I Gained Weight – Here’s How I’m Going to Lose It!

– I don’t actually feel
that great at the minute. My supplements. And they’re carrying a lot more fat. Being on camera can be very hard. I wasn’t actually that hungry but I know I need to eat food. Today is going to be a
different kind of video. I wasn’t actually going to film this or put it up because I’m really nervous about doing this because I actually always hide this. So before we jump in, don’t forget to hit that
like and subscribe button and turn your notifications on so you know every time I post. (upbeat music) See here I’ve gained weight. I’ve been away for about four weeks with no access to a kitchen, so I’ve been eating out constantly, enjoying myself and even
indulging in alcohol because we’ve had a few weddings. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve had an amazing four weeks but eating out 24/7, having alcohol and chocolate, is going to come with some
additional consequences. Which yeah, is totally fine, but it depends on what
day and mood I’m feeling, and how I’m looking at it. So normally I would completely hide away from the camera, get back into my normal
routine of healthy meal prep, and exercise and just not say anything. But today I really just want to show you that I do gain weight. Which is super scary for me to do, and also show you how I
get back into my routine and get some of this water weight and actual weight off of me. So on the screen now is a
photo of me before I went away, now I felt super lean, loads of energy, and full of confidence. Now next to it is how
I’m currently looking. After four to five weeks, eight plane journeys later, and no routine. Now maybe to some of you you can’t see a big difference, but to me there is. Now my weight has increased, my legs have got bigger, and they’re carrying a lot more fat. My arms definitely aren’t as tight, and my stomach does feel bloated. And yeah, my jeans have
also got a lot tighter. Now I know when you’ve seen me online it’s so easy to think that it’s just naturally always how I do look on camera, but I do struggle with my weight. I gain very quickly, and very easily. I have to watch what I eat. It’s taken me a lot of time to figure out what works for my body and my health. And I’ve developed a routine that I love and stick to every day. But yeah, when I don’t I gain. And I gain very quickly. And you know, being on camera can be very hard because I just always
want to show you the good. And I told myself that
I wasn’t going to film for about two weeks so I could get my weight back down. Because honestly I was
just scared of the comments I would get. Anyway, let’s just get into
the main part of the video, and show you, and start my mini transformation. – Okay guys, so what I’m
going to do for the next seven days is I’m going to meal prep and I’m literally going
to eat the same thing every single day. Now that might sound boring to some people but I genuinely love meal prepping and eating the same thing because it just saves me a lot of time, it means I can be more
productive and work a lot longer. Plus I don’t have to worry about what I’m actually cooking. And I do cook all my
vegetables fresh every day, which you will see. But what I’m going to do today is I’m going to meal prep my quinoa and I’m also going to meal prep my dinner. So yeah, just so you know
what we’re getting into, you can see that I will
be eating the same thing every single day but I
don’t want to film that, because that’s just boring for you. But yeah, and I’m also
going to be baking as well. I’m probably going to do that tomorrow because I want to make
some protein brownies. But yeah, let’s get into it. I’m going to have my
first snack of the day, it’s going to be oats. So I’m going to weigh
out everything actually. I’m going to have 40
grams of gluten free oats, I’m going to have peanut butter, frozen raspberries, and I’m going to actually put chia seeds and flax seeds in with that as well. Just because I want to give additional bit of vitamins in the food. So also, I don’t actually
like making mine with water, I actually prefer making it with milk. So I’m going to use soy milk. I alternate between that and almond, but I have soy milk so
I’m going to use that. Same daily routine, just about to take my supplements, yes I do take a lot of supplements, some are for deficiencies that I have. And others just because I take them. I’m going to do a whole
thing on supplements, so don’t worry about that. But yeah, taking these are
my daily routine anyway. So time to get it. I just made my meal prep so
I’m going to be eating this for the entire six to seven days. So I have a side of vegetables with every single meal that I eat. So this is just courgette. Normally I would have peppers or broccoli but tonight I just fancied that. I’ve got some quinoa in there and it’s just turkey mince
with a pine tomato sauce and some spices. So I’m going to be having that all week. After I’ve finished this, I’m going to have a bath with Epsom salts, because that really helps
if you have water retention, then I’m going to head to bed and watch Stranger Things. So that’s the end of the first day and I’ll check in with you guys tomorrow for day number two. – Though we’re day two, I woke up and did feel
a lot better in myself. It’s now currently nearly 5 o’clock so I’ve had breakfast, lunch, I’m going to have snack
in a minute with some tea. I’m making a very big conscious effort to make sure that I’m
having a lot of water. I carry this around with me all the time I think it’s 750 milliliters. So I make sure that I’m trying to have about three or four of these a day and about three herbal teas. Just because it helps me
go to the toilet a lot more which obviously gets rid
of all the water retention. On another note, I’ve been increasing my fiber intake. So with every single meal that I do have, I make sure that there’s some
sort of vegetable in there. What I will do is in the
description box below, I’ll put exactly what I’m eating so you can see. But I’ve noticed since I’ve
been upping my fiber intake I’m going to the bathroom a lot more. In terms of number two. I’ve already been three times today, which normally I only go once, but I think because
I’ve gone back to eating a lot healthier, obviously all of the shit
literally coming out of me. No pun intended there. – Guys, hopefully you can hear me. So it’s Saturday, we’re on day three. I’m just going out for a walk and I’m going to go grab a coffee, I’m just waiting for Eric. He forgot his sun glasses, shock. But basically because it’s a Saturday I don’t normally work out on the weekends, but I like to do some sort of movement so I am going to go for a walk. I’m actually feeling really, really good. So I got on the scales this morning, I currently now weight 55.4, so as you guys know, the start weight was
