How To Use Compact Powder

So, now, I’m
going to show you how you can use a compact
powder. Compact powders come in a little case like this, or compact, funnily enough, and
you just push the button to open up, and I’m using one made by Mac, but every single makeup
range going, there’s a compact powder. And there are two ways of applying it, actually. First way I’m going to show you is more of
a lighter coverage. I’m using a really bug fluffy powder brush, just swirl it into the
compact like that, just give the brush a little shake, and you just gently cloud the brush
all over the face. And that would just give you a really light finish, just if you’d want
to, I’d use the brush to set foundation which I’ve already applied, and just to take off
a slight shine. If you want more of a powdered matte look
on your face, then you can use a powder puff like this. Some compacts will usually come
with one. Actually, sometimes, there’s a little secret compartment underneath, and then you
push the button and the powder puff might be underneath – this one doesn’t – and I’m
putting it into my hand like this and then you just press the powder puff right into
the compact like that, so it’s quite loaded up, and then you press the powder puff into
the face, so that the powder really works into the skin. So, if you know that you have a tendency to
be a little bit oily, this might be a better technique for you. So, it’s also a technique
they used in the film industry, fairly longer lasting, some may be for work, if you’re going
to want the powder on all day, you might use this technique, and for an evening look you
could use the brush. So, you just keep pressing in, all over the face wherever it’s needed,
and then you would still need to brush and just take off the excess. And if you want to put some on the eyes, to
see your eyes look a little bit shiny, close your eyes for a minute, well, just gently
pat down any foundation or eye concealer that you might have on, stop any creases, just
even all of that out before you apply the powder. And then, you can just take a nice
fluffy eye shadow brush like this one, quite a big one, and get some of the powder onto
the brush, and then just sweep it onto the eyes, just like you would an eye shadow. And
that’s always a really good thing to do before applying any eye make-up actually, because
using a powder as a base gives you a really nice surface to blend the eye shadow into.
And that’s how I would use a compact powder! .

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