How to Wash Your Face the RIGHT Way

Korean women are known for their
porcelain, bright, clear texture and trust me we all work very hard at it
so I’m gonna give you an inside peek. This is the Coconut Jasmine
Lavender Pre-Cleanse Oil. It’s multitasking, melts off your
makeup, and it’s antibacterial. You need the good oil to suck out
the bad oil to detoxify your pores. I take about seven to ten drops. Don’t wash it off! I take this and layer this on top. This Pearl Cleansing Cream is a milky cleanser, made from ginseng extract and rose water. I like it because it smells like a spa in a bottle And there are gentle exfoliation from the grape seeds Then I just wash it off with water like that! For clean, fresh skin.

13 thoughts on “How to Wash Your Face the RIGHT Way

  1. My sister and I LOVE Savor. Getting our monthly facial at Savor is the only thing we look forward to every month!!! x

  2. I've read so many things on K-beauty but this new order of skin care is interesting. Pre-cleansing in circular motions against the hair growth and using the cleanser right after the oil cleanse w/out wetting the face. I'll be trying this new order and see if it's even more affective than emulsifying my current oil cleanser. Thanks Savor Beauty!

  3. I've never tried double cleansing, but I'm totally going to try it now. I would also love to try the pre cleanser balm as that seems to be amazing at getting all the makeup off!

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