56.1 and we’re now 55.4 So to me it’s showing me that
it is mainly water weight, but it’s coming off slowly, which is amazing. I think it’s because we’re eating healthy, and having obviously a
lot of water and tea. These are my cookies that I made they’re protein cookies
so majority is protein and they’re made with almond
flour and buckwheat flour. I’m going to be taking
these with me to the cinema so I don’t much on cinema snacks. Because normally when
I go I like Pick mix, popcorn or chocolate. So I’m going to be taking these instead and if you guys do want me to do a post on my Instagram with the recipe let me know in the comments below and I will definitely do that all for you. I have noticed as well my energy and mood has really actually increased. And I just genuinely feel so much better. I think that’s because
I am eating of course, whole healthy foods. I’m cooking everything from scratch, and I’m making sure that I am obviously drinking plenty of water. But yeah so far so good, I’m feeling really great in myself, I’m feeling confidant and really, really pumped and motivated. And as you can see, on
your screen right now this is how I am currently looking today. I’m actually really happy
with how I look anyway but I just want to take
you on this transformation just to show you obviously
how you can jump back after you’ve been away. But yeah, feeling great. And just like I said, going to, well I am going
to the cinema tonight. I’m going to show you
the treats I’m taking because I baked yesterday. So I’m going to take that
with me to the cinema. So yeah, I’ll show you that later. But yeah, so far so good. And I’ll check in with you guys tomorrow to update you on the progress. Hey guys so it’s day four now, I think. I don’t actually feel
that great at the minute, I’ve literally just come on my period. So I got on the scales today, I’ve gone up slightly to 55.6. So it’s gone up but you know, I’ve just come on so it could be why. There’s multiple factors it could be. But thing is, obviously when you are
trying to get back on track and lose weight your weight
is going to fluctuate. It’s not just going to keep
going down, down, down. So today what I’ve done
is just kept it chill, obviously it’s a Sunday, I don’t work out on the weekends so I went for a bit of a walk, I’ve had coffee with a friend and Aaron. Which was really nice, it was just relaxing. I’ve been doing work but I come back now, it’s literally I think
quarter past eight at night. Aaron’s at football, so I’ve literally just, I wasn’t actually that hungry, but I know I need to eat food, so I’ve just made myself some dinner. Obviously it’s meal
prepped which is amazing, So I’m just going to have my dinner and I’m going to put a hot
water bottle on my tummy, I’m going to have a magnesium. And I think I’m just going
to watch The Apprentice or something just, you know, chill out, let my body do it’s thing. But yeah, you know, it is what it is. You’re a woman that’s your hormones, that’s how life goes. So I will check in with you guys tomorrow, give you another update, we’re back on it tomorrow so I’m going to start
Monday with a heat sessions, get sweaty, get prepared for the week which I actually am really excited to do. So hopefully I feel
energized and ready for that in the morning. But I should be fine once
I have a nice easy night and what not, I will be all good. So gonna do that, have a lot of meetings to go to tomorrow, and phone calls. But you know, it’s Monday. It’s always the busiest day of the week, so I’ll check in with you guys tomorrow. Give you a body update and also let you know
how my body’s feeling and how I’m feeling towards it. And I’ll get on the
scales again, but yeah. That’s day four and I’ll
see you all tomorrow. Goodnight. – Hi guys, so we are
now on day five I think of the gain weight and
lose it transformation, so today as you guys know, is the second day of my period, so I do think that I am holding onto, water weight and I am feeling bloated, feeling heavier than normal, which is, you know, again normal. So today I weighed myself, I am the exact same that I was yesterday, but again, I’m going to upload
a photo so you guys can see on the screen how I am currently looking. I also did measure my arms and my waist, it has gone down. My arm is nearly at 10.25 and my waist has gone in to 24. So I do think I am
dropping the water weight, and like I said I think it’s
because I’m eating healthy, so I’m feeling good. I’ve had an absolute mare with, oh yeah this is my recording. When you guys see on YouTube. Had an absolute freaking
mare with our food shop. It was supposed to come yesterday but it hasn’t come. Been calling them, calling
them, calling them, and they don’t seem to
give a crap basically. So still don’t have any food shop here. So because of that, we only do food shop, to be honest. Because of that, I have to end up going out and eat lunch. So I’m going to put on screen what I had. Obviously I have done some meal prep, I was missing some things
like fresh vegetables. So that just put me off of wanting to cook because I’ve had so much, I’ve had meetings and stuff to go to. So what we’ve ended up doing
is going out for lunch, I had a meatless burger.
It was like a vegan burger. And I’ll put it on the
screen so you can see it. It was super delicious. So I had that with, I think I had ten chips and then a salad. So I had that today for lunch. Feeling good, and then today
we have meal prepped already. I have my turkey mince ready in the fridge and my quinoa, I’m just
going to have that. Gonna be really annoyed if
I don’t get my vegetables, if I don’t then I do
have some frozen broccoli in the freezer. Which I’ll get out and do. So yeah, that’s just a quick update, feeling good. Felt like my arms had decreased
slightly which is great, but yeah I will of course give
you guys an update tomorrow, because we’ll be on day six, super excited for that. And yeah, I’ll speak to you all tomorrow. Hey guys, so we’re on day six now of the mini transformation weight gain. I’m feeling a lot better, the scales went down again this morning. I definitely feel like I’m
loosing the water weight in my arms, and I just feel like
I’ve got more energy so. Yeah so far so good. I actually got my food shop, so that’s come and I actually
have all my ingredients now to just eat correctly. Like I said, one of the
days I had to go out and eat lunch but that wasn’t a huge deal. So far I’m just sticking
to the same thing, I’m having omelet, same lunch, same dinner and then
snacks the exact same. I am a bore, I keep things simple. And then exercise wise today
