Instant EYE LIFT -It’s NOT what you think

Hello Youtubers, Microcurrent fans and
skin care aficionados, fellow estheticians. If you haven’t already subscribed,
please subscribe. My name is
Christine Byer. I am a licensed master esthetician
in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have been for
17 years. I am coming to you
from the beautiful Nice, France. I’ve been having a lot of fun here.
I haven’t got a lot of sun yet. I’m an esthetician,
it’s not always the best option for me. What I wanted to say was
I was talking with my husband yesterday, he said, “Wow honey, your eyes are really wide open,
looking really wide.” I was like, “Yes.”
I started thinking about it and otherwise the fact that I’m chronically tired lately
because we are (?) the house, I’ve been doing all this remodeling
and stuff. I started thinking about it,
and the water here in France is pretty amazing. At least the
bottled water. They have this magnesium based bottled water
that I freaking love. Look at this deck on here.
It’s like magnesium, 119. Sulfate, I need to look what all these do
but Calcium, 149. That’s for the whole bottle,
but I drink a couple of these a day. I’m not always cognizant
of how much calcium I get home. I remember I took a hair analysis test
when I- some people think it’s bunk
but I do a hair analysis and they can analyze what you’re low in
as far as minerals, or do you have any toxic build up,
arsenic, that sort of thing. They can see it
in your hair. My doctor said “Congratulations,
welcome to the human race. You are low in calcium and magnesium.”
I was like, okay that sounds interesting. I did get calcium and magnesium.
But I just don’t take it, I should. When I drink this, I sleep like a champ,
which has always been an issue for me. My skin looks amazing.
Like contraction. Calcium contracts
and magnesium relaxes, you need both
to have muscles that work well. I was thinking
I have mentioned this before. The calcium-magnesium content in for example,
the Volcanic Origins mask which is fantastic. I have used that once or twice
since I’ve gotten here, too. Because anti-pollution, anti-pollution is
the new buzz word in professional skin care. When I go to these
professional skin care conventions, they’re talking,
that’s everywhere- Anti-pollution. The Volcanic Origins, bentonite clay,
volcanic ash, that’s all anti-pollution that really sucks
gunk out of skin like nobody’s business. I personally noticed a big difference
in my skin when I used this because Americans are so depleted in minerals
and I think much of the world is. That will show in your neck,
that will show in your skin for sure. I always see it in my neck.
I’m like, “Wow. That’s way back up there.” I brought my mini
but I haven’t used it yet this trip. We’re in Nice.
You know. I was really excited about that
and it keeps reinforcing that. We need vitamin-
we need minerals. They’re just as important as vitamins,
and we especially need them because they help
conduct and they make your microcurrent treatments
way more effective. Another thing
I wanted to remind people of is- I was looking at my skin
from this time last year. We came to Paris last year,
and I didn’t have this little gem last year. This recovery is the bomb.
It’s 70% active ingredients. I’ve talked about this
in videos before. This plus that volcanic origins mask,
your skin will transform. It’s just so freaking amazing.
This by itself, your skin will transform. That’s why I’m excited when I find or when
I get reminded of why minerals are so potent. But then, I still was getting a lift
and my skin is thicker. I feel it looks better than it did last year
compared to old vacation photos. But recovery, 70% active.
This little gem which is my favorite. The holy grail ice serum
by Neogenesis. It works
so well, I feel like it’s given me a lot of volume back
underneath my eyes. You can go back and look at some videos
from last summer and see what I’m talking about. Then I bought this little guy with me,
how cute is this? This is the
booster they just came out with. For those of you who are very dry,
I think that you’ll like this quite a bit because it has -it’s 40% active ingredient
which is stronger than their skin serum, which is also
nice. But it has sort of
a more oilier feel. You still get that plumping effect with it,
but it just feels really nice. It gives
a nice sheen. It’s the new booster
and it just really plumps the skin,
it’s the human stem cell S2RM technology that I’ve talked about
in other videos. Then there’s this,
their body cream which I love. I can’t tell you
enough. The cool thing is you can use this
on your face too. I actually forgot my
intensive moisturizer and I’m like, “You know what, I have this.
I’ll just use it on my face and it works great.” Their body cream,
I’m loving. It’s starting to get rid of- I have psoriasis.
I get it on my elbows. I feel like it’s starting to ease that
a little bit. My creepiness on my thighs and all that stuff
that comes with age, the fun stuff. This new body cream
is the bomb. I’m loving it,
loving it, loving it. That’s it for today,
I just wanted to- this comes in a much larger bottle.
This is just travel size. This-
can you read it? It’s hard
to read. Anyway, it says booster.
Neogenesis booster. That’s it. Make sure you getting your minerals
both internally and externally, and make sure you’re replacing
your stem cell activity. You should have really rocking skin
and make sure you’re doing your mini. I’m going to do that tonight.
But I’ll fall asleep first. Thanks for

5 thoughts on “Instant EYE LIFT -It’s NOT what you think

  1. Hi Christine.Instead of taking calcium & mag pills, try taking a liquid Trace Mineral supplement such as "10,000 Volts" which u can find on or ThoseAmazon..also, use a Magnesium Oil or gel and massage into your legs after showering!!

  2. Calcium is very difficult for your body to absorb and utilize when taken as a supplement. Try to get it from food. If you take enough magnesium, potassium and vitamin D, your calcium will be utilized properly. FYI.

  3. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a huge game changer for skin, hair, nails and energy (tons of other benefits too). Super inexpensive and easy to take.

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