection I talked about this too many times so you don’t really
need to know anything else about that besides the fact that is the best
eyeshadow primer the next empty is the Garnier skin active micellar cleansing
water this is the original one in the pink cap I say original because they
have like three or four other ones I’ve only used this one and the one with the
blue cap which is for waterproof makeup it’s my morning cleanse so instead of a
traditional cleanser and water I use this it’s
not cruelty-free though and that sucks so I’m gonna have to find a cruelty-free
micellar cleansing water that is just as affordable as this one that’s the
problem with going cruelty-free I don’t know what’s affordable so I will have to
scour Bed Bath & Beyond or Target next time and try to find one this is
fortunately the only one that I had I had like little mini sizes and I went
through all of those I finally went through this I will go through that and
then I’ll let you guys know in the future when I find a cruelty-free one
that was actually the last empty I thought I had another one but I actually
saved it for no good reason share with me in the comments what your
June favorites were subscribe to see more lifestyle videos and monthly
favorites if you like that stuff I will link last month’s favorite in the
description box or you can catch it in my end screen

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