it’s just like sticking out a little bit what is up everybody welcome back to my
channel my name is Cinthia today on this video this is part two I am going to be
doing a huge Sephora gratis haul just kidding it’s kind of small a small
gratis haul but still it’s free makeup yeah so part one was my first
impressions and I did use quite a bit of the products from this gratis haul for
today’s look and yeah it turned out like this and please don’t mind my little guy
down here I had a pimple and I picked I picked at
it so we’re just gonna pretend it’s not there and then we’re just gonna let the
look be the center of attention here anyway so if you do want to see my first
impressions video and watch how I created this look I will be linking that
video down below but let’s not make this enter too long let’s go ahead and jump
into that gratis haul so this is what your gratis looks like when you pick it
up so the leadership team which are all the managers in our store they have to
do what’s called scribing which is either engraving AP or personal or g for
gratis on every single makeup item that s áfourá cast member would have in their
bag or on their person so as you can see here this is a great example and thank
you to the leadership team we’re putting in enormous G on my Anastasio bronzer
that’s okay don’t get me wrong I am very very grateful for my gratis so I would
say I get gratis from Sephora about five to six times a year average and every
single time the gratis is kind of like this size for sure
sometimes I get two bags of gratis which is super amazing but for me as a color
cast member I mostly get makeup while somebody in skincare would get a lot
more skincare in their gratis so to start off I am going to
talk about this origins primer this is origins original skin pork perfecting
cooling primer with willow-herb and it comes in a little can and the reason for
that is because when you spray it out it comes out as a foam and I hated it it
actually left this little mark on my sweater from me just trying to like get
it out of the can and then you know apply it into my face it made a huge
mess two origins does make a really big deal out of the fact that it’s very that
it has a cooling effect so when you get it out of the packaging it comes out as
like a super messy phone so it looks like this like I don’t even want it on
my hand right now because I know it’s so messy but as you can see it’s just like
it eases down and it feels really really really cool on my hand right now like
almost almost uncomfortable as if I was holding an ice cube that was melting
that’s how it feels and when you start to work it in its supposed to be a pore
refining primer so it’s supposed to just fill in your pores and give you a really
nice sturdy base it does smell good it’s not overpowering it smells very natural
like something like a product you would find at the lush store but it’s not
sticky it’s just if my hand does feel moisturized I just totally completely
hate the application of it I hate how messy it is but I mean it feels okay I
don’t think this is a complete fail but I think it would be a pretty good pore
refining smoothing primer for someone that’s more combo oily and the reason
for that is because the oils your skin naturally produced will balance out how
velvety this primary gets when it sets so next I have
the bareMinerals bear Pro Foundation I got the shade natural number 11 now this
foundation was in the store before I even got a chance to try it on so I have
tried this on different people with different skin types and I do find that
people with more combo oily skin can wear this a little bit better than
someone who’s dry skin on the display it actually says it is a soft matte long
wearing foundation because of that I did steer my dry skin clients away from this
foundation it is what I’m wearing on my face today I thought it was okay I did
have to apply two layers to get a full coverage which is what I have going on
right now one layer did deliver more like a medium
coverage which I thought it was okay but it’s very buildable so I like that the
finish of it it was okay I felt like it dried down kind of fast and I don’t know
if that had to do with the fact that I had this terrible horrible primer on my
face that I really hate it so I’m not sure I’m going to get this foundation a
couple more shots and the next time I use it I am going to be using a
hydrating primer probably my hangover primer which is my absolute go to so I
want to pause talking about color and take a second to talk about the skincare
I got in my gratis I did receive the new Clinique Moisture Surge what’s different
about this one welder’s it’s kind of a reformulation reformulation of the very
popular Clinique Moisture Surge and what the Clinique lady said her name
is Amanda she actually trained me on this product she said that it’s just
going to be more effective a big deal about this is that it says that it is a
72 hour auto replenishing hydrator that’s a big deal that’s like what four
or five days I don’t know that’s a very long time it does have aloe vera which
is a very soothing and calming ingredient it does help with redness and
hydration so it has that and the new Moisture Surge from what she said it
also applies really nicely underneath makeup because it does dry really fast
since it’s a gel formula if you’re looking for a fairly inexpensive
moisturizer that’s going to be really really hydrating that’s going to keep
your skin how you ready for a long time and that’s going to wear really nicely
under your makeup this would be a great little guide to snatch up okay so next
thing to skincare I got another clinic product this one is
the Clinique pep star pep start eye cream the eye cream I believe has
caffeine which is a very popular ingredient for eye products in skincare
