How to Get Rid of a UTI (Plus, a DIY Bladder Soothe Recipe!)

Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin and this is Ancient Medicine
Today, brought to you by Ancient Medicine Today is here to teach you
how to use food as medicine. And speaking of medicine, the topic today
is going to help you out a great deal. We’re going to talk about the urinary tract,
more specifically, urinary tract infections. UTIs affect millions and millions of people
a year. Women are more affected than men certainly. But men can have bladder infections and prostate
infections as well. And they’re painful. I’ve had them. I know. I want to tell you though that you can prevent,
and even better yet, treat urinary tract infections naturally. Now let me say this right up front. If you are experiencing a urinary tract infection,
if you have chronic urinary issues such as cystitis, interstitial cystitis, we are not
suggesting to replace your medicine with what we’re going to share today. If you’re dealing with a UTI you got to be
very careful because you can develop a kidney infection which can be much more damaging. If you’ve got a urinary tract infection I
recommend you consult your physician and we’re going to give you information that can help
alongside the medicine, particularly the antibiotic you may be using. Or if you are very early on in the process,
maybe give these natural remedies a try. So we’re going to tell you how to treat and
avoid urinary tract infections. And we have a Bladder Soothe formula to help
you overcome the condition once you’ve got it. And if you have frequent UTIs you’re going
to love this information because you can help prevent them. And after all, an ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of cure. Folks, if you’re somebody who’s watching and
knows right now five people that need to hear this information I want to encourage you to
click that Share button and click this link. Share the video with others, particularly
women, that you know need this information because I personally know people who have
four, five, even six UTIs a year. And they are really damaging to life and health,
etc. So let’s get started. Number one, avoid factory farmed meat. Now you might know that organic can be more
nutritious and have less pesticides, etc., maybe less GMOs, but did you know that factory
farmed meat contains small doses of antibiotics? That’s right. Most of the antibiotics in America are given
to livestock conventional chickens, beef, turkey, etc., eggs as well. When you consume factory farmed meat or when
you consume conventional meat in general, you are getting small doses of antibiotics. And what that does is it trains your microbes
to become resistant. When you have a UTI and it’s severe you might
need an antibiotic. The antibiotics won’t work as well with resistant
bacteria. So avoid factory farmed meat. Go for grass-fed. Go for local. Always ask about what the animals eat, and
if you want to be sure-sure, go for organic. Best of all, pasture raised organic. Grass-fed organic would be the ultimate. Wear loose clothing. This is probably obvious, but when you’re
dealing with a UTI and you’re dealing with bacteria and then there can also be yeast
as well, especially if you’re on an antibiotic, you want to wear loose clothing. Particularly when you’re dealing in the crux
of it because very tight undergarments and garments can create a warm moist environment
which is ideal for bacteria to thrive and that can cause UTIs. And think about the urogenital system. There are a lot of ways to contaminate that
area. So you want to be very careful when you’re
dealing with something. Some people that have recurrent UTIs know
that, “Oh, I’m starting to feel it. It’s burning when I urinate. I know what’s happening.” You want to immediately try to get loose clothing
on. Definitely utilize some of the principals
we’re going to share today. Number three, stay hydrated. People say to me, “Jordan, if I have the first
onset of a UTI what should I do?” I can tell you what to do. This is a great kidney cleanse, urinary tract
cleanse, and it works in minutes. I encourage you to get distilled water. You want water that has very little minerals
in it and you want to drink a quart or liter, those are basically the same size, of pure
water as quickly as possible. Now some people are small and drinking a quart
or a liter or water is cumbersome. It makes you feel super bloated, but here’s
the deal. Even if you’re starting to burn a little bit,
drink a lot of water, get that stuff out. You will do a great kidney and urinary tract
flush by drinking a quart of water as quickly as possible. Number four, consume probiotics. Probiotics are critical to balance the gut. When the gut is balanced the urinary tract
is balanced. If you have a UTI, and you are on antibiotics,
you definitely want to take a probiotic at the same time to prevent yeast infection or
to prevent something systemic. I recommend a probiotic with Sob’s, or Soil
Based Organisms because they are very effective at keeping yeast at bay and can be highly
antimicrobial. Look for a probiotic with fermented foods
included. And also eat some fermented foods. You’re looking right now at yogurt, cured
cheese, kefir, kavas, kombucha, cider vinegars are great. Probiotic foods are wonderful. If you’re intolerant to dairy obviously avoid
that. I’m Jordan Rubin here for Ancient Medicine
Today and we’re teaching you how to naturally treat urinary tract infections, how to avoid
them and we’re going to give you our Bladder Soothe formula for people who have recurrent
UTIs. Or they are dealing with one right now. Number five, garlic. Garlic is nature’s antibiotic. Consume garlic raw, roasted. You can make a tea out of it. Sure it stinks, but it doesn’t stink nearly
as bad as having a UTI because man, is that painful. Consume a few cloves of garlic a day. You can even consume up to seven cloves a
day in food, in tea, some people just chew it up and eat it. Not my taste, but you can do that. Garlic is very antimicrobial and antifungal. Get good sources of Vitamin C. My favorite
is lemon. Limes are great as well. Even though those seem acidic they will help
to change the bodies pH and are very effective for dealing with a UTI. It can also help flush the body out. When consuming Vitamin C, I recommend a whole
food form of Vitamin C or a fermented form, but if you’re someone who benefits from large
quantities of Vitamin C, I would get a Vitamin C that has cofactors and bioflavonoids, etc. And I think a 1,000 milligrams a day is probably
where I would go. I’m not a big 10,000, 20,000 milligram Vitamin
C guy. I’d rather do it through citrus and Vitamin
C rich foods, peppers, broccoli, etc. Lemongrass is amazing. I had some fresh lemongrass the other day. I put it in a cup and I poured boiling water
over it. Lemongrass infusion or tea is amazing. Lemongrass essential oil consumed orally two
to three drops two to three times a day is amazing. Lemongrass diffused, or just inhaling it,
is also soothing to the body. Particularly the urinary tract. And one of the stand by natural remedies for
a UTI is D-mannose. D-mannose is a polysaccharide, it’s a sugar
that actually prevents bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract. D-mannose is found in cranberry and that’s
one of the main reasons cranberry is good for UTIs. So consume D-mannose as recommended. Just buy a powder, consume it as recommended
one to three times a day. If you want more information specifically
on D-mannose or on UTIs, visit for great articles. Here’s the biggest one, essential oils. Essential oils are tremendous to help with
the urinary tract. We’re going to share in a moment a DIY Bladder
Soothe blend, but it’s going to be really based on essential oils. Any of the antimicrobial, think the Italian
spices, thyme, oregano, sage is really good. High antioxidant oils such as basil, etc. Frankincense is great for inflammation and
the immune system. So is turmeric. Ginger is also great, soothes the gut and
the urinary tract, as does peppermint. Essential oils consumed orally and inhaled
are a great way to boost the body to fight the bacteria and ease the pain of urinary
tract infections. So here’s a big one folks, if you’re dealing
with a UTI right now, whether you’re on antibiotics or not, this is what I recommend you doing. Oil of Oregano. Oregano essential oil, particularly organic
oregano is one of the most powerful antimicrobials known to man. It’s also really strong. So we recommend taking a tablespoon of coconut
oil. You can also use honey as well. I think if you try both, and put five drops
of oregano oil, and just take it. You can do it up to seven times a day. Spread it out and it will really make a difference. Seven tablespoons of oil is a lot. But coconut oil is also really good for balancing
microbes, antiviral, antifungal, and make sure when you’re using the DIY Daily Bladder
Soothe that you take a powerful probiotic morning and evening on an empty stomach. We believe probiotics with SBOs, as well as
saccharomyces boulardii, are the most well rounded for UTIs. I’ve had great success coaching people with
UTIs using probiotics, using oregano oil, d-mannose, etc., you really can get great
results. And another good tip, if you’re dealing with
a UTI, definitely take a bath in lukewarm water as well as some soothing essentials
oils. Having a UTI can be really stressful. You don’t completely evacuate the urine. You’re afraid when you’re about to go because
it’s going to burn and it feels awful. You’ve probably felt it if you’re watching
right now. Folks, this DIY Bladder Soothe, also using
essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, etc., it helps to calm the nerves which will
also be really good for you. So I want to encourage you, if you have a
UTI, if you have recurrent UTIs, to follow these simple steps. Avoid factory farmed meat. You want to make sure that you avoid consuming
low dose antibiotics because when you need an antibiotic it won’t help as much. Wear loose fitting clothing at the first symptom
of a UTI. Stay hydrated, remember the Bladder Cleanse
Tonic, distilled pure water, 32 ounces, about a quart, as quickly as you can will start
the cleanse process. Consume a probiotic with SBOs on an empty
stomach. Double or triple the dose if you feel the
symptoms. Garlic is nature’s antibiotic. Consume that cooked, raw, you can even put
it in a juice. Definitely tastes interesting. Or ferment it. Vitamin C, whole food Vitamin C. Make sure
that it has cofactors. If you consume high dose 1,000 milligrams
is the most I recommend. Lemongrass herbal infusion or essential oils
is great for the body. D-mannose prevents bacteria from adhering
to the bladder wall. A great natural treatment for UTIs. And last, but not least, essential oils. You want to consume essential oils. You want to inhale essential oils. Think about the antimicrobial ones, oregano,
thyme, marjoram, hyssop, rosemary, sage, and basil are also good. Frankincense and turmeric are good for the
immune system. All of this can help you stop a UTI in its
tracks. I know how painful they can be. And if you’re somebody who has had UTIs, is
going through a UTI, or knows someone who does or is, please help us. Be on mission with us. Click that Share button. Take this video and send it around the world
because together we can stop the pain and suffering that urinary tract issues are causing. And we can even stop them before they start
because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I’m Jordan Rubin for Ancient Medicine Today,
encouraging you to tune in each weekday where we share information that can help transform
your health by using food as medicine. See you next time.

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