Intermittent Fasting, Non-Diet Weight Loss & Anti-Aging

Intermittent Fasting Works Hello everybody, Dr. Urban here talking about intermittent fasting. I’m the physician who had a cardiac
arrest. I came out of it with a keen interest in anti-aging and reverse aging
strategies. This channel’s videos are centered around
chromosomal DNA changes which have been correlated with reverse aging and
chronic disease changes. I like to keep on top of anti-aging information streams
and bring the information to you as soon as it breaks. Remember, longer
telomeres mean longer life and the possibility of becoming younger with
better health along the way. However you package it, diet and weight control are
critical factors in preserving our telomeres. Highly respected Dr. Al Sears
just came out with a statement about intermittent fasting with a proposed
schedule which I think you may find fascinating and certainly doable. This
information was labeled a non-diet weight loss plan. Interesting. I believe
the information I’m about to tell you is evergreen. See what you think. Now we know
intermittent fasting has a place in weight control and therefore anti-aging.
The latest scientific research supports creating fasting periods in our daily
routine. Fasting forces your body to burn fat rather than sugar. Fasting boosts stem cell
activities and triggers production of the hormone fibroblast growth factor 21
or FGF 21. Don’t let this sentence throw you. FGF 21 improves insulin sensitivity
which can induce weight loss and suppress sugar cravings. FGF 21 has
recently been found to strengthen the immune system and extend the lifespan by
as much as 40%. Wow and again wow. Researchers show that intermittent fasting produces the
right levels of FGF 21 to resist aging changes. Here’s the recommended intermittent
fasting scheduled from Dr. Sears. #1. Start your day with a 10 a.m.
breakfast. #2. Lunch at the regular time. #3. Finish your dinner by 6 p.m.
#4. Fast from 6 p.m. until 10:00 a.m. the next morning. Simple enough. Take note that fasting isn’t for
everyone. People with, for example, diabetes and other
medical conditions, may have to avoid fasting altogether. Consult with your
healthcare provider before fasting. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to the
channel as more information about telomeres, anti-aging and reverse aging
is coming. The information presented in this video is but one way to protect
your telomeres. Not only am I on this intermittent fasting schedule, but I also
take Dr. Sear’s supplements for anti-aging and reverse aging. A link to
more information about telomeres and to purchase anti-aging supplements is in
the description below this video. For now, live long and longer. Intermittent fasting works. Try it. Sincerely, Dr. Urban

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