50 thoughts on “How to Do Bollywood Eyeliner | Makeup Tutorials

  1. i think the model is beautiful but every video i see her mouth is open, it gets me so irritated and annoyed. anyone else think about the same thing?

  2. I think, if you open your mouth slightly when doing the makeup, it relaxes your face, so that the eye liner can be applied easily, and so that there is no tension in the face. The makeup artist probably told her to do that.

  3. Please I need advice on what type of khol to use when im doing my "lining my inner part of the eyes" The pencil im using now is always bleeding out to my undereyes and ruining my eye makup.?

  4. Usually, kohl is not directly used on lower lash line. They use it in water line and then smudge it towards lash line. Thats what most of indian makeup tutors!!! say

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