Hey, beautiful beings. Welcome back to another video. If this is the first time you’re seeing my
face, hello, my name is Veladya Chapman and I’m a holistic nutritionist, reproductive
health guide, author, and many different titles. And here on Earth Mama Medicine, I share content
around physical, mental and spiritual wellness. And we have videos about just about everything,
so I invite you to browse the channel after this video and see if you feel called to subscribe. We would love to have you. Today, I’m going to be showing you all how
to make an herbal infusion. I’ve been talking about them for the past
six months or so on my social media and have gotten a few questions about herbal infusions
in general and how to make them and why exactly I have been using them for myself. Basically, what an herbal infusion is is just
a way for us to get the properties of an herb in a lot more concentrated way. When we are having a tea with just a teaspoon
or two of an herb, it’s usually more for the enjoyment and flavor of the herb, more than
it is for the physical benefits because you really just aren’t going to be getting that
much medicine by making tea with a small amount. So by having an infusion, we are able to get
a lot of minerals and vitamins and overall, nutrients in one serving of a herb. The best herbs to make infusions out of our
nourishing herbs. There are many different kinds of herbs, but
you want to use an earth that is nourishing like red raspberry leaf, nettle, oat straw. I wouldn’t make an infusion out of an herb
that’s a tonic herb or something that’s very strong, that isn’t meant to be used in large
quantities, but there is a lot more to be said about that perhaps in another video. The herb that I have chosen today is called
oat straw, and we are going to make a wonderful infusion that I use to help target my stress,
anxiety or really, any emotional or fatigue type of symptoms I am experiencing. Really quickly before we jump into the infusion
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decide to try Keen. Thank you again for sponsoring this video. All right, so let’s get into it. Today’s episode is oat straw, and oat straw
is a wonderful herb for the nervous system. It’s wonderful if you’re having anything going
on with that and great for people that are experiencing fatigue, or feeling lost, or
having symptoms of depression. It is extremely high in minerals, and we need
minerals in our body because minerals help us absorb vitamins. And minerals also help us rid our body of
heavy metals and protect our body from heavy metals. And as you know from me ranting on several
different videos, we’ve got a lot of heavy metals and toxins in our air, in our food,
in our water these days so it’s good to have these sorts of things in your medicine cabinet
to help you combat them in a natural way. And I also love to have old straw because
it’s packed with such a punch nutritionally that sometimes I can drink an infusion and
not have to take my vitamins for the day if I’m thinking of switching things up. Because if you’re like me and you take a lot
of capsules or supplements, sometimes you might want to switch things up, and infusions
are a great way to do that. Oat straw is particularly known to help with
libido, the adrenal glands, meaning your stress responses, your hair, skin and nails. It’s packed with calcium, magnesium, phosphorous,
iron, silica, which makes it really great for the hair, skin and nails, vitamins A,
C, and E. it’s got tons of B vitamins, which are the first vitamins that you start to lose
as you are becoming stressed so it’s great to always pack those back in if you’re somebody
that has a highly stressful life. And I’ve noticed that as much as my business
has been taking off these days, I’m having to learn how to mitigate my stress in many
different ways. So oat straw has been a dear friend of mine. And it’s also got a few amino acids in there
to help with protein. So to make an infusion, you would just get
yourself a jar that you can seal. I recommend a 32 ounce jar, but just any… You can make a smaller jar if you want or
a larger jar if you want. It’s really not that important. And then you would take your dry herb, it’s
best to make infusions using dry herb, by the way, and you would put it in your jar. So there we go, it’s pretty much halfway full. And usually with infusions, I’ll do about
a third of the jar, but with oat straw I don’t mind being a little extra generous. And the next step would be to take some freshly
boiled water and pour it right in. And there we are, we have a infusion. Yay. You’re going to want to make sure it’s completely
closed before you take it and give it a couple of turns just so that it can stir nicely. And you can already see the color turning
dark because we are pulling all of the medicine out of these herbs using this hot water. When you have herbs, you want to crack open
the cell wall because minerals are rock like, they’re hard like so you need heat and time
to be able to pull this medicine out. So with an infusion, you can leave it for
a minimum of four hours and then drink it. But my favorite way to do it is to leave it
over night so it really has that extra time to become as potent as possible. Tomorrow, I will use a strainer, one like
this, I’ll pour my infusion in here to get rid of the herbs and then I will drink this
entire jar in one day. Sometimes it’s best to add a little bit of
honey because honey works well with minerals and with herbs, but if you don’t want it sweet,
you don’t have to. One thing I did want to say before I go is
that to make sure that you remember that herbs are not a quick fix. Herbs are plants, and just like people, there
takes time for things to change. It takes time for them to take effect in your
body sometimes so don’t rush it. You will start to notice an effect and you
will start to notice more nourishing and uplifting energy within your body after perhaps a few
weeks of taking these infusions. And so it’s really just a beautiful ritual
to do. And what I like to finish them with is charging
them with a crystal and maybe leaving them outside to be under the moonlight and just
get all those good vibes and positive energy before I consume it the next day. So that is how you make an herbal infusion. Today’s was with oat straw, one of my favorite
herbal allies that helps me in so many different ways. If you want to find out how you can get some
oat straw yourself, I’ll put a link below to one of my favorite herb sites where you
can order a pound, or half a pound, or whatever you feel comfortable with and you can start
making some medicine at home. So if you’d like to see more herbal infusion
videos, please comment below, maybe comment what you’re going through, what sort of ailments
you might have. And if I see a pattern, then I’ll find the
herb for that, and we’ll talk a little bit about that in another infusion video. But other than that, thank you for watching
and thank you Keen for sponsoring today’s video. Do not forget to at least go to that link
in the description and check it out. Browse the site. I promise you, you will find someone that
sparks your interest and then you can try them out. 10 minutes of talk time for only 1.99. There isn’t much to lose there. So I’ll see you all in the next video. Much love. Peace.


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