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we’ll talk about adult acne obviously
I’m not a teen anymore but why is probably the question that you guys are
all wondering hey wishtrenders welcome back to WishtrendTV it’s your girl Eunice
in the House today and I’m so happy to see you guys it’s been so long I missed
you guys last time we learned about hormonal acne with hazel well this time
at wish versus acne it’s gonna be a really fun theme where we talk about
adult acne adult acne is basically acne that occurs after your puberty years well
into adulthood I’m no longer in my teen years but I do get acne from time to
time and obviously I’m not a teen anymore mm-hmm however research shows
regardless of your age or of your race percentage of adults with acne has
generally increased but why is probably the question that you guys are all
wondering first of all let’s talk about the definition of adult acne it’s very
natural that acne appears after even in your 20s as we learned last time the
hormone androgen is responsible for acne and this is actually released in the
second phase of our puberty years however acne formed after your puberty
years is called adult acne all right so now I’m gonna talk about the causes of
adult acne and it’s as sad as I am to say there are so many factors that
causes adult acne there’s irregular lifestyle habits there’s mental physical
stress and unbalanced diet unsanitary environment and actually for no reason
at all the list can go on and on forever and because there’s no one specific
reason why you get adult acne it’s so important that you are cautious at all
times adult acne is often a type of
inflammatory acne which further can be categorized by actually the severity of
your inflammation so let’s learn about each type of acne by looking at these
images together so the small opening in your skin which your hair grows is
called your pores sebaceous glands secrete sebum out of the hole to keep
your skin moisturized however the amount of sebum must
secreted out of pores really depends on so many different factors as I mentioned
before there’s irregular lifestyle heavy makeup frequent cleansing stress and
unbalanced diet and for other environmental factors if there’s too
much sebum or if there’s buildup of dead skin cells then your pores can become
blocked number one comedones – pore is affected by bacteria propionibacterium acne
is the root cause of this type of acne the beginning stage of
comedones actually forms when the excess sebum cannot go out and be
secreted from the pores Comedones form as whiteheads and
blackheads number two papules – acne blemishes and early acne can become
further inflamed if left untreated this will cause the acne to redden and harden
into small really painful pimples for this type of pimple it turns a yellowish
as inflammation worsens this is called pustule acne pustule can cause deep skin
tissue damaging and also scarring if left to fester
underneath your skin number four cystic acne the most severe type of acne is the
cystic acne the worsening of internal pus and inflammation causes pain if you
are suffering from this type of acne it’s recommended that you do go see a
dermatologist right away do follow a skincare routine that suggested by a
professional okay so shall we get into how we can take care of our adult acne
now? I’m going to actually show you three different ways that you can do number
one the early acne stage as I mentioned before the early stages of acne is
basically the comedones whiteheads and blackheads there is a higher chance
that your early acne can become more inflamed if treated
improperly like for example if you squeeze it with your hands or without
you knowing or mistakenly you just touch it or irritate or pop it with your hands
therefore it is much much important to really take care of your acne at the
stage or if you just leave it or if you make it worse then it can become into a
serious problem in this case it’s recommend that you do remove excess
sebum or you do remove all the dead skin cells that’s actually blocking your
pores rather than physically trying to remove the excess sebum or dead skin
cells it’s better to chemically dissolve it all right so using a product with the
ingredient AHA is a wonderful way for you
to remove access sebum and dead skin cells AHA dissolves the thick outer
layer of clogged sebum and of course dead skin cells to allow the cells
hidden underneath to be able to breathe this will help to unclog pores from all
the gunk and unnecessary waste and also this will help to treat your acne at the
early stage which is the comedones or whiteheads or blackheads after washing
face use a cotton soaked in AHA toner and dab onto troubled areas if you want
to know more about AHA toner and how to apply it to different skin types then
check out our wish beauty lab the video is called how to exfoliate mildly daily
for different skin types the second stage which is the acne inflammation
stage so if you are in this step acne has already formed and the bacteria that’s hidden in your sebaceous glands is actually worsening the inflammation papules
pustules and cystic acne all fall under this category sebum treatment is very
important because acne bacteria has already affected and even worsen
your acne it’s best to focus on cleansing while also following the
exfoliating and sebum removal step mentioned before it’s the best to use a
