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the thing that wake you up at night as a worst nightmare cleaning up her for me it’s not a problem and I’m going to show you a very simple way of cleaning up her in the best way possible you could do this so once the major issue with the hair the images have a lot of cross hair and maybe let’s start with the darker they’re always much easier to clean up let just choose some of the Immie some of the image that will be suitable I’m going once again with this just jpg and once again it’s not removed the background we’re working on this before it’s back here again but how I do her of course I would be doing this in the same way you just clean and the black hair are always much easier to clean because simply because of the color blonde hair are much more difficult but how you clean this up first of all you will need to choose clone stamp this is the first part to do soft edge brush so everything is the same and you zoom in you see the size of the hair and you are just the you adjust the size of your tool to it then you take a sample and trying to paint over the hair softly without pressing too much and what’s important you also need to paint with the direction of the head so I’m taking it and as you can see what I’m doing I’m painting with the direction of the head taking a lot of samples on the way and trying to sort this cross hat and this is the easiest way of doing this this is only one way I’m actually doing it takes a lot of practice because you need to clean up sort of not one head to get used to this process but I don’t find this difficult I have to say to me in the past it was it was nightmare to do this and for some of you it could be the nightmare if you have problem like that but it won’t be I can’t tell you 100% it won’t be the nightmare the other the other advices the other way of cleaning up is some people actually using saline brush tool let me show you and they change blending mode in to darken because the crosshair always brighter than darker so this also could solve but to be honest I don’t really like this technique because I find sometimes it gives you artificial loop so as you can see for the dark hair it works great once we have some of the edges too many edges involved that doesn’t give you such an amazing result as it could that’s why my choice is clone stamp I find it best so I have some of the blonde hair and we want to sort out the issue with this crosshair over here if you don’t have that many details it will not be difficult but if you have you can see just painting over and still it’s not too difficult even it’s blonde hair when the hair will be on the skin you can comfortably switch into a Healing Brush tool and do this with Healing Brush tool wherever is the skin and the flat texture so if you don’t have the hell but the flat like this it just the skin the Healing Brush tool will be just perfect for it if you have the edge like this you use switching into a constant and sorting this out you using constant so here it’s not surface here clone stamp here also clone stamp because I’m too close or rather I would switch it I can sort it out easily not bad so here I will have some more issues but if right amount of working way clone stamp we’ve also healing brush tool as it’s now I can sort it out as you can see a little bit bigger and let’s blend this lets blend the colors a little bit here and that was too much so I will have some more work here for sure need to blend with clone stamp step back but I wanted mostly talk about the hair itself and fixing their crosshair which will be more difficult so as you can see I’m just going with the direction of the hair and I hope it will not be nightmare for you if it was so far because if it wasn’t that’s great I’m really happy to know that but if it was you always go with that direction of the hair don’t really panic cleaning them think what will be the best way and just clean it I would not really clean this over the ear first of all this is not really a beauty portrait so we don’t need to clean up so many hat you clean up a lot only if you work on the beauty images beauty images means the images that represent the nails makeup or the image that would represent and the makeup products as well so all beauty products like skin care etc this is fashion image as long as the photographer won’t ask you to remove this sort of hair just leave it because once again you want the image to be natural and if it’s not requested that will be ok if it will be requested to remove you will spend a little bit more time working on this but finally using this mix of the techniques you will be just fine so just some small adjustments here a few of the hair could be removed as you can see and that would be it that’s how I clean the head and that how I make them look slightly better when I have some troubles with them we could also get here on the edges they got some weird and natural colors of course with death Crone stamp I could take care of this weird and this to make it a little better we always make the image a little better than it is we don’t change it we make it a little better

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