I have been sticking to, what’d I do this morning? Oh I actually did yoga this morning because I just kind of felt
like my body needed to like stretch out and I didn’t
want to over do myself. So I was just listening to how I felt, and that’s what I wanted to do. So we have one more day, tomorrow, so that will be the final weigh in and we can also see what
my measurements are saying, what my photos are saying. I have been keeping track of
everything as we go along. So I do think, like I said, it is down to water weight and of course I have put on some weight, but that is not a big deal. Just hydrating loads and
just eating as well as I can. So I will check in with you
guys tomorrow for the final day, and stay on the same meal plan as usual. Did yoga this morning so that’s it as far as exercise for me. I have got a YouTube video to film today, so that is going to be some cardio. I have a ten minute at home cardio routine coming up for you, so that’ll be on my channel soon. So yeah that’s it for today and we will check in on
the final day tomorrow. Can’t wait. – So guys we have made it to day seven of the mini transformation. I’ve had such an amazing time
filming this for you guys and I’m so excited to share
my results and measurements and photos and stuff with you. Before we dive into that, I just want to say that this has only been seven days
into this transformation. You’re not going to drop all
the weight in just one week, that’s not healthy and
it’s not sustainable. So I just want to let you know that I will be continuing to eat this way for a couple more weeks and slowly allow the fat loss to come off. Now I’m not going to lie, my jeans are still right. I was wearing mum jeans before, and I don’t think they’re
mum jeans anymore. I think they’re basically skinny jeans. They’re still tight and
that’s absolutely fine. I’m still holding on to some extra weight as well as water weight. And to be honest, I’m actually quite
comfortable with how I look. I’m actually really happy, I don’t really care. Don’t get me wrong, there has been times in the past where I wanted to weigh a certain weight, and I think that that’s what I should be. But in all honesty, I look in the mirror and I’m very happy with
how I look these days. I’m comfortable and
confidant within myself, so I feel like I’m not going
to put pressure on myself to get back to the weight
I was before I went away. I’ve been away, I had fun, I’ve enjoyed myself and
it’s normal to gain weight. But anyway, I’ve only
been eating obviously back how I used to eat and getting into my
normal routine for a week. So of course I’m not
going to be where I was, it’s going to take time, but I’m going to show you guys exactly now what I have been weighing after one week. I’m also going to put
a photo side by side, share the measurements so
we can compare all of it. So on the screen right
now is a photo of me when we started one week ago. Now I’m just going to put the measurements and the weight up there
just so it’s clear exactly what I was weighing and how I looked. Anyway, now let’s get the
other photo up for today. So currently right now, I’m weight 55.2, so that’s
a 0.9 kg difference, nearly a kilo. Now to me I’m super happy with that. It’s been only a week and
I’ve basically dropped a kilo. That is going to be water weight, and that of course is
going to be some fat. Now to me in the photo I’m
seeing a significant difference. Even now if you look, I think my arms have
definitely leaned down, I’m beginning to see my stomach muscles, but to me the biggest
difference is my legs. And not only that my
energy levels and my mood is so much happier because I feel like now that I’m not eating processed foods, I’m eating healthy, whole foods. I’m just generally feeling back to myself. Now what I am also going to do right now is I’m going to show you a video of how I’m looking this morning. And you guys also going to see
me getting on the scale, so. I have had people say before, you know people are always like oh is that what you look like? Well yes, here’s a video, and you guys see me on
camera there’s no editing, I can’t hid from anything. So you can see here in the video clip, this is how I look. So you can see that there is a difference and I’m really happy
with my progress so far over just seven days. So I am going to keep this up, I’m going to stay with
exactly what I am doing, I am going back to the UK next week, and I am seeing a lot
of friends and family and I’m not even going to lie to you, we’re going for Indian and stuff. So I’m going to enjoy myself. I’m not being restrictive, I’m not going on a strict diet, that’s just not how I’m doing my thing. So I’m going to keep with
how I am for the time being, just eating healthy. Oats are coming back in, I’m still going to keep
exactly how I have been eating so same breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snacks are going to be the same, but I might swap out
instead the protein brownies or cookies I cooked, I’m now going to go for oats instead. And what I am going to do is stick to around the
same macros and calories. So I hope this has been
really insightful guys and like I said, you can’t just drop weight in one week, it’s not going to happen. It’s a slow thing that happens over time, and it might take me
another four to six weeks to get my weight back down. To be honest with you, I’m not going to lie, I’m not that bothered about
weighing what I did weigh before I left, 53. I think that was just something in my mind that was psychological with that, I have to weigh a certain weight. But I actually don’t. There’s many different factors
that come into your weight and I am very happy with currently what I am weighing right now. If I lose a bit more weight, that’s great but I’m not, that’s not my main focus in my life. And it’s not something
I’m going to obsess over because I’m happy with how
I am currently looking. And that’s all that really matters. I’m comfortable, confidant in my own skin, and that’s really the only
thing that I have to care about. So guys I hope you enjoyed this video, and I hope it’s been insightful, helpful, interesting,
and all of that jazz. So you can see that I
do gain weight as well. And I hope this is also
helped to just show you what you can also do by eating healthily, having a routine, and exercising to feel confidant in you. Now don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe to my channel by
clicking on the button below. And if you need help with
your training and nutrition, then don’t forget to
check out the quiz below. So let me know also, in the comments, if you liked this video. And tell me, do you gain
weight easily as well?

