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Hello? Is anybody there? I can’t move. Why can’t I move? Hello? Somebody help me! Please! The following is the first video in a twelve
part series on disturbing sleeping disorders. In this first installment, we’ll be discussing
sleep paralysis; what causes it and how it affects the body. Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious
but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages
of wakefulness and sleep. In the Philippines, sleep paralysis is often
referred to as the “bangungot”, and some folklore has even suggested that people have
died from this. Sleep paralysis happens during REM sleep,
when the body is temporarily immobilized. This immobilization occurs as a natural way
to prevent us from acting out our dreams and potentially injuring ourselves, but the paralysis
normally goes away once the body is roused when we awaken. When experiencing sleep paralysis, however,
the mind wakes up often several minutes before the body does, and thus, the body is still
paralyzed despite the mind being fully conscious. The experience can be terrifying, and it often
coincides with sleep hallucinations, where reports of an evil presence are common. Also commonly associated with the experience
are the feelings of being crushed or choked. These sensations have given sleep paralysis
a firm place in the world of paranormal folklore, and also in the world of alien mythology. So, why do we experience sleep paralysis?
Well, many people have experienced sleep paralysis at some point in their lives, and it can sometimes
be triggered by sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, or certain medications. The key
to dealing with it when it does occur though is to not fight it, and instead try to relax
and take slow controlled breaths. Then, while remaining calm, attempting to move the extremities,
such as toes or fingers can often do the trick, as the feelings of paralysis are not as prevalent
in these areas. So, that’s it for part one of our series
on the twelve disturbing sleep disorders. If you would like to see part two, which is
on insomnia, make sure to like this video and subscribe to Pysch2Go. Good night and
sleep tight.

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  1. I experienced this when I was younger my sister and I woke up at the same time and I saw someone /something messing with my sister and then that thing came to me and I was scared. After we woke up out of are sleep paralysis we heard this dun dun noise and woke up and check everywhere searching to that noise/thing but we could find anything. When we moved and we don’t experience that thing anymore but it’s still haunting my sister and I for life. My sister and I saw a tall person with a shadow and we though it was slender man because we watched/ heard many stories about him.😂 One time I saw an alien saucer flew through my bed room window and I thought I was going to get abducted .

  2. I love sleep paralysis, I've always thought it was really cool. When I was a teen I used to film myself sleeping to see when I got into REM sleep and the onset of paralysis. It's always been a positive experience for me. I just want to know why I can't fully open my eyes when it happens, I don't understand why you shouldn't open your eyes at all lol

  3. Nothing tries to kill me because I’m shouting curse words in my mind and attempting to fight the demon that isn’t even there

    Basically I’m fighting myself and staying calm at the same time I-

  4. I'm not sure if im experiencing sleep paralyisis although this is how it started some how random pictures of me were getting sent to my grades gc then this man in black was trying to choke me and pushing me down so i couldnt move and i couldnt talk this was happening for like 10 minutes then stopped

  5. In my SP im always getting cut open stabbed or screamed at. It dosent even scare me anymore. Its just ugh tony the tiger is ripping me open again what the fuck ever

  6. Dogs must be able to sense when you have sleep paralysis because last time I had mine, I was about to fall asleep and Leo my Pomeranian was already sleep on the floor. Next thing I know I wake up but my body can’t move and Leo is now in the bed in my face whimpering…

    I didn’t see anything freaking but mainly because my dog kept my focus. He started barking and next thing I know I woke up…

    It pays to have dogs folks! A cat would’ve just sat there and stared at me😒

  7. since you are hallucinating, in many cases it would actually be just as scary if your eyes were closed, like closing you eyes and then just seeing something like smile.jpg

  8. The first (and only) time I had sleep paralysis,I opened my eyes and felt my blanket being pulled,and me along with it. I tried to pray,but my jaw wouldn't move and that's when I realized it was sleep paralysis. I woke up a little startled.

  9. I had this … I woke up looked to the side of me and heard someone coming upstairs I then thought it was my mum so I kept looking and then a black man opened my door and stood there it was terrifying

  10. I focus on the feeling I feel when I pull my body up from a laying down position. I know that feeling because I’ve felt it before, so I always focus on that as hard as I can and it makes me feel as if I’m pulled up and out of some other dimension and then I’m finally laying on my actual bed and I can move agaib

  11. I kept having these through childhood A LOT. Till this day I still get sleep paralysis. I had depression since 6 years old though so…

  12. I had sleep paralysis only once in my life. It was really weird. I was asleep, dreaming, when I realized that I was dreaming. The night before I had read some articles about lucid dreams and how to have them. So normally, the moment that you realize you’re dreaming, you can start lucid dreaming. Or so I thought. Instead, I woke up. But I couldn’t move. Only my eyes. It was still dark outside. So I did the only thing I could. I closed my eyes. And it felt like I fall asleep instantly. And I was dreaming again. But this time, I knew I was. And it was pretty funny to do what you want in dreams. Until the Special Dreams Force arrived. It was my alarm clock 🙂
    And when I woke up, I wasn’t paralyzed. It was both a terrific and fascinating experience. But it still hasn’t happened again. Yet.

    Thanks for listening. 👋

  13. When I got my first paralysis I saw a alien in the corner of my room and I just said to myself “it’s Howard mom told me he was going to visit”

  14. Once I had some really bad sleep paralysis and I got olny 2-3 hours of sleep.. I was terrified of ghosts spirits etc.. and I just had a really bad one from that.

