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Hi! Today I’m finally
going to learn how to do the
2018 version of the cat eye. It’s kind of just a new take on an old trick. She’s going to show us
how to get that look so I’m so excited. 2018 modern eye! You ready?
Yes! It’s got a little loose powder on there translucent no color. Take this all over, across your whole eyelid. OK? And what this is gonna do is this is just gonna help your eyeliner not going into your creases and not moving on you. Because you don’t want anything too harsh so make sure it’s sharpened. Then you’re just gonna take it close to your lash line and you’re just gonna draw that line. I feel like sometimes my hand shakes.
Do you have any tips? Hold your wrist with your other hand. Almost like a tripod. Does that make sense? So if you open your eyes for me, we’re just gonna take this black pencil and just go very thin underneath your lash line. And you know? Here’s the thing. While you’re doing this, you don’t have to worry about it being too perfect. OK? You just want to get your shape in there. Just so you know kind of where you’re going. And this is great because this is just going to intensify the eye. And give it the extra drama.
Mm-hmm. Are you going to smudge it underneath?
Or is this like clean? It’s gonna be a little bit more cleaner.
OK. Got it. Good point, it’s not gonna be too smudgy. OK. It’s gonna be a little… it’s gonna be smoky
but, keeping it thin. Right. Just going to go over that black pencil I did. And again, it’s just going to be a little bit more drama. Oh my God that looks amazing! Yes! So it’s just a little bit more. Don’t be safe. It’s 2018! That’s right, don’t be safe with the liner. So you’re doing two layers? Yes. So think of it, you do your first line
and then you’re gonna go over it and do a second line. So it’s kind of two lines together. And then here’s where I everybody says, “oh well what happens if I go down too low / too up?” Again, you’re gonna get a clean up brush or a q-tip and you’re just gonna use a little bit of cleanser. Right where my little line is of your own natural eye, you’re just going to go right up. OK. So that’s the whole thing with the 2018 cat eye. It’s your liner on the top
and then your thin liner on the bottom. And then really giving the drama to your corners. Oh my gosh! I love it and these tips are really helpful. I feel like I can definitely do this at home.
And it looks hot! Yes, I’m going out tonight!
You look gorgeous! Yes! Thank you.

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