How to look younger – 5 simple anti-aging skin care tips to look 10 years younger

– Today’s top tip is all
about how to look phwoarty, as is phwoar, in your forties. Now I just had my birthday. The big four five. – Say what? – Today’s top tip is all about ageing. Now I want to tell you five top tips about how to look
fantastic in your forties. Tip number one: drink lots of water. Get rid of fizzy drinks. Drink good quality water. Tip number two: for goodness
sake, eat real food. Get rid of the junk food. Eat real food, fruit and
vegetables, nuts and seeds. That is a good idea. (laughs) Tip number three: exercise. You haven’t got to go to the gym. You might simply want to go for a walk, but move your body, shamo. ♫ Shamone – So get yourself something
you find interesting and fun whether you’re dog sitting,
whether you’re walking, whether you’re pogo-sticking
down the street, move your body. Tips number four: look after your skin. For goodness sake, this
is a beautiful thing. This is a beautiful thing, check me out. So I’ve talked a lot about skin care. You know, take care of the outside, and it will take care of you. And tip number five: you’re worth it! You’re worth looking after. Health and wellness comes from within, so take care of yourself,
keep your stress levels down, and then you’ll find your
gorgeous levels will go up. Guys, thanks for watching today. I hope you enjoyed today’s top health tip. Guys, you may not be able
to swim the English Channel every day, but you could
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