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Hello, all.
My name is Priya and in this video, I’m going to tell you..
If you have an uneven tone on your face, discoloration,
acne, blemishes and dark spots how you can get rid of them
with a homemade remedy. You won’t see the results instantly.
But if you use this remedy for a few days you can see the difference in about 2 weeks. Let’s get started. To prepare the mask you will need two tablespoons of honey. Half lemon juice. And some turmeric powder. Mix the items and make a thick taste. Apply the paste all over your face evenly. Apply it all over the face. You can apply it near the neck
and ears as well. But apply it evenly on your face. If you have dark circles you must apply this every alternate day. You’ll then see the result soon. You’ll get rid of the dark circles easily. After applying it all evenly leave it for about 15 minutes. The face mask.. After washing it off with cold water,
pad dry it completely. After pad drying your face if you have an aloe vera or cucumber gel please apply it all over your face. I’m using an aloe vera cucumber gel. It has a mixture of both the items. And this is my favorite gel. I use it every day.
Just apply it on your face. It’s 100 percent natural and organic.
It won’t damage your face. Apply it all over your face. If you apply it all your face,
neck and near the ears you’ll get an even tone.
Your sunburns will get removed in about 2 weeks. But you shouldn’t expose your face
to the sun. After adopting this method,
avoid exposing yourself to the sun. Do use a sunscreen before stepping
out of your house. You must apply it. And always choose a sunscreen
whose SPF is more than 30 because that completely protects you
from the UV rays. After applying the gel,
you can leave it the entire day. You can apply make-up on this or leave it as is without applying
a moisturizing cream. You can use this as a moisturizing
cream every day. If you use this method everyday all your uneven tone,
discoloration, blemishes, acne pimples and darkness
will all get removed. But as it is a healthy process,
it might be a little slow. It’ll take time to work.
Give it a shot. You can see the result for yourself.
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