gentle cleanser that contains amino acid protein rather than synthetic
surfactants also it’s recommended to use a rich foaming cleanser as it’ll gently cleanse acne skin without irritating it with harsh rubbing or friction a tip
that we need to remember here is if you wash your face too often this can
actually irritate your skin and worsen your acne so it’s recommended to wash
your face only twice a day once in the daytime and once in the nighttime use a
mild and gentle cream moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid to replenish
moisture and provide necessary nutrients to skin number three after popping
pimples or acne regenerative abilities decline as we age I mean it’s really sad
and it’s really harsh and difficult for me to admit but as we grow older it’s
gonna lessen so picking at acne as an adult’s can actually lead to permanent
scarring so it is that much important for you to maintain or really good after
acne care use products that contain centella asiatica and also vitamins to
regenerate your skin’s acne scarring centella asiatica helps calm irritated
skin strengthens damaged skin and restores collagen after cleansing apply
product on areas where treatment is most needed we recommend using a serum with
pure vitamin C for dull tone skin vitamins help to minimize acne scarring
and skin dullness but we do want to mention that don’t use this with the
product with AHA in it because both ingredients does have an exfoliating
effect so once you have already used the serum with the vitamin C then your skin
is already a little bit it may be irritated so you don’t want to use AHA
on top of that with the next an exfoliating effects so you don’t want to over
exfoliate and you don’t want to irritate your skin and a lot of people might be
wondering will acne or reappear in the same area and the answer is it may I
mean it’s so sad and it’s so frustrating but you never know when and where adult
acne can appear so keep in mind and never let your guards down so it’s very
important to keep a very strict cleansing routine if you do have adult acne and for
this it’s the best to use products that target pores products containing sodium
bicarbonate or baking soda are extremely effective for treating wide pores and
blackheads because of its deep cleansing properties product containing amino
acids may not foam as well but it is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin
and will leave skin feeling fully moisturized and it’s also great to use a
product with green tea in it green teas antioxidant properties helps to purify
and make your pores really clean all right so now here is plus tips for you
guys to prevent formation of acne on your face number one there’s acne that’s
caused by bangs I mean as much as I love having bangs
very cute I used to have them one thing that was super annoying was that I would
start breaking out just on the forehead where the hairs actually touched my skin
acne is very sensitive to friction heat irritation and pressure and etc so it’s
the best to actually avoid having bangs if you’re prone to adult acne however we
can’t give up on our style right so if you do really want bangs the best tip
that we want to give you is when you’re home just flip them up so they won’t be
able to touch your forehead and it won’t so that it won’t cause acne
alright so the next one is actually touching or leaning chin with your hands
now this is a habit that a lot of us do however bacteria on your hands can cause
the formation of acne let’s keep that in mind
acne around your chin is very close to your jawbone so compared to other places
if you start breaking out over here it hurts so much it hurts so much when you
have to pop it so it’s more likely to leave worse acne scars so let’s try to
minimize a habit of touching our chins with our hands or better yet let’s just
try not to touch our faces with our hands
all right loves so acne forms and appears because of various so many
different reasons proper cleansing and skincare may not magically let acne
disappear overnight but it will most certainly help if you do consistently
follow these steps I really hope that this video was helpful and that it did
relieve some stress that you had about adult acne starting from now on our new
host Caroline she’s so cute I love her I hope you guys love her too she’s gonna
be actually hosting wishtrend vs acne series alright guys and up next actually
is another video from our teen series which I love so much remember guys teen
series is a series on WishtrendTV where for those teenagers it’s like an online
guide you can have for those who love beauty and skincare next video is gonna
be all about cleansing for our team so for our wishtrenders teens out there
please be on the lookout alright guys thank you so much for tuning in until
the very end I really hope that you enjoyed this video please give us thumbs
up and subscribe to our Channel thank you guys so much please remember
that you guys are beautiful just the way you are thank you and I’ll see you next
time Muah

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  4. It was such an informative video. Thanks WishTrend ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ I use to think I am the only one breaking out as a teenager in my late 20โ€™s ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธhehe โ˜บ๏ธalso sending much love and best wishes for good health to Hazel ๐Ÿ˜˜โฃ๏ธ

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