How To Remove Wrinkles From Face and Forehead Naturally at Home ? Anti Ageing Home Remedy

Hi Guys, I am Sneha And if you are watching my channel for the first time then please dont forget to Subscribe This helps me in making more videos for you guys Today’s topic is How to Remove Wrinkles from Face, Forehead,Undereyes Firstly we will discuss the cause of wrinkles The biggest factor is ageing As you age, the oil secretion from the skin starts decreasing and faces seems dry, wrinkles start appearing As you go out in the Sun, the UV A and UV B rays produce free radicals which hastens skin ageing and the biggest skin of ageing is wrinkles which becomes visible on your face before time which is not good for beauty and overall health So I have an effective home remedy to prevent wrinkles on face and forehead Lets begin the home remedy to get rid of wrinkles on forehead, face and under eyes The first step will be to apply honey on face I have used Patanjali honey here Now with your wet hands, rub honey on fingers And massage it into the entire face in upward motion atleast for 5 minutes As we all know honey has anti-bacterial properties Honey helps in clearing pores during the massage gets rid of any infection, dirt, dust or pollution And helps in tightening the skin cell surface Remember to massage in upward direction Massaging in the downward direction will cause more sagging After massaging, take a warm wet towel And wipe off the face thoroughly This helps in preparing the face for the face mask so that the skin becomes wrinkle free faster and do not rub the towel vigorously to avoid redness and rashes Now we will start making the face mask For that we need half teaspoon Multani Mitti and Sandalwood Powder For mixing these two ingredients , we need half teaspoon glycerin After mixing them together, make a paste which can applied with a face pack brush on the facial skin Now I will start applying the face pack with the help of a brush on my entire facial skin and I will let it stay on my face for good 15 minutes till it dries out and starts feeling stretchy Multani Mitti has a compound named sulfur Sulfur helps in increasing the elasticity of the skin And presence of sulfur doesn’t cause pre- mature ageing or wrinkles Sandalwood Powder is rich in anti-oxidants These anti-oxidants curb the free radicals which prevents wrinkles, sagging skin To bind both the powders together I added glycerin which will help the paste to sit on the skin and will help it to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and will fill the wrinkles Rose Water helps in toning the skin so that the powders added do not make the skin excessively dry because if the skin is excessively dry wrinkles will be more visible Toner will help to smoothen it out If you want to get rid of the wrinkles on face and forehead, then use it twice or thrice in a week and get benefitted from it results at the soonest If you found this video useful then please dont forget to Like, Share & Subscribe And I will see you soon

100 thoughts on “How To Remove Wrinkles From Face and Forehead Naturally at Home ? Anti Ageing Home Remedy

  1. Do sagging skin and wrinkles bother you and your self- confidence? Worry not, this is definitely going to help you 🙂

  2. Sorry if you are beautician you have to know how to apply face pack nobody does like that face pack doing brush down you should have to apply up not to down

  3. Mere only wrinkle for Head or under eyes me he hai main only vaha he laga sakte hau is pack ja fir full face par apply Karna jauri hai

  4. Assalam o Alaikum nice sis meri fingers PR hi wrinkerls mere hands PR softy bhare se ni to finger pt lins hi Jo b mere hands Delta finget s wrimkrkels ki waja se mazak banata k aisi q or skin to nice

  5. Maine phli baar dekha subscribe bi kr Liya 😉😉😉😉😉😉😋😋😀😀😂

  6. کوئی اچہا سا کیرم باتیں بلیز جہریاں ختم کرنے کا

  7. Nice video mam, along with these remedies I had taken Planet Ayurveda CLEOPATRA ANTI AGEING BODY BUTTER. its really amazing product.

  8. I applied honey and it made my pimple get burst. Now there is a hollow hole of pimple on my forehead, along with wrinkles. Thanks for making my face worser.

  9. Mai 19 sal ka hu par mera forehead pe thoda wrinkles dikh raha hai iske liye mujhe a66a nahi lagta please koi solution batao

  10. Hlo mam mere face ki skin winter me bhut dry or damage ho jati h Lines bhi bhut h face pr .kon sa moisturiser ya winter cream lga sakti hu face pr. Pls reply

  11. Hello Sneha I am 27 years old but mere for head mujhe wrinkles as rahe hai so iske liye kuch remedy bathavo please

  12. I'm 40 and I have no forehead wrinkles or wrinkles anywhere on my face. I don't even drink enough water or remember to remove my makeup all the time. I guess I should start doing that stuff before it catches up with me.

  13. Sneha Sen Indian Beauty- Thank you greetings from America. I hit like and subscrube but I have a few quetions dear. I am going to try this and show resuls. I have another question because I live in the desert in Las Vegas and I am very white in some spots and sometimes red. Now what can i do to make sure i am just that natural white light color should i mix flower rice with water or mllk and apply or do you prefer another ingredient? Do you have another video? So to recap you get honey and apply to your face and massage for at least 5 minuges(upward driection) 2- You then use a wet warm towel and wipe off. 3- You mix multi mitti and sandawood, 1/2 teaspoon of each. On the honey is any brand good, should you use the natural honey without sugar? Then when you mix those you apply on your skin, leave for 15 minutes, then wipe off. I am going to start applying sun screen as well which one do you prefer?

  14. At first I thought whoaaaa 😮 my Hindi is so good, then I realize she splices a lot of english. And what’s with this pirate spongebob music?!?!

  15. Multani mitti wahi use kr sakte hai jinki skin oily hai per clesarin milane say to masak thik hi hai.

  16. I wont watch it, because, its obvious, in the photos, she was making her forehead wrinkle – by raising her eyebrows. Also, people with darker skin, dont get as server, of wrinkles as very white skin, & poor genetics, from Mother. Laser 🙁

  17. My age 23/face pr wrinkless aagye…one side on cheeks..andd multaani mitti does not suitt plzz kuch or btao

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