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[ Hooper ]
He’s circling the boat. Come on, Martin. [ Radio ]
Amity light station to Orca. This is Amity light station
to Orca. Come in, Orca. Orca. Come in. l have
Mrs. Martin Brody here. [ Hooper ]
Go on, Martin, move, move t Beyond the barrels,
go to the end of the barrels. Further out !
What ? Go further out !
What for ? Will you go to the end
ofthe pulpit, please ? What for ? Foreground, my ass ! Your husband’s all right.
He’s fishing. Just caught
a couple ofstripers. We’re bringin’ dinner.
We haven’t seen anything.
Over. Out. l’m not staying here.
l’m begging you. Martin, eoddamn it !
Come heUre, darlin’, come here ! [ Hooper ]
Bea utiful ? Chief, get on the bridge.
Take her forward, steady. l’ve never steered
a boat in my life. Watch my hand.
Take her steady. Mr. Hooper,
attach the end of this
line to the first keg. l’ve got to get a good
shot at that porker’s head. [ Engine Sputtering ] [ Beeping ] Comin’, comin’. Hooper, get clear
of the barrel. Hooper ! Tie it up,willya ?
Yourturn, Quint. Hooper,
where are ya ? Hooper, hury it up now.
Tie it on. Hury up, he’s comin’
straight for us.
Don’t screw it up. Don’t wait for me ! Come on, Hooper,
Hury up t
Tie it on t Now. Now. [ Brody ]
Kill him, Quint.
Kill him ! Now ! – Shoot !
– [ Gunshot ] Time ! [ Qu i nt ]
What were you doin’ ? l didn’t
get a clean shot in the head. [ Qu i nt ]
What were you doin’ ? l didn’t
get a clean shot in the head. All right, let’s see
how long that barrel
takes to bring him up. Free another barrel.
l’m coming around again.

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  1. Why is this considered a horror movie? Ok it’s scary, but the atmosphere isn’t horror, it’s more of an adventure thriller.

  2. 1 out of every 10 people disliked this. I would guess that’s probably also the ratio of adults who can’t tie their shoes.


  4. "When I think of Jaws I think of courage and stupidity, and I think of both of those things existing underwater"
    Also fun fact the radio is Steven.
    He knew how to balance action, terror, and comedy

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  7. Yourhusband’salrightMrsBrodyhe’sfishinghejustcaughtacoupleofstriperswe’llbringtheminfordinnerwewon’tbelongwehaven’tseenanythingyet ORCA OUT

  8. I like what they did with Brody here, they kind of made him a fish out of water character which is ironic, he's had little to no experience with sharks, he's never drove a boat and he hates the ocean whilst you've got Quint who is an expert on hunting sharks and Hooper who is an expert on shark knowledge

  9. In reality a barrel would fatigue a shark or whale pretty quick, in the movie it seemed like a young megalodon

  10. As a mechanical engineering undergrad student. We once did this scenes analysis. It was fun actually. We’ve calculated the estimated tension that Jaws experience as it swims at a specific deepness with the barrel sticked to it. It was about 1.9 kN which is relatively high. Even for a shark! 🙂

  11. The one part that always scared me was at 8 seconds when brody's foot slipped I kept imagining him falling into the water and getting eaten before he could get back on the boat

  12. I love how the rubber boots are mentioned before he gets on the boat and then it shows them in the clip; that they're slipping off the edge! LMAO!

  13. My favourite scene from the movie.
    The actors are great. epic shots of the shark and of course the legendagy music from the legend John Williams

