how to get rid of open pores (NATURALLY) 🍁 2020 – Ankita Chaturvedi

I worry sometimes, a lot sometimes when I
was a student I used to worry about my grades as a working professional I’ve worried about meeting the deadlines
and deep down we all worry about something and in this whole process of
worrying a lot we stop thinking about ourselves and we stop taking care one
might say this is part of growing up but I say I
don’t have to settle with this you don’t have to settle with this we don’t have
to settle with this hi I’m Ankita Chaturvedi and in this video I’m going to
tell you how you can minimise open pores on the skin but Before we jump into the
how part let me tell you what open pores really are. Pores are small openings that
generate natural oils and it keeps the skin healthy and hydrated. Well that does
not sound bad at all and to be honest it is very essential to have natural and
healthy pores on the skin but sometimes these opening can grow in size or dead
skin cells get stuck into the pores and that’s when things start going wrong. It
might result in more oily skin or other skin problems like blackheads pimples
acne and what not? So, if you are facing such problems I will advise you to see a
good dermatologist or a good skin specialist alright if you have oily skin
or open poles then I have three face packs which will help you minimise these
pores and after that I am going to tell you few tips which will help prevent
having these pores in future. So, make sure you stick around till the end of
the video. The first face pack includes ingredients which are easily
available in your kitchen that is chickpea flour which is also known as
Besan and turmeric powder so for this face pack we need 1
tablespoon of besan or chickpea flour a pinch of turmeric powder 1 tablespoon of
yogurt and 2 to 3 drops of olive oil now as we have all the ingredients together
let’s start mixing these make a smooth paste with all the ingredients and keep
it in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes apply this pack on your face and
let it dry naturally for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off with water
this pack can be applied twice or thrice a week if you don’t have these
ingredients then you can try another face pack which includes honey and lemon alright for this face back we need one
tablespoon of honey 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice and a pinch of sugar mix all
these ingredients together and massage gently in circular motions leave it for
five minutes and wash it with lukewarm water honey is natural moisturizer that
retain moisture in your skin lemon juice act as a estrogens and helps in
shrinking the pores so the next phase back I’m going to tell you about is the
rich in antioxidants and vitamin C vitamin C helps in reducing clock pores
and antioxidants slows down aging of your skin so let me show you how easily
you can prepare this face pack at your home so for this face mask we need 2
tbsp of Multani mitti or sandalwood powder pinch of turmeric 2 tbsp of
tomato juice mix all these ingredients together and apply on your face this
face mask works amazingly for oily and acne prone skin tomato juice is filled
with antioxidants and vitamin C and as we all know vitamin C works really good
when it comes to reducing clogged pores aid sports or even wrinkles
keep it for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with water pat dry with clean towel
and apply your favorite moisturizer so as promised earlier in this video here
are few tips which will prevent open pores and control oily skin tip number
one you need to make few changes in your diet the most important one is to
include lots of fruits and green vegetables don’t skip on it it will give
your skin the much-needed antioxidants and minerals which will help you achieve
that flawless skin which you have dreamt off tip number two drink water lots of
water it will help your body flush out all the toxins and provide hydration to
your skin tip number three is to scrub your face once a week to keep the dead
skin cells away from the face and the last tip of this video is to wear a
sunscreen to prevent yourself from the harmful UV rays then you go out so this
was it for today’s video guys I hope you liked it let me know in comment section
below if you tried this hacks and found it helpful and I will come up with more
videos like this till then take care of yourself and I will see you in my next
one good bye

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