How To Get Young, Flawless, Glowing & Wrinkle Free Skin, Anti Aging Remedy To Look Young

hello and welcome to my channel do you
know that flax is a tiny power-packed seed that is full of goodness eat flax
seeds for skin health and use them in your daily skincare regimen to get the
most benefits out of flax seeds I’ll show you how to use it on your skin to
get a radiant glowing and young skin within a few days
with regular use your skin will glow and shine take 2 cups of water in a saucepan
and then add half a cup of flax seeds to it mix it together and bring it to a
boil flax seeds will help brighten your dull skin this seed has moisturizing
properties because of omega-3 fatty acids flax seeds prevent our skin from
drying out it also helps get rid of that unwanted
tan and uneven skin tone keep on stirring it with a spoon all the time
the water will reduce and become thicker after a few minutes strain it using a
strainer or a cloth and you will get a jelly like this dip a cotton ball into
it and apply it on your face nicely flax seeds are touted to be one of the
strongest exfoliant and using it topically can help get rid of dead skin
leaving you with flaunt worthy skin it contains antioxidants and phytochemicals
that will slow down the aging process it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids that
will give you radiance and beautiful skin leave it on your face until it
dries completely then wash it off with water use this remedy twice a week and
you will see a remarkable difference I hope you liked my video share it with
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