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How To Get The Wrinkles Out Of Your Suit
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Antonio: Gentlemen, you want to make sure that the jacket and trousers that you’re
going to be steaming and pressing is free from stains and dirt. Heat in steam can sometimes permanently set
a stain, so you want to make sure to spot clean any dirty spots before exposing it to
the heat. Only use distilled water in your steamer jets. Tap water can lead sediment build up. You’ll steam the jacket in sections pulling
the fabric taught before pressing the steamer head to the fabric. Slowly move the steamer in an up and down
motion. If the wrinkles aren’t coming out, you may
be moving the steamer too quickly. Be careful not to over steam. Using an excess amount of steam around the
seams can cause them to lose their shape. Overall, steaming is an excellent method to
get rid of wrinkles. There’s very little risk in damaging your
jacket and trousers. [Music] If you’re ironing wool fabric, use
a low heat setting. Gentlemen, I recommend using a pressing cloth
to avoid damaging this delicate fabric. A simple white cotton sheet works perfectly. Use the press method instead of sliding the
iron like you would for a dress shirt. So, press the iron evenly on top of the fabric
for a few seconds, then pick it straight up and move to another spot. Sliding the iron back and forth can lead to
shiny marks on the fabric. [Music] A jacket is rather difficult to iron
especially around the shoulders. I highly recommend only pressing the areas
that really need attention like the back, the elbows, the parts of the front that have
a bit of wrinkles and leaving the rest to a professional. To iron the back of the jacket, lay it out
flat on the ironing board. Smooth out the fabric, so you will not make
any creases. Carefully press out the wrinkles by setting
the iron straight down and picking it up again before moving to a new spot. Again, focus only on the wrinkled areas. When ironing over the vents, make sure they’re
aligned properly. When it comes to the sleeves, only iron in
the middle of the sleeve. If you press on the edges, you’ll form a
crease. While this may look great on a dress shirt,
it’s undesirable on jacket. Be careful around the jacket lapels. This is another area where you don’t want
to create a crease. If you need to iron the lapels, go over them
gently with the iron. [Music] Ironing the pockets. You want to make sure the pocket lining isn’t
wrinkled. If you have close-fitting trousers, the wrinkled
pockets can show through the fabric. A quick pass with the iron will solve this
problem. The top of the trousers. Pull the lining out of the front pocket, press
the top of the trousers being careful around pleats and other folds and then, move towards
the seat of the trousers. Pull out the back pocket and press around
it. Then, finish up by pressing the waistband
being careful around buttons and belt loops. You will now work to form the crease. Lay your trousers out flat. You will work on one leg at a time. Flip the leg you aren’t working on over
the end of the board. You will make sure the seams of the pants
are lined up properly in the middle. Smooth the fabric with your hands before ironing
to ensure there aren’t any large folds. Press the iron at the edge of the cuff on
one side, then repeat the step on the other side. You will now do the same thing at the top
of the trouser legs making sure the seams are lined up in the center and then gently
press the crease on each side of the leg. You will form the crease roughly six inches
below the waistband. You don’t want a crease that goes all the
way to the top. The bottom of the pockets on the inside is
a good stopping point. Now, that you have the beginning and end points
for your crease in place, you will now travel down the pant leg gently pressing the crease
all the way along the leg. Make sure you’re setting the iron straight
down, then picking it straight up again. You don’t want to press and slide the iron
along the fabric. Now, that the creases are in place, you could
focus on removing any wrinkles present in the middle of the trouser leg. Use the same technique setting down and picking
up the iron to remove any wrinkles along the fabric. You don’t need to iron both sides of the
same leg, pressing one side is enough. It’s time to repeat the process on the other
leg. Flip the trousers over and go through each
step again. If you find that the front end seat of the
trousers require a little extra attention, you can slip the pants over the end of the
ironing board and give them a quick press. [Music]
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