  14. Never understood why they just didn't shoot the shark….I mean, it's not like guns are illegal in the US, right ?

  15. Jenny Summers He's circling the boat! The size of him!
    CB Radio: Richland County Sheriff's Point Life Station to Orca. This is Richland County Sheriff's Point Life Station to Orca. Come in Orca?
    Kyle Simpson Orca, come in.
    CB Radio: I have Mrs. James LeRoy Anderson here.
    Kyle Simpson Put Her On
    Jenny Summers Come on Axel! Kirsty, move, move, move!
    James L. Anderson (A.K.A.) Axel Foley I'm not goin' out there!
    Jenny Summers Beyond the edge of the barrels! Go to the end of the barrels! Further out!
    Kirsty Cotton What?!
    Jenny Summers Further out!
    James L. Anderson (A.K.A.) Axel Foley Why?!
    Jenny Summers Go further out!
    Kirsty Cotton What for?!
    Jenny Summers Would you go to the end of the pulpit, please?!
    James L. Anderson (A.K.A.) Axel Foley What?!
    Jenny Summers Would you, please, go to the end of the pulpit?!
    James L. Anderson (A.K.A.) Axel Foley What for?!
    Jenny Summers I need to have something in the foreground to give it some scale!
    Kirsty Cotton Foreground my butt!
    Kyle Simpson Your Son's all right, Mrs. James. He's fishin'. He's just caught a couple of stripers. We'll bring `em home for dinner, we won't be long, we ain't see anything yet, over and out!
    Jenny Summers I need… Axel Kirsty, please!
    James L. Anderson (A.K.A.) Axel Foley I'm staying here!
    Jenny Summers I'm begging you! Axel, Kirsty Gosh darn it! Come here darlin'! Come here
    darlin'! Beautiful!
    Kyle Simpson James Kirsty Want you to get up on the bridge, just take her forward
    Kirsty Cotton I've never steered a boat in my life!
    Kyle Simpson Just watch my hand and take her steady. Miss. Summers? Attach the end of
    this line to the first keg. Better get a good shot at that porker's head! Coming. Hee hee hee! Coming! Jenny? You clearing the barrel? Jenny?! Tie it up will ya?!
    Jenny Summers Your Turn Kyle
    Kyle Simpson Jenny Where Are You Jenny hurry it up now, tie it on. Hurry up, he's coming straight for us, don't screw it up now!
    Jenny Summers Don't wait for me!
    Kyle Simpson Come on Jenny! Come on! Hurry up! Tie it on!
    James L. Anderson (A.K.A.) Axel Foley Now! Kill it Kyle! Kill it! Now!
    Jenny Summers Shoot! Time!
    Kyle Simpson What were you doing?! You knew I had to get a clean shot, right in the head! All right! Let's see how long that barrel takes to bring him up!
    Jenny Summers Bring another barrel! I'm coming around again!

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  17. Mas esse filme e muito assustador eu posto 17000 ele vai ter que me dar o de 17000 para mim fazer esse vídeo E aí ele vai tocar E aí você vai topar ou não

  18. So, let's say Hooper ignores that tracker gadget he was going for and ties the knot much, much quicker…does Quint then get a good shot to the head and either seriously Injure or kill shark right then and there? If so, it can be argued that there is an even deeper layer there regarding the barrels. They tied 3 and the shark went under, leaving them buffooned. Embarrassed. It was the moment they learned they heavily underestimated it. But, that could all have been totally irrelevant if Hooper tied it quicker. Maybe they never needed Hoopers tech. Perhaps, Quint was right in his mockings.

  19. Released 44 years ago today, in a then-unheard-of 409 theaters. $7m opening weekend, $17k per theater average. Impressive numbers even now, considering a movie ticket was just over $2.00 😮

  20. Right after the scene when the sheriifs holding the hand gun in the sky some thing or space ship zips at 1 hr 36 seconds and again at 1:37, look at the sky and scene youll see it…you cant miss it

  21. They knew how big he was..why didnt they have all that ready before hand..he ain't too much of a shark expert..

  22. Barrels in the water add such an element of suspense and fear of the unknown. Today the shark would be CGI, it would look ridiculous and the audience would not be as afraid. The timeless creativity of True Artists at work!

    Brody: WHY?
    Cooper: JUST GO
    Brody: WHAT FOR?
    Cooper: JUST GO PLEASE
    Brody: WHAT FOR?
    Cooper: GO!!!
    Brody: WHAT FOR
    Bruce: Will you guys just shut up please?

  24. The sheriff should have brought a shotgun or an automatic riffle , like the M16 and things will end up better 😀

  25. One of the things that makes Jaws a great film is that it crosses genres though it's telling. First it's a horror movie, then it's a thriller, then it's an adventure. It's the reason why it works and none of the other Jaws movies really work, although Jaws 2 is somewhat entertaining.

  26. This scene is hilarious for how Captain Ahab Quint so casually lies and quickly gets rid of Sheriff Brody's anxiously concerned wife on the radio like some shady auctioneer, while at that very same moment he's holding a loaded harpoon gun and the menacing Jaws is right outside circling their boat ready to unleash terror upon them.

  27. Hey, let's do a reboot with Michael Bay as director and Hans Zimmer doing the music! What a magical pairing. I can almost smell Oscar gold even as I type!

  28. One thing I've never fully understood is why Hooper needs to get the sensor and tie it to the barrel. It never ends up coming into play later, what is the purpose of that?

  29. There's nothing like relaxing at home making Saltwater fishing rig's watching a Jaws marathon! 🎣🐟🤙✌️

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