today I’m going to share with you a way to use aloe vera on your face for softer firmer smoother glowy skin but first let’s talk about the beauty benefits of the star ingredient aloe vera contains a wide variety of different vitamins such as vitamin A B C D and E it’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory and country skin conditions such as psoriasis acne and dry skin the gel inside aloe vera contains a very high water content which means it’s very hydrating and soothing for the skin so the one and only ingredient you need for this face mask is an aloe vera leaf I order mine online which is white comes wrapped in cling film the first thing ideas wash my leaf this is important because we need to make sure it’s clean before music then just cut off the very end of the leaf the part that’s brown and throw that way all that’s left to do is cut off a piece however big you want and then just cut off the sides of the piece this makes it easier to access the gel I just slide my knife inside so I have two pieces of I love so next all I do is scrape the gel into a cup I had trouble doing this so I ended up using a knife then just use a fork or spoon to mix the alloy in the cup this will make it easier to plan the skin I like to use the gel two different ways the first where like using it is by just using the extracted gel straight unto my skin I like massaging the gel into my skin for a few minutes it feels really nice since it’s cold but the gel can be super slippery and keeps slipping out of your hands so try be cautious of this ii wear like using gear is by just rubbing the leaf onto my skin i prefer this method because it feels so much more cooling on your face just like the first method I rubbed this into my skin for a few minutes there’s always a lot of gel left on the leaf so once I’m done using the leaf I scrape off the leftover gel with my fingers and also use this on my skin once a few minutes past the gel would dry up and your face will feel really tight almost as if you can’t move it I like to leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing it off but you can leave you on for longer if you want once you’ve rinsed it off you can just continue with your normal skincare routine you’ll notice that your skin is extremely smooth and soft this mask is amazing for achieving healthy and glowing skin but don’t expect results overnight isis mask for a few weeks before I started to notice any drastic changes to my skin and that’s pretty much it thanks for watching


  1. Gorgeous skin! I’ve been having trouble getting clear skin so I think I’ll put some in my rice water from your other video! New sub!

  2. aloe vera gel actually irritates my skin a bit so i have to wash it off after it dries :c not sure if this happens to anyone else?

  3. hi do you have an instagram/twitter account? i want to follow you in other social media because your video is really really gooooodddd i like it ❤

  4. @MrMeow – U said not to expect any overnight results. Did it ever occur to u some women already have & just maybe it also had to do with the melanin in their skin😉😂?? Jus bc it took u 3 wks doesnt mean it*ll be 3 wks for others😉😁!

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  6. Don't use Alovera directly it causes skin irritation, rashes, finally damage ur skin You to buy the alovera gel and then u use it it will save & gives more benefits to the skin

  7. Hi my dear 👋
    Please what's your second product that you use at the end ?
    Your skin is so smoooooth😭❤
    Thanks 😊

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  9. Honestly, what "drastic changes" are you talking about?? You look like you're a baby. Let's see someone in their 60s do this video. They let's see if there are any "drastic changes" in a few weeks!

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