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  37. Thank you for posting this Holly. I swear by you I tell everyone about you. I had stopped exercising for a month because of access. I also stopped intermittent fasting. I immediately gained a few pounds. It's hard getting back on track. I was exercising about 80 minutes in the morning. I want to aim for 30 minutes. And I see I'm not the only one having bm problems. Thank you for everything Holly.

  38. This is a very intrusive question but I’m wondering what’s your height because my body type is sort of like yours (but I’m a bit more bulky bone-wise)

  39. Thanks for your honesty. You are amazing just for sharing it. Make me feel that I can get in shape and if something happen I don't need to get depressed. Thanks again Holly.

  40. U know what u go girl good for u I wish I looked like u with weight gain I like u put weight on so quick I eat next to mothing and workout loads and still put weight on and have a horrid body staging fat and look like a 70year old

  41. I went on an over month long holiday, an gained weight even though I felt like I was still trying to eat healthy and I went to cruise gym and everything, was really hard to not have an kitchen! So I feel you.

  42. Your human, you will gain weight naturally. Your naturally keeping yourself to be toned all the time. Your weight gain actually looks good. I can quite quickly so I can totally understand that! Thats nice you want to shape up again! Honestly I would have loved if you filmed even with weight gain, its still nice your shape. Your harsh on yourself!

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