  15. The way to escape sleep paralysis is to have the will power to breathe really hard, the sound of your own breath will wake you. But don't try to go back to sleep right away, because you will fall back into it. You cannot ride it out, you will never fall back into normal sleep. It feels like your soul is being pulled from your body. And you hear a rushing in your ears, and you feel like you are on some sort of roller coaster or a ride.

  16. I get it often. I find that clicking the base of your tongue works amazing and helps you wake up. If you experience it don’t freak out and relax and try clicking your tongue

  17. i have it to but i just think when its my time to go its time thats how i FIND my motivation to keep on fighting on this big planet

  18. this is gonna sound really werid but every time i get sleep paralysis . i can feel them choking me and trying to touch me like is that normal ??

  19. The first time I had sleep paralysis I saw my Mom and Dad getting a divorce so I went to their room and saw both of them there.

  20. No one will remember to relax when they’re going through this! Trust me, the last thing I am gonna think about during an attack is wiggling my bloody extremities!

  21. I can imagine moving in sleep paralysis is the equivalent to Jotaro moving in DIO's frozen time
    Demon: MASAKA
    You: I can now move for 2 seconds in sleep paralysis..

  22. The first time I had it, it was something…scary…it was a black figure with white glowing eyes. Well it wasn’t actually sleep paralysis. It was my cat on my chest lol

  23. you should not really touch any one who is in sleep Paralysis,best thing to do,Is wait for them to be able to move,Normally takes any thing up to 5 to 7 mins

  24. I just had sleep paralysis i can't do this anymore this is horrible. I open my eyes i can see but its like i try to move but nothing i dont move i try to speak there is no sound coming out of my mouth i cant speak. There is no where in hell i am going to sleep today

  25. No. 1 to do when you realized you are in a sleep paralysis is RELAX…Then, call IN JESUS NAME. Next, try to move your FEET. If you want to sleep again after this incident, make sure you sleep on the side not flat on the bed. This always works on me.

  26. When ever I go through sleep paralysis I reassure myself (well try to at least) and move my toes that most of the time works for me

  27. It happend to me 5mins ago and i got scared so i googled it… the scary part is that for some reason the second it started happening my dreams idk if thst makes sense but lets call it graphics (like im videogames) got super super realistic i heard everything 3x louder (i heard my computers powersupply whining very loud and from now on i can always hear it but not very loud.) I was dreaming that some old guy was exsplaining to me that he has seen a girl with some old gray silverish colored phone filming him from the corner of the room we were looking at. Then he wanted to check the house with me. And while we were going upstairs i got a feeling someone was there in the same corner i turned around and a hand was sticking out from the curtains with a phone in her hand pointed towards us. I started hearing sounds very loud that i couldnt hear before. Couldnt move or open my eyes but i was trying very hard. Then the ringing stoped i managed to moved my toe then i wokeup i can still hear the powersupply
    That was fuking weird and i cant get rid of the ringing.

  28. I got sleep paralysis once and was scared shitless because I hallucinated the hands climbing over my bed to grab me finally. It was actually my cousin, I accidentally punched her in the face.

  29. when I first had this I was so scared like I opened my eye I could see anything but then cant move my body.But I'm so used to that this that everytime my eye and mind moves before my body,I just be like "my body hasn't screated the chemical that make me move"so I just wait patiently for a few sec and I'm back to normal.It happens after I eat and sleep or sometimes I have some wierd dreams and my eye suddenly opens

  30. Wow thats happened with me in my childhood many times i was awake but couldnt move my body or talk even sometimes i see dreams about the same thing in my dreams.spiritchul poeple say it is effect somekind of demon who sit on you or prevent you from moving or talking whlie you conches is awake

  31. My story with sleep paralysis
    So i was dreaming about me in the car listening to music and then all of sudden it turns dark and the music turns to people screaming veryyy loudly in my ears then i realized i was having a nightmare but i couldnt do shit about it i tried screaming , movingg and then one eye opened then closed again all this was happening while listening to people screaming 🙂
    When i moved i ran to my parents room and cried my eyes out😂

  32. I get sleep paralysis just before I fall asleep. I feel like every cell in my brain is vibrating and I hear the loud vibrations too. I usually hear and feel a scary presence’s foot steps walking from far towards my room until the presence is just above my face. And if I open my eyes…well I only did that once and never again I saw dark figures but I don’t fully remember because I closed them back again quickly

  33. Why i don’t open my eyes during sleep paralyisis: IM TO SCARED!!!!

    What i do to snap out of it: ignore it and tell the brain its nothing

    Back in the real world UwU


  34. My first time I had sleep paralysis I thought I went paralyzed , my eyes were closed I couldn’t open them and my whole body went numb.I literally had to try shaking my head violently until I started moving…after I could move again I got so scared that I just cried for like an hour and a half and then I just didn’t sleep for the rest of the night 😞

  35. I hate sleep paralysis! It feels like i'm floating around the room, but can't lift my head up. I can't scream, but can hear myself slighty moan with my mouth closed. I can't move, but am able to float from different corners of the room. It feels like there's something watching you and you can see dark shadows or morbid flashbacks.

  36. Sleep paralysis sucks. I sometimes get it when I am trying to sleep. I remain awake, the body doesn't respond, and I have a hard time breathing which forces me to wake up. This happens multiple times. It usually work to pile up some pillows, lay on them, and try to sleep again. In this case I can breathe better.

    But when I am waking up with sleep paralysis, I force myself awake. Or if I feel I am choking, the body usually wakes me up since, thank god, it knows I would be dying otherwise.

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