because it’s deep puffing and it helps with dark circles it’s just a great
first eye cream it does its job it hydrates the area around the eye and I
really like how it has a rounded edge so you can pretty much just like massage
the product down all around the eye like do a 360 this is actually my second tube
and I actually really really liked this I cream especially for makeup
application prepping your eye area with this it’s going to be really really
beneficial for the overall finish of the makeup around the eye so another skin
care product I got in my gratis is this oh my god caress Wild Rose smoothie
brightening priming moisturizer so it’s kind of like its wooden one recently
two-in-one products moisturizers / primers have been really popular in
skincare and this one is one of the more popular ones this would be great for
normal to dry skin because the main ingredient is and this is the yoghurt
which is gonna be very hydrating and soothing on the skin they do have
another one and that one is just like this one it’s also a moisturizer primer
and that one’s based off of pomegranate and that’s a great moisturizer primer
for someone who’s more combo oily I’ve used it on my clients and makeup
went on like super smoothly and it was also really nice and glowy so I gave my
client like really hydrated effect Korres is one of these brands in Sephora
that are kind of totally underrated and a product like this I mean I don’t know
I’m super super excited to try it out so next I am going to be talking about the
UH Nastasia soft glam eyeshadow palette and oh my god I’m just blown away this
eyeshadow palette is one of the most timeless this is I would say my favorite
palette of all time yes I said that my favorite palette just
because the colors in here are timeless you can do so much with just one palette
you can go very natural or you can create a very dramatic look this palette
is actually what I use today to do my eye and let me check out this eye and
look at this pal a look at the eye and look at this palette I mean can you
believe I created this eye look with a soft glam palette you can go from
natural to drama to extra girl in like 0.5 seconds let’s do some swatches so
I’m barely going to touch the mat and oh my God look at this so that was just
barely touching it I think this formula speaks for itself
it speaks with an exclamation mark now it’s speaking with an actual
exclamation mark now let me show you how these glitters watch I just I can’t look
how bright that orange is so yeah I’m in love true life I’m having a love affair
with my soft glam eyeshadow palette what can you do what’s the girl to do but
love this palette with all my heart but honest hacia thank you thank you girl
so next pot Nastasia I got my bronzer and I have been waiting tirelessly for
this bronzer I got the shade saddle and guess what I also think this swatch is
like a freaking dream I actually got a chance to oh yeah
yeah I actually got a chance to play with these bronzers when Gabi came in
with the full collection of bronzers she came in with the honor easy highlight
which is absolutely gorgeous I didn’t get that in gratis but that’s okay I’m
gonna get it with my own money I love my girl Umrah and I need to have her glow
on my face I need your glow give me your glow
please anyways back to the bronzers so as you can see it has a really
consistent pigment all throughout the swatch when you’re applying this bronzer
you can see it’s just like it looks like a cream bronzer which is a really big
deal there are no patches anywhere on my face it starts out very natural and then
you can build the intensity as you go it’s just a dream it’s a dream bronzer
alright moving along I also got the new bare minerals blush the shade of got the
shade I got is called call my blush but here check out this color it’s pretty
much this perfect pink it has the perfect amount of rose and coral it just
has a great balance so it feels amazing it’s like I don’t know it just feels
like a cream this is actually what I’m wearing on my cheeks right now it gives
a complexion life a rosy hue so if you walk by a bare minerals counter
definitely pick one of these guys up they’re totally worth your money
also from bare minerals I got the new bare minerals Gen nude lip lacquers and
this one is is beautiful it’s beautiful it smells
really good too it smells like candy I really like this color let’s see this
color is darling it’s darling honey I’m serious the color is called darling it’s
watching so nicely and it’s obviously very pigmented that’s just kind of a
staple for lip lacquers I’m gonna give this a try I’m probably gonna do a look
a little bit later on that’s going to feature this really pretty glossy pink
but this is really cute very pigmented I would definitely buy this with my own
money wow I can’t believe I almost skipped over today’s lip this is one of
the new Anastasia colors that’s going to be coming out soon along with the soft
glam eyeshadow palette and the new bronzers I got this really pretty
metallic e navy blue shade and then this is the shade Ric iam and it’s gorgeous
is such a pretty shade it like this very metallic key but not glittery and I
really appreciate that so much so this is what it looks like with just
one swatch pigmented perfect it’s perfect it feels really nice and
lightweight I am excited for you guys to check these
out to play with them to get them I think that uh Nastasia launch is gonna
be very very successful and I think they haven’t launched any of these products
yet I believe they’re going to be launched on the 8th March 8th so
speaking of lipsticks I also received the new Kat Von D studded lipsticks they
launched a couple of weeks ago but I just got this to my gratis this is the
shade Lolita my absolute favorite color by Kat Von D Lolita like everybody has a
little data and this color is supposed to be kind of like a universal pink and
it does look good on almost all skin types just kidding every skin type any
of you haven’t I highly encourage you to go into Sephora and pick this up put it
on your lips and then you’re going to be like feeling yourself yeah it’s
totally totally way creamier than the previous formula the pigment is there I
think you can yeah you can see a little bit of like how creamy and shiny it is
right now it’s not like super shiny but it just it does catch a little bit of
the light whereas before it really didn’t because it was more of a mats
formula I think it’s great good job cap on D I got audacious
lipstick oh I don’t know if there’s anybody that knows me who’s watching
this you know you know I love NARS I frickin love NARAS NARS is actually my
absolute favorite brand at Sephora so have you asked me two seconds you have
two seconds to choose what’s your favorite brand that would be like nurse
and these lipsticks are just extraordinary NARS has been doing it
right for a long long time like audacious lipsticks launched a couple of
years ago I’ve been loving this formula for like ever it’s so great it’s so
pigmented I don’t have any room in my hand left but okay we’ll try it right
there it just immediately gives you awesome color payoff and this actually
lasts all day I do feel like the pigment stays on for a very very long time I’m
talking like six to eight hours but after you’ve done all that talking and
eating some of like that pigment fades but the cool thing is that it still
leaves kind of like a tent behind I’ve got an arson eita and I’m so happy and
grateful for this lipstick thank you nurse
thank you alright so bite Beauty gave me this this is one of the prismatic multi
sticks and I got the color rose pearl and I don’t know if you can see it but
it’s kind of like a duo chrome type of color I don’t love the formula of it I
feel like it’s runny it’s patchy it’s like a really pretty duo chrome like it
changes color from like quarry to pink but I just feel like the
application of this okay so I’m blending it out and it’s more sheer now the dual
chrome is still there but like I don’t know
I wouldn’t put this on my lips I feel I know it would just fade and like not
even 30 minutes I don’t know I don’t feel like my beauty should really be a
part of the glitter animation we have going on at Sephora because this is an
okay product but it’s not the best lastly and lipsticks I did get a the new
fresh advanced therapy sugar dream chopsticks now if you haven’t tried a
chopstick buy fresh you have to do it in my eyes
fresh makes the best chapstick in all of Sephora if not in all of the cosmetic
world I believe that sugar is one of the main ingredients in all of their
chopsticks and this one just has kind of like a pinky hue to it I mean like I can
try to swatch it but it’s a natural color you know what I mean it’s just
going to give you like a look alive effect on the lips like it’s pretty but
I already know that I love the original one I got I have the clear one and I
absolutely love that but now I’m another one so yay I’m excited so I got a better
than sex mascara this is my third tube that I’ve gone in my gratis I love this
I do prefer the waterproof version because I have found and this is not
just for myself this is from what other clients have told me is that it does
flake after a while so after a couple of hours of wearing it you it does transfer
quite a bit I think I find myself having to wipe my under eye to remove the
mascara like two or three times in a day sometimes even for if it’s like really
hot waterproof version is just as good it’ll give you just as much volume and
length but it’s not going to transfer so if you haven’t tried the water
perversion of the better than sex mascara do it it’ll be so worth it so
for haircare I have the new dry bar southern belle volume boosting
lifter I do really really like any hair product that gives me a lift
because I feel like I don’t know my hair is just a little bit flat I have really
really straight hair really frizzy hair and never tried this product let’s go
for it oh wait wait wait up okay it’s not a
mousse it’s a spray that’s good he’s always test it out because that would
have been a disaster it was a mousse what is this okay I’m just going to let
it chill I’m gonna do the other side so I think it’s kind of like a mousse I
don’t know if you can see it yeah it’s just like sticking out a little bit oh no okay well we’re gonna ignore that
that happened all right so I’m gonna give it just like a little bit over I’m
gonna tease my hair a little bit I’m gonna let the most dry a little bit more
oh my god looking like crazy right now so let’s do like behind right back here
I’m going to really oh maybe maybe that’s how you’re supposed to like apply
it like you work it into the scalp or something for use on damp hair shake
well spray into hair at the roots and gently massage until foam disappears
blow-dry as usual okay that makes sense that’s it that’s all that directions it
says so they do want you to use this product while your hair is damp that’s
probably because your hair’s gonna do a better job at absorbing the product when
it’s damp even now with the dry hair I do like the finish of the hair I like it
you just got really messy really quick alright so that does it for this video
thank you so much for watching if you like this video make sure to give it a
thumbs up and I will be linking part 1 of this video which is going to be my
first impressions on all of these products so that’s me
creating this looks so if you do want to see how I created this look I am going
to link the video to that down below and that does it thank you so much again I
will see you on my next video


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