1. If I’m not wearing any eye makeup be sides mascara do i put foundation on my eyelids?
    Some one please help

  2. James Charles!!! I love all of your videos ❤️ I’m almost 21 and just starting out makeup. I NEVER put make up on. As far as makeup goes, I only put lipstick, and mascara. And from time to time, eye shadow. But I’ve never gone that far. I really want to learn. But sometimes it’s disheartening if I don’t know anything about makeup. 😭 it’s so hard for me

  3. James, sister, do I really need foundation? I hate it, and find Ben Nyes powders with a good primer do me justice….and can somebody good do a cut/crease tutorial for darker tones? Thx

  4. How is it that when you apply foundation you cannot see your acne but when I put foundation on there a little bumps everywhere.

  5. Literally the BEST and most helpful video James has ever made!😍Just started getting into makeup and this was the first place I went. Love you sister James!!!😚

  6. Can you list all the makeup used in the tutorial? Such as brands & colors… xoxo @James
    Thank you or please write me info 🥰

  7. I can’t find any Matte Concealers, they’re all sparkly or glittered somewhat. Any full matte suggestions?

  8. he literally put all that makeup on for a tutorial at 3am just to take it off and go to bed right after. a TRUE hero <3

  9. اخاف اكول الله يستر عليك ويروحون يخطبوك واخاف اگول الله يهديك وتروح تتحجب 😂 ما اعرف شگول 😂 اكو عرب ✌

  10. Hi James. You've really inspired me to get heavily into make up and now I watch all your videos and I try to take every ounce of advice you give. That being said this video was EVERYTHING for me but I totally need a video to help me with my brows. I suck. I would love a video on how to get my brows to look like sisters and also your